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Description: The common jujube is either a deciduous tree growing to a height of 12 meters or a large shrub, depending upon where it grows and how much water is available for growth. Habitat and Distribution: The jujube is found in forested areas of temperate regions and in desert scrub and waste areas worldwide. Description: This plant is vinelike in growth and has arrowhead-shaped, alternate leaves up to 5 cenitmeters long.
Surviving and evading the enemy in an arid area depends on what you know and how prepared you are for the environmental conditions you will face. The temperature of desert sand and rock averages 16 to 22 degrees C (30 to 40 degrees F) more than that of the air.
Radios and sensitive items of equipment exposed to direct intense sunlight will malfunction.
Temperatures in arid areas may get as high as 55 degrees C during the day and as low as 10 degrees C during the night. Hide or seek shelter in dry washes (wadis) with thicker growths of vegetation and cover from oblique observation. All arid regions have areas where the surface soil has a high mineral content (borax, salt, alkali, and lime).
Mirages are optical phenomena caused by the refraction of light through heated air rising from a sandy or stony surface.
The mirage effect makes it hard for a person to identify targets, estimate range, and see objects clearly.
Do you have the mental toughness, strength of character and tough as nails resolve to survive when a crisis strikes and your plans must change?
So what does that have to do with you?  Well, we all have our comfort zones and self-imposed limits.
Doing things you don’t want to do for long durations develops an ability to turn off the voice that says, “I don’t wanna,” and tune into the one that says, “I can do this!” instead. Enduring forced withdrawal from everything comfortable makes you uncomfortable with what’s comfortable.  You now have an awareness that your comfort is not the necessity you thought it was. I always recommend for people, when they have a desire and the ability, to take a trip to somewhere where you would be uncomfortable.  To a different culture.
Being cut off from those you love just binds them more tightly to your heart.  Nothing like doing without to enhance appreciation!
Being confronted with ever changing challenges makes one eager to learn the lessons to be gleaned from each situation so you can move on.
Well i guess i need to get to work, but my job im at is 7 days a week some jobs are 2 months at a time.At 57 i do well at it.
Description: There are many different kinds of sorghum, all of which bear grains in heads at the top of the plants. Your environment and the equipment you carry with you will determine the type of shelter you can build. The snow cave shelter (Figure 15-4) is a most effective shelter because of the insulating qualities of snow. The idea behind this shelter (Figure 15-4) is to get you below the snow and wind level and use the snow's insulating qualities.

In certain areas, the natives frequently use this type of shelter (Figure 15-4) as hunting and fishing shelters.
Construct this shelter in the same manner as for other environments; however, pile snow around the sides for insulation (Figure 15-5).
To build this shelter, find a fallen tree and dig out the snow underneath it (Figure 15-6).
Its leaves are evergreen, leathery, 45 centimeters long, 15 centimeters wide, and very shiny.
Determine what equipment you will need, the tactics you will use, and the environment's impact on them and you. Some desert areas receive less than 10 centimeters of rain annually, and this rain comes in brief torrents that quickly run off the ground surface. For instance, when the air temperature is 43 degrees C (110 degrees F), the sand temperature may be 60 degrees C (140 degrees F). To conserve your body fluids and energy, you will need a shelter to reduce your exposure to the heat of the day.
The drop in temperature at night occurs rapidly and will chill a person who lacks warm clothing and is unable to move about. The temperature in shaded areas will be 11 to 17 degrees C cooler than the air temperature. Material in contact with this soil wears out quickly, and water in these areas is extremely hard and undrinkable. Therefore, be ready to use other means for signaling, such as pyrotechnics, signal mirrors, or marker panels, if available. However, if you can get to high ground (3 meters or more above the desert floor), you can get above the superheated air close to the ground and overcome the mirage effect. Moonlit nights are usually crystal clear, winds die down, haze and glare disappear, and visibility is excellent. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. Lay down some pine boughs, grass, or other insulating material to keep the ground from absorbing your body heat. Remember that it takes time and energy to build and that you will get wet while building it. If snowfall is heavy, you will have to clear snow from the top at regular intervals to prevent the collapse of the parachute material. Its reddish-brown to yellowish-green fruit is oblong to ovoid, 3 centimeters or less in diameter, smooth, and sweet in flavor, but has rather dry pulp around a comparatively large stone.
They are also found along seashores from the Mediterranean countries to inland areas in North Africa and eastward to Turkey and central Siberia. It is also found in the tropical rain forests of southeastern Asia, northern Australia, and Polynesia. Heat gain results from direct sunlight, hot blowing winds, reflective heat (the sun's rays bouncing off the sand), and conductive heat from direct contact with the desert sand and rock (Figure 13-1). During daylight hours large areas of terrain are visible and easily controlled by a small opposing force.

The emptiness of desert terrain causes most people to underestimate distance by a factor of three: What appears to be 1 kilometer away is really 3 kilometers away. If natural shelter is unavailable, mark your direction of travel, lie down, and sit out the storm.
Wooded areas usually provide the best location, while barren areas have only snow as building material. Also, you must be in an area that is suitable for cutting snow blocks and have the equipment to cut them (snow saw or knife). If your plan is to rest at night, you will find a wool sweater, long underwear, and a wool stocking cap extremely helpful. The Great Salt Lake area in Utah is an example of this type of mineral-laden water and soil. You can survey the area at dawn, dusk, or by moonlight when there is little likelihood of mirage.
Movement during such a night is practical only if you have a compass and have spent the day in a shelter, resting, observing and memorizing the terrain, and selecting your route.
Wooded areas provide timber for shelter construction, wood for fire, concealment from observation, and protection from the wind.
While building this shelter, keep the roof arched for strength and to allow melted snow to drain down the sides. Use a ground sheet as overhead cover to prevent snow from falling off the tree into the shelter.
My Wife and I face hardship on a daily Basis, Yet we adapt, overcome, never lose sight of that which is most important.
Separate the sleeping platform from the snow cave's walls or dig a small trench between the platform and the wall. A fatal error in cold weather shelter construction is making the shelter so large that it steals body heat rather than saving it.
This construction is especially important if you have a good source of heat in the snow cave. Sometimes, however, pressure at the temples, burning of the eyes, headache, pounding pulse, drowsiness, or nausea may occur. Block the entrance with a snow block or other material and use the lower entrance area for cooking.
The one characteristic, visible sign of carbon monoxide poisoning is a cherry red coloring in the tissues of the lips, mouth, and inside of the eyelids.
If you do not have a drift large enough to build a snow cave, you can make a variation of it by piling snow into a mound large enough to dig out.

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