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As a comparison to these, if I just sit and unload on the heroic target dummy, using no cooldowns, self-buffed only, I do about 2900 dps. To address gear briefly, I have a 465 IMBA rating, with about half 25-man raid gear, and the rest heroic or 10-man, and some crafted (like my gun).
Glyphs: I recommend Steady Shot, Serpent Sting, and Improved Aspect of the Hawk for major glyphs.
Of course to really do the best possible dps in a raid requires preparation as well as the right build and shot cycle. There was an addon that would check people’s gear in a BG and tell you the high rating, low rating, and average. Thus is the first raids in WotLK huters were crazy high which led to the nerf (which was needed) but many say that’s why hunters were overnerfed. So looking at this I am doing pretty much everything you have stated, and very well geared. Ach – Aimed is essentially identical to Multi-Shot in terms of damage, and is on the same cooldown. In this week's Wayback Wednesday, Rob is joined by EverQuest II Producer Holly Longdale and Designer Akil Hooper for a terrific tour of the latest expansion, Chains of Eternity.
The first big alpha patch for Legion dropped last night, and I was too busy sleeping to get a look at all the changes coming to classes in World of Warcraft. Will you be able to play as a Gnome hunter before the actual release or do I have to wait ?
My guess would be that Gnome Hunters will make an appearance in the "bridging" content before Legion launches. I've been playing since Nov 2004, and It's amazing how many times hunters have been subject to major changes. Maybe because I've kept up to date on the changes they have made to the class, and haven't liked them? So reading some posts and maybe a patch note here and there makes you an expert on hunters?
Is it the designers' fault that everything in the game looks so ridiculously ugly for the last 7 years or is it Blizzard pushing them to come up with things this ugly that only kids and manchildren jizz in their paints by looking at them?

Hunters are so important that Blizzard designed ten support classes just to enhance the hunter class experience. It’s pretty straightforward and we have guides for all the relevant steps here on the WHU. It talks about the value of some talents, and points out which ones you can choose to spend elsewhere. This does clip explosive shot slightly, but I’ve found that the dps is better this way. You should be bringing the best ammo possible, have the best well-fed food both for you and for your pet. With wolves losing their buff to Warriors that leaves Cats and Raptors as both viable and equivalent choices. However, with the help of our friends at WoWHead, we’ve got some thoughts on the most major changes coming to the Hunter. I think giving a hunter a turret is stupid, but perhaps this is how gnomes come into the picture and in exchange for hunter skill and abilities, the gnomes share thier knoweledge of turret use? I can't think of any other MMO that can't decide how they want a class to function and then just leave it be.
Unless they make a miracle expansion, which I definitely doubt, I will probably never play WoW ever again. Be careful not to waste talent points by putting too many in skills where they aren’t needed. I do have a macro on my Steady Shot that casts Kill Command and Kill Shot if they are available. It is possible that I have enough haste to make this worth it (and no clips when IAotH is up) and people with almost no haste might be better off running with just two steady shots — but that will hurt your dps. Have mana potions to avoid going into viper, health potions for those oh pants moments, and a flask for progression fights. For starters, the Survival spec will forego ranged attacks for a melee spec with a Polearm as their artifact weapon. Arcane Shot animation should be interesting if they keep Arcane Shot for survival hunter, I wonder if they will add an animation that shows the hunter tossing the spear and allows us to see an arcanic spear in flight.

I just don't get the concept behind a survival spec that doesn't focus on survival, and now being melee to boot.
I can pop 3300 dps on the heroic target dummy self buffed and only maybe start with 2700 dps in SV with the dps slowly dwindling as time goes on, ending at around 2300 as i go oom.
And I was once at 900 on the dps chart, thanks to your tips it is up to 2.5k I think once i get my crit up, not that i know it has to be 104% it will much better on the score boards. Survival will need an enhanced movement ability beyond what's available to compete with other high mobility classes.
Like making it so you reduce damage by a base percentage after other defenses are factored. If you’re in a moving fight you need to jump-shot, reapply serpent sting just before you have to move, keep that damage up as much as possible. I LOVED Survival Hunter for PvP almost as much as my 2h Enhancement Shaman with ridiculous Windfury crits.
Keep at range for sniper training, and if you can’t be at range for the fight (such as Four Horsemen) then do a bit of trap dancing when it makes sense. They progressively moved hunters away from melee, to the point of entirely in recent years. Basically all of the little things that make the difference between being in the top of the damage meters, and on the top. I would honestly re-sub and buy the expansion if they made survival a melee focus hunter spec hearkening to the old days of Survival spec. As the person has to decide if they want to try and burst you dead before you can reach them. So as to wait out your damage reduction and not give you the opportunity to close in on ranged classes as easily.
This would need to have a hard cap for it's numbers though, which would be hard to calculate with the ever-expanding gear stats.

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