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Ramin Bahrani's "99 Homes" throbs with the public fury and private horror of the real-estate collapse. Set in the Orlando, Fla., suburbs, Bahrani plunges into the ugly, contentious dramas of foreclosure.
He soon finds himself on the other side of foreclosures, explaining to others that they are now trespassing on the bank's property.

It's the entire, rigged apparatus — predatory lending, unfair mortgage rates, bailed-out banks — that has produced both the unfairly evicted and the likes of Carver. But his hint of relief in the film's climactic moment suggests he, too, feels trapped by the dehumanizing system.Bahrani, who wrote the script with Ami Naderi, has specialized in socially conscious tales.
His first film, "Man Push Cart," tenderly profiled the life of a Pakistani pushcart vendor in New York.

His last, "At Any Price," with Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid, was a melodrama of a Midwestern farming family.His touch isn't always light.

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