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This infographic gives an overview of the basic strategies for the average person to use in the event of a zombie-related emergency.
The simple black, red, and white coloring works to convey the sense of emergency, with an artistic style that fits with other emergency-related infographics (like the kinds you get on a plane). There is surprisingly little information to do with how to assess an individual after a bite, to know their odds of turning into a zombie, how to recognize symptoms, and what to do. Despite it being a little heavy with the amount of text, this is far from a complete zombie survival guide. If you or a colleague is responsible for planning events and need to select the best venue, this 28-page guide will be an invaluable part of your selection process. Please just email us to request a copy or give Dan Shipman a call on 0131 625 7150, and let us know whether you’d prefer a hard copy in the post or an electronic copy by email.

The 47 questions in this slimline guide will be your checklist every time you or one of your colleagues books a venue.
There is nothing worse than turning up at a venue to find that everyone is squashed in a room like sardines. The final section in this guide will enable you to calculate the size of room you need to organise for both your delegate numbers and room layout. Here are 7 tips on how to engage and be your child’s cheerleader and co-player as she learns.
We might have a good idea of what to do in the event of a tornado, a financial collapse, or an epidemic, but zombie survival is different, and finally we have some resources to help. I know it wasn’t meant to be, but I would still rather have had more information, had topics introduced, or been pointed in the direction of more information.

You’ll also find exactly the right questions to ask to make sure you avoid the pitfalls that are just waiting to catch you! Your FREE Venue Booking Survival Guide will steer you through all the questions you should be asking to ensure you have covered each one of these 7 elements. She has been in youth ministry for over 40 years and has been involved in organized camping for over 48 years. Debbi and her husband, Mark founded Teen Quest in 1976 to reach a world of children and Teens.

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