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In the Cordillera Central, the Philippines, story-telling is common; it is an opportunity to share, to be awed, and to continue their unique way of life. Despite laws that are supposed to protect their rights, mining poses a serious threat to the survival of many tribal communities across the Philippines.
At the beginning of autumn, on a remote, high-altitude Tibetan plateau near Serxu, a Tibetan woman cuts hay to stock up for the long winter. The Lower Omo Valley, south west Ethiopia, is home to eight different tribes, who altogether number around 200,000 and include the Surma.
The Ethiopian government is forcibly evicting many of these communities from their land to make way for sugar, cotton and biofuels plantations. In India tribal peoples are openly portrayed as backward and primitive by the media, industry representatives and government officials, simply because their communal ways are different.
In the forests of Siberut Island, Indonesia, the Mentawai hunt monkeys with bows and poison arrows. The Kondhs are the largest tribal group in Odisha and are known for their cultural heritage and values, which centre upon respect for nature. In the 514 years since Europeans arrived in Brazil, the tribal peoples there have experienced genocide on a huge scale, and the theft of most of their land.
In Canada, in 1967, the Mushuau Innu of Labrador were one of the last indigenous peoples to be forced to settle by the government. In the Andes of Peru, traditional Quechua textiles are made on a portable, back-strap loom from alpaca and sheep’s wool. We help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. Survival International‘s Roots award-winning advertising campaign raised awareness of indigenous people by placing clifftop Yanomami, Bushman and Aborigine individuals over the context of extensive root systems. The campaign was developed at Publicis Comunicacion Espana by creative director Nicolas Hollander, copywriter Natalia Vaquero, art director Vanesa Sanz, account director Belen Serrano, photographer Joan Garrigosa, at Garrigosa Studio, with production manager Jose Ramon Uceda, Ana Machado and Paloma Varela.
The Roots campaign won awards at ADC (gold), Cannes (silver), FIAP (bronze), El Sol, (bronze) and Epica (bronze).
Based on mtDNA the Yanomani people were of C haplogroup and probably migrated through the Bering Straits down through Central America and across the Carribean and to the interior of the Amazon Jungle around 3,500 years ago.
What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. Durant les annees 1950 et 1960, leurs modes de vie furent systematiquement brises par la politique du gouvernement canadien et l’Eglise catholique. Cette transition brutale a ete traumatisante pour les Innu et les a profondement destabilises. Survival aide les peuples autochtones a defendre leur vie, proteger leurs terres et determiner leur propre avenir. An extract from a documentary examining the terrible effects that years of injustice have had on the Mushuau Innu people of Canada. Innu man George Rich talks to Survival International about the decline of his peoples’ health and culture following a programme of forced resettlement. Innu have lived in this land we call ntessinan for thousands of years, traveling back and forth to the interior and reaching the coastal shoreline in the summer. My grandfather comes from the interior of Ntessinan (‘our land’), and lived most of his life in Nutshimits (‘the country’). Innu always follow the caribou migration, mainly because caribou is the main source of the Innu diet.

Innu have tremendous knowledge of the conditions of the land, climate, features of the landscape and where the animals are. We have passed on to our children the knowledge of survival, which is essential for them because they must constantly depend on themselves.
The caribou is the main source of life for the Innu; we depend on the meat as a food source, and on their hides for clothing and shelter for our tents. There are plants and animal parts that are used for medicinal purposes when people are ill; mostly for coughs, flu, and muscle aches.
The Innu women always gather berries in the late summer and early spring and store them to use over the winter. My mother mentioned to me once that my late brother used to have a lot of warts on his hands. For example, a black bear emerged from his den in the middle of winter after it had been raining for a few days. Today, adults in the community take the youth out in the country to teach them traditional skills integral to our way of life, such as hunting and canoeing, and how to take care of the animals they kill. A community gathering takes place once a year in the spring, which is all about teaching the Innu youth how to survive on the land. This was another plot of the government to assimilate the Innu people and to take them away from their homelands, to control them and make them something other than they are.
They sent the missionaries to beat the ‘devil’ out of us and turn us into Christians, but that didn’t work. When they succeeded in getting the Innu people out of their traditional lands, they flooded our lands and cut the trees in the forest. We used to have viable and strong communities, but we are now discontent to live the traditional way of life.
Some have thoughts of Innu communities living more in the whiteman’s world in the future, where money flows like a river in the pockets of the Innu people. Why do you think Innu communities have, tragically, some of the highest suicide rates in the world? Thinking back on it now, I believe some white teachers and priests sexually abused the children when they taught at our school. We found the Christian religion and schooling was confusing compared to what we were taught at home, and that led us to believe that we are worthless and have nothing to continue to live for.
In Innu culture, everyone from a child to elder is listened to and heard, because we believe we all have something to offer. If you had one message for other tribal peoples of the world – from Africa to the Amazon and the Arctic – who are facing similar problems, what would it be?
Let us keep up the awareness and continue to inform the public about what is happening to the tribal peoples of the world.
We will have two days of advanced survival instruction which leads to a 3 day solo survival adventure. This course is a must for anyone who is willing to test boundaries and push their limits! The overall winning photograph by Giordano Cipriani (above) is a stunning portrait of an Asurini do Tocantins tribesman in the Brazilian Amazon.
This prejudice underlies much of the mistreatment tribal peoples face, as industrialized societies subject them to genocidal violence, slavery and racism so they can steal their lands, resources and labor.
For decades, the 8,000-plus Dongria Kondh have lived under the threat of mining by Vedanta Resources, which still hopes to extract the estimated $2 billion-worth of bauxite that lies under the surface of their sacred hills.

Today, as Brazil forges ahead with aggressive plans to develop and industrialize the Amazon, even the remotest territories are now under threat. Survival won’t give up until we all have a world where tribal peoples are respected as contemporary societies and their human rights protected. The most common usage of the term Aborigine (Aborigen in Spanish) refers to the majority of Indigenous Australians. When the traders and missionaries started to come in the coast, our people settled in a small village for trapping, and to trade goods to the traders. Many sea gulls in open water mean there are fish in the area, and broken branches in the trees show that a bear den is nearby. The gall bladder of the bear is used for many things, such as to stop an infection; it is applied to wounds or cuts. She took him to the elder and the elder told my mother to kill a mouse and bring it to him.
It now rains in the winter months; and in early spring and late winter we can have extremely cold weather for days. Programs are in place to live the Innu way of life, but the social problems in the communities are really very serious. We are caught between two worlds; one that has lost its connection to the land and animals.
In every society, there exists a lack of understanding of other peoples’ cultural and religious beliefs, but one has to experience other cultures and see them on the same level as all societies.
When completed it will destroy a fragile environment and the livelihoods of the tribes, which are closely linked to the river and its annual flood.
Despite the tribe overwhelmingly rejecting the plans for the mine in 2013, Vedanta Resources is attempting to expand its alumina refinery at the foothills of the Niyamgiri range. The designs are passed down through generations of weavers and are inspired by agriculture, the flora and fauna of the region, astrological phenomena, human forms, bodies of water, and geometric designs. What happens when governments and companies with economic interest in the area evict tribes from their lands? A la fonte des neiges, ils se deplacaient en canoe le long de la cote ou dans un lac interieur pour pecher, commercer et retrouver famille et amis. The Canadian government wanted to settle our people in order to educate our children like whitemen.
This is the message Publicis Spain chose to broadcast in this campaign for Survival: a worldwide non-governmental organisation that is fighting to uphold the right of native people to stay in the lands in which they were born. The concept of ‘individual ownership’ of such a building is nonsensical to these people. A tribe’s right to decide, for example, whether a mining company should be allowed to operate on its land, also only makes sense as a collective right.
Survival International has been campaigning for the return of the Bushmen to their traditional lands in the Kalahari Desert, contending that diamond mining has displaced these peoples. Survival International is concerned that UK law dictates that these vital collective rights should be individual rights ‘exercised collectively’.

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