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Here are some tips to make your music festival experience the best it can be Festival Survival Guide - Top Tips to. Lollapalooza, Warped Tour and everything in betweenMar 27, 2013 From Boho to Bowlers: 5 Rock Star-Worthy.
Governors Ball 2013 Survival Guide: Top 10 Essentials For First-Timers Governors Ball Street Style. We’re excited to bring back Artist Survival Guide for the 2015 pre-festival season!!!! Since the first festival I went to, it's been pretty clear that I have a serious obsession. Preparations are on their way for the upcoming Lightning in a Bottle festival this weekend and many fans are already taking notes on which artists they don't want to miss.
Sometimes you're going to want a beat that provides the option of dancing or just chilling out. Moderat is coming off the release of the III album and are sure to bring some big beats filled with fluttering techno elements. The French-Cuban duo known as Ibeyi were one of the biggest new acts to come out of 2015 and their downtempo electronic elements, accompanied by powerful and beautiful vocals ,will sure to stir up emotions. So much amazing electronic music this weekend, but some live instruments are always a welcomed addition.
There's no love, like festival love and here are two artists you're going to want to check out in case you find that special someone. LIB offers some of the most intricately-built and aesthetically stunning stages in the world, and arguably the most compelling display of large scale art outside of Burning Man. LIB does a great job curating an eclectic mix of artists, while maintaining a central theme but sometimes we still need those lyrical rhymes set alongside a hot beat. The number of music festivals is just growing in the country, so it’s best to be aware of some of the rules to be followed at such fests.
Get there early and get a good spot: As thousands attend music festivals it’s best to reach the venue in advance so you can choose to be upfront and watch your favourite artists perform.
Charge your cellphone : A charged cellphone will help you stay connected with your friends in a crowded festival. Don’t wear inappropriate footwear : A festival entails walking, jumping and dancing to your favourite artistes’ tunes.
Don’t throw your garbage around: Plastic cups, paper plates, fan-made banners and merchandise are usually found scattered at the end of concerts. Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion: It is a good way to avoid getting tanned and protects from the harmful UV rays. The 6 Step Musician’s Survival Guide to Traverse the New Music Biz Terrain - Cari Cole Music Co.
If you joined my friend Ariel Hyatt and me last night, you know it was a RIVETING and radically evolutionary call. Setbacks, roadblocks and major disappointment will always pepper the journey of being a musician. Don’t Fool Yourself, Age Doesn’t Matter Anymore.  The old paradigm that said it’s over at 27 is over. Tell me about your fears, struggles and disappointments in the comments below – fessing up sets you and everyone else free!!
I want to give you my comprehensive guide to keeping your voice healthy while you're on the road - for free. Build It Brand It - My 3-part webinar series on how to build a powerful online presence and brand.
Multiply your Step Up experience by getting a high level personalized Step Up 52 Week Artist Development Plan by Cari herself. SIGN ME UP for the 52 WEEK ARTIST DEVELOPMENT ACTION PACK  I want to be an Accelerated Step Upper and get personalized artist development plan from Cari! Get 5 private VIP 1-on-1 personalized mentoring and guidance sessions with Cari as you move through Step Up. As a couple who has bonded, traveled to and worked for many music festivals and I, who has a career in marketing for music festivals, we are both so excited it is finally here. A weekend can be ruined if you aren’t prepared for a few days of greatness, so we are here to help you have the best experience of your life. Yea, you want to be trendy in your cute little sandals and it’s hot out, but people will step on your toes countlessly, you will get blisters if your shoes are uncomfortable, and your sandals can break (also, those never give you flattering tan lines…). I don’t want to sound like that old person now, but I have been to a few festivals and I have definitely damaged my ears.
There are lots of drugs, drinking, fun and sun at festivals that you tend forget to drink water.

I have seen people puke on themselves, get kicked out for underage drinking, mix alcohol and drugs, have sex in portos (disgusting, yes), make out with a tree, and even broken some bones.
You will not have any cell reception at these festivals so if you are trying to meet up with friends, make sure you timestamp your text.
People lose things all the time and most festivals have a pretty good lost and found system. These definitely come in handy to secure any tarps or tents to something sturdy especially when it’s windy out! Yes there are charging stations but they can be so crowded and most of the time, the sockets are all filled. If you are going with a few friends with a few cars, make sure all your cars are behind each other that way you are parked together when camping! This one isn’t for everyone, but if you are a germaphobe and are disgusted by small human waste boxes that have been baking in the hot sun, the seat covers can help ya out. If you need to go just a little bit, just start making your way because by the time you wait you will have to go badly! We hope you have the most amazing festival weekend and we are so jealous where ever you may be! This first re-installment will feature a list from our favorite New York funk group, Lettuce.
I have been playing this game where I see if I can take advantage of every drop of happiness at any given festival and have the best time possible.
After cementing her place as one of the top producers in the game with Fovere, TOKiMONSTA is sure to keep a steady beat with some playful vocal remixes. You can never go wrong with the electronic masteries from London producer Four Tet or the acid house beats from Lee Burridge. With some high energy hip hop mixes and deep bass, Big Gigantic is going to be the hub for LIB's party this weekend. For when you really want to crank up the BPM's, make sure to catch performances from Norwegian producer and remix-master, Cashmere Cat, the doctor of chill wave trap, Mr.
Let's not forget the elegant live instruments and ambient electronic sounds from the Emancipator Ensemble set. Besides the various art installations scattered throughout the festival grounds, make sure to check out the Cirque du Soleil style on-stage performances from Lucent Dossier Experience and the Desert Dwellers. Whether it’s water or a fruit, stay hydrated so you are geared to enjoy every performance to the fullest. If you didn’t join us, I still want to share some of the sweat, blood + wisdom you missed out on —  I’m just feeling extra generous today. Don’t let them define you.  Attempting to make a living from your music is not only risky, it’s tougher than starting a small business.
You aren’t moving forward if you aren’t failing here and there.  Like #1 above, if you look at failures like stepping stones, you can use them to empower you instead of paralyzing you. Did you know that most touring musicians use their other creative skills to supplement their income on the road?
Spend an hour with Cari as she creates a customized artist development plan for you and your music to use all year. SxSW, Coachella, Future Music Festival, Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, Rock In Rio, Governors Ball are just a few big ones that we look forward to every year. We have created the ultimate music festival survival guide full of tips and music festival essentials, everything from festival camping, to the actual festival to even dealing with the bathrooms!
Last year at Coachella, there was a sand storm and there was dirt and dust flying everywhere. Music is so loud at festivals which is a great thing, but the ringing you hear afterwards, is permanent ear damage! You will almost always find your friends in a crowd when they have an obnoxious stand out sign. There is no point to get so hungover you can’t make it out the next day (or being hung in the extreme heat), so plan with hangovers in mind! If your contact info is somewhere on your phone and camera, it will most likely be returned to you! This helps you save a fortune from buying festival food and drinks (about $12 per meal and $8 per drink!). Holes in tents, broken shoes, drunk people tripping over your stuff, taping things to poles to find your friends, makeshift clothing and the list goes on. Some say its safer to lock up your stuff, or if you put a lock on your tent, it seems like you’re hiding something of value, making your tent a bigger target. VIP tickets are great for the potties since not many use them, the lines aren’t as long, and there cleaner?

Great music, wonderful people, and just the ultimate vibe- festivals don’t get any better! Follow that up with LIB legend and Oakland electric producer, The Polish Ambassador and the whole festival will be grooving throughout the weekend. When I was an artist pursuing my career, I would freeze sometimes for years when big failures happened. If you don’t aim high enough you won’t have the energy you need to meet your goal but if you only aim and don’t dig, you won’t carve your way with enough exactitude to get there. Check out my kick-ass, jam-packed music biz program in registration NOW (only held once a year, comes with 1-on-1 time with me) – don’t miss this opportunity to traverse this new terrain, banish your anxiety and get on the road to living your dream now. You will not get in without and it is the worst feeling when all your friends get their wristbands out and you realize you forgot yours, at home, 3 hour drive away.
Fanny packs are easy to carry, they surprisingly hold a lot, and they’re awesome festival gear! 5:42 pm.” It can be hours before you receive something, so make a system with your friends!
But regardless, sleep is good at a festival, you wanna be prepared for the festivities the next day!
So it keeps your drinks cold through out the weekend and it will eventually melt away as cold drinking water during your weekend.
You can even use the leftover ice water from the cooler (if it isn’t too gross). Solar showers can make hot water, but lets be real, its usually hot out at these festivals and cold shower feels so nice!
You are here to partake in the festival and so is everyone else, so be respectful at night that way others can sleep and enjoy their festival weekend. Not all stalls have toilet paper or sometimes the toilet paper is wet for some gross reason, so always bring wipes. It is just an easy female peeing device that lets you go wherever you need instead of waiting in lines. There can be long lines but, hey, if you can hold it til the end of the act, more power to you! Besides his critically acclaimed album, In Colour, and his past work with The xx, Jamie is also a top notch London DJ that will be mixing nothing less than fire from the main stage.
Because the minute you open your doors, you do not have dollars coming in, it’s pennies – if even. But,  had I known they are stepping stones, I could have recovered quicker and not have lost so much time.
That doesn’t mean to quit your day job without a plan, or set out on tour without booking your shows ?? — it means to arm yourself with courage, pack for high altitude and then go after your dream.
So learn to not be disappointed when you don’t reach your goal post – the goal is what motivates the journey. Web design, graphics, copywriting, and other virtual jobs make the road a little friendlier and easier. Put ice in the cooler as well to keep the first few drinks cool but once melted, you can use it to shower. No one likes mud in their tent. We Travel Far is a great shop for cool bags, travel blankets, and organizing your gear for festivals and camping!
LIB offers over 70 performers who are at the top of their game or pioneers in the industry. You are going to have to get used to setbacks, frustrations and disappointments – but if you expect them you won’t be so leveled when they occur.
You also don’t want to be so stuck in the crowds that it takes you 45 min to get out and miss the acts!
In order to better navigate the rest of your schedule, EARMILK has put together a brief cliff notes guide for fans to get a sense of what to expect. The trick is to think of them as challenges or opportunities to be creative and be a solution seeker.
One time, I was walking around Buku Art + Music Project and literally ran into the Lettuce bass player, Erick Coomes!
As someone who has worked in the music industry and as the fun police (the person who checks for alcohol), they are not allowed to pat you on the crotch or boobs.

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