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And with that single line, the survival horror genre was bought back to haunt gamers once more.
The beginnings of survival horror can be found in the mid-1980s, with the likes of Electric Dreamsa€™ Aliens: The Computer Game crafting heart-stopping terror despite the obvious technical limitations of the time. By using a crude first-person perspective and providing the option of switching between different Marines, Aliens: The Computer Game thrust gamers into a truly terrifying environment. Japana€™s status as home to some of the greatest names in videogames and horror movies inevitably meant it too would produce some of the greatest examples of the genre a€“ the best of which pre-date some of the more popular examples, like Resident Evil. Despite these proto-survival horror titles, arguably the first a€?truea€™ survival horror game came in 1992, with Alone in the Dark.
Although these games all offered a hint at what was to come, it wasna€™t until the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles that most modern gamers got their first taste of the genre and how scary it could really be. Like Alone in the Dark a few years previously,Resident Evila€™s corridors and exterior environments were all pre-rendered backgrounds, which allowed the developers to create highly detailed levels, increasing player immersion.
The survival horror genre may have technically started with Aliens, but it was Resident Evil that first coined the term and which remains the most iconic franchise in under that umbrella to this day. Perhaps thata€™s because of the gamea€™s memorable set-pieces (nobody forgets the zombie dogs jumping through the windows)? The immense sense of disappointment following Amy’s critical savaging has highlighted the ongoing frustration felt by neglected survival-horror fans. Scathing reviews and jaw-droppingly low scores from the likes of IGN, Destructoid and Eurogamer set forums and article-sharing sites ablaze, and the game’s apparent failure has been one of the hottest topics of the past few days. As a huge horror fan myself, I admit that I was one of those people so desperate for a new, original terror fix that I pinned a monumental level of hope on Amy – getting myself excited at the prospect of tense, atmospheric exercises of hide-and-seek in subway tunnels, and hair-raising encounters with gruesome creatures, only to sigh with huge regret when it became apparent that the game was far from what I had longed for, and hoped it to be. The simple truth is that many of us put far too great a weight of expectation on the shoulders of Amy, and we did so simply because it was the only original horror game we could see emerging from the gaming landscape at this time. And before you start pointing to the likes of FEAR 3, Dead Rising 2, Dead Island, and even the excellent Dead Space 2, most of the games labelled as survival-horror these days are actually, if we’re honest, gung-ho action-based shooters and slashers dressed up in superficially scary trappings. It would be easy to accuse me of simply being petty and angry at not being provided with the kind of experiences I crave, but I would argue that my disappointment and frustration at the apparent decline of the horror genre goes far beyond mere selfishness. The very best horror games are infinitely more powerful, profound and enduring in their ability to inspire a sense of panic and terror than anything the worlds of literature, film or television have ever produced. Fine horror games are a perfect illustratration of the immense emotional intensity, narrative immersion and atmospheric sophistication that games are capable of, and stand as testament to the ability of video games to connect with their audience in a tangibly affecting way. A really great horror game, like Silent Hill 2 or Amnesia, invariably combines  emotional power, complex subtext and innovative design – and these are qualities generally lacking from the modern gaming landscape. It is for these reasons, as well as my own stubborn desire for new and compelling horror tribulations, that I see the lack of current mainstream horror games as a tragedy. Mark Butler is the author of Interactive Nightmares: A History of Video Game Horror, which is available to download for Kindle, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android. There is enough war in the world to begin with, but still the gaming landscape is littered with games like COD and Battlefield.
The lack of genuine survival horror games already let me contemplate about not buying one of the consoles in the next generation, because I see no need to invest so much money into something when there are only ten games that interest me.

PlayStation 4 non subscribers will also be able to enjoy the scares of the Daylight game on May 13th 2014 for an increased price of $11.99.
Daylight’s gam play and interactivity is taken a step further allows members of the Twitch stream and chat channel to type keywords to cue in-game events as you play.
Experience Daylight, a procedurally generated psychological thriller for your PlayStation®4. Phantasmal is a survival horror game on PC with an interesting design hook – the levels are procedurally generated so every playthrough is completely different.
You play as John Hope, a Vietnam veteran with a rough life and a wicked case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Enemies in the trailer video included what looked like armless zombies and a horde of spiders. Syndrome has players making their way through a creepy spaceship to find out what happened to their crew. Camel 101 and Bigmoon Studios have announced a new survival-horror game is currently in development called Syndrome. Syndrome is an attempt to revitalize the first-person survival horror genre by taking things back to its roots. Syndrome is scheduled to release in Q2 2016 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, and Linux.
Daniel has worked across a variety of online publications that include 1UP, Ubergizmo and FileFront.
Developed by Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment, the Twin Peaks and Stephen King inspired storyline of Alan Wake offered an atmospherically creepy experience for Xbox 360 gamers, as Wake tried to rescue his missing wife from a supernatural force. Based on James Camerona€™s Aliens, the game pitched players as Colonial Marines and made them responsible for guiding the team through the xenomorph-filled corridors of LV-426 through a multi-screen, first person, interface. It was unnerving and unsettling, even if it was two-tone on the Spectrum 48k and despite the crudity of the graphics Aliens laid the earliest foundations for others to follow.
Though far from a pure survival horror, the 1989 role-playing game Sweet Home, which was never released outside of Japan, gave a glimpse of core features of the genre years before they came to fruition in Resident Evil. While both debuted on the original PlayStation, which must have helped their popularity, the two were thematically and stylistically incredibly different despite some superficial similarities. However, by using pre-rendered backgrounds the development team at Capcom (headed by the legendary Shinji Mikami, who also spearheaded Sweet Home) restricted themselves to using static cameras through the game, removing control from gamers.
Similarly aggrieved, Mark Butler argues that the current lack of mainstream horror games is not just infuriating – but downright tragic. The very fact that Amy’s overwhelmingly negative reception has been such big news tells you all you need to know about the desperate state of  the horror genre in modern gaming. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is being touted as an even-more shooter-based game than the original, with talk of uzi machine-guns and the like dominating the initial drip-drip of early information. In the late 90s and early-to-mid noughties we couldn’t move for innovative, petrifying chillers that had gamers gripped with rich atmosphere.
Because, ultimately, I believe that the lack of major horror titles is nothing short of tragic for the gaming medium as a whole. Video games can create horror which has infinitely more impact than that which can be created elsewhere, and as such they undeniably demonstrate the true power of the medium. One of the best horror titles in recent years and it definitely deserves an HD redux for PS3. Check out the game’s launch trailer below to see a taste of the environments and foes you will encounter during the horror game. The all-new Unreal Engine 4 enhances the visuals of your escape to freedom like never before, heightening every bone-chilling detail of your surroundings.

John gets a job as a night janitor at a local university, and one night a storm blows through. When you encounter monsters fighting is always an option, but you slowly go mad from fighting the grotesques. An avid gamer, he particularly enjoys stealing loot from his friends, crushing the opposition in tactical RPGs and walking around looking at stuff in Elder Scrolls. ALFA BETA JUEGA no se hace responsable de las opiniones de sus colaboradores y columnistas. The use of light and dark, of endlessly feeling chased, and the small US town setting gave gamers a sense of unease a€“ but it also bought a sense of familiarity. Lovecraft (like Silicon Knightsa€™ GameCube survival horror, Eternal Darkness a decade later) Alone in the Dark put gamers into the shoes of private investigator Edward Carnby.
Strangely though, this didna€™t have detrimental effect you might anticipate; instead it immersed players in the mansion, as the STARS Alpha team of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine searched for the missing members of Bravo team. Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X were made-over and resurrected last year, while the Silent Hill HD Collection is on its way in 2012.
In an age when gaming is in thrall to the cheap thrills of superficial spectacle, we’ve generally lost the multi-layered drama that stems from deep-rooted tinkering with the psyche. Get lost in a maze that changes with every playthrough, allowing for limitless replayability and the tension of unpredictability every time you start the game.
If they reach their goal, they aim to have the game released by the end of March next year. Upon searching, we learn that most of the crew is dead, and whoever is still alive, is changed. Like Aliens: The Computer Game, Sweet Home was the gaming equivalent of primordial gloop a€“ the genre was still evolving.
Like both Aliens and Sweet Home, Alone in the Dark featured some of the design ideas that would feature in the genre for years a€“ most notably, the use of pre-rendered backgrounds, static cameras, and 3D characters. Ita€™s likely a mix of all those elements, but one thinga€™s for sure a€“ Resident Evil kick-started the genre, prompting a number of franchises to appear in its wake, each taking survival horror in unique directions.
And the search continues for games that actually put psychological-chills and outright terror at the top of the agenda.
These were groundbreaking exercises in psychological complexity, mood and emotive immersion, and yet there are very few creations today which could hold a candle to them. You also gain XP on every run, which you use to upgrade your character between playthroughs. If you donate at least $40 USD to the game, you get a digital copy and the opportunity to Beta test the game and participate in the online forums. Combat wasna€™t a massive element in the game however; gameplay instead relied more on puzzle-solving, something that would also become a feature of the genre over the next ten years. From the pre-alpha footage on the project’s Kickstarter page, it looks like you are exploring a derelict mansion.
If you are a fan of survival horror games, you should head over to their Kickstarter page and show your support.

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