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Guest Post: G R I T S Guide to PreppingThe following submission is part of an ongoing Guest Post Writing Contest. Most retired Southerners already live where a lot of folks want to end up, so it is pretty tough to think about prepping under balmy skies and fair weather. Like any good GRITS if you look on my book shelf you will find GWTW sitting somewhere between the Bible and Emily Post, unopened but not forgotten.
So there I was with the image of Scarlett Oa€™Hara standing in the fallow field at Tara, destruction all around her, with a half a dozen whining family and staff looking to her for salvation. Today, thank goodness, Internet research makes survival information, overwhelming, but accessible.
Having spent my career years in designer suits and heels I knew more about advertising demographics then I did how to plant a row of seeds.
I was pretty lucky, I took home 3 sturdy looking tomato plants, bags of soil and a learn as you go attitude. Then you're gonna love my free PDF, 20 common survival items, 20 uncommon survival uses for each.
A challenger has appeared in the make-believe workout app space -- and this time, you're training for an alien apocalypse.
Carnegie Mellon's modular robotic snake is able to traverse sandy environments, thanks to lessons learned from sidewinder snakes. Who needs the Bat-Signal when you can send letters using these collectible Batman stamps from the US Postal Service?
The 20 heroes in today’s showdown are the mightiest of the mighty, beings with almost god-like invincibility. A while back, I made a couple of charts comparing planet sizes and distances, and highly recommended a poster by Emily Lakdawalla . In the last round, we shifted from heroic to slightly shady, and now we plunge head-first into evil. The location of Gotham city in the Batman mythology has moved around quite a bit over the years. This site is nothing more than a place for me to capture all of the random, frequently goofy thoughts that pass through my brain. It all starts with a $9.98 twenty pound bag of extra long grain rice from our favorite discount store, a couple dozen bags of dried black eyed peas and there you have it. However, true GRITS, especially baby boomers heading into retirement already know what happens when the SHTF.

It is no wonder when she holds the nearly inedible root dug from the dried earth and declares to the heavens that no matter what if she has to lie, cheat or steal, she will never go hungry again, began to have real meaning.
So after doubling up on my current stores, and learning all about BOGO shopping I was getting a little more relaxed into the process. This will also subscribe you to my newsletter so you stay up-to-date with everything: new articles, ebooks, products and more! If Bobby Lee would have let us we would divided our 80000 into groups of twenty and moved north. It is the staple the South was raised on and in times of stress you will find it in almost any pantry South of the Mason Dixon Line ever since the Act of Northern Aggression.
So with the turn of the economy, escalating grocery prices and political events it is not surprising that images of that particular fictional story reinforced by family legend, start coming to mind. Research taught me about food storage oxygen absorbers and individual serving size Mylar bags for long term.
So there I was standing in the serious garden aisle at Home Depot with an empty cart looking like the amateur I was. I decided if the project had any chance of success, control freak that I am it had to be in a controlled environment.
Go one block to 11th Avenue and turn rightFrom Queens and Long IslandQueens-Midtown Tunnel: Take Southbound or Downtown exit to 34th Street and turn right. Nothing contained on this site should be construed as granting any license or right to use any mark or intellectual property of any party displayed on this site.All rights reserved.
I cana€™t recall a single New Years Day regardless of what part of the country I lived in over the past 60 years that it wasna€™t on the table.
It is not easy, like so many American Senior women to find yourself alone at retirement age taking on concerns for an unstable future, your grown children scattered across the country .
Never the less retirement budget issues were still a consideration and that of course requires food storage rotation, store what you eat and eat what you store.
It is amazing what you can learn standing their by chatting with a couple of girl scouts working on a badge project!
So out went the potted palm on my screen enclosed deck, the space was dug out, filled with garden soil and in went the new plants. The way I make my grits is to mix my just cooked with a couple of eggs that I whipped up + a healthy fist-full of shredded cheese. The peace of mind I feel knowing that they have skills, knowledge and confidence is irreplaceable.

It really does not make any difference what is happening on a global level if your world and way of life as you know it is being irretrievably destroyed. Suddenly you find yourself taking inventory of the pantry and you realize one bag of rice and a few peas, albeit better than nothing just are not going to cut it. I was feeling a bit more confident, a long way from absolution, but with the realization that at this pointA  for Prepping to have any significance what so ever it was going to have to become a way of life. Armed with organic insecticide and unlimited water I have at least learned what it takes to have a start on growing a salad.
The shelter of the screen enclosure on the deck, which sits directly on the ground had a perfect South Eastern exposure and got the required 6 hours of full sun but filtered from the harsh coastal glare. Stay tuned to Fuse for the latest on New York Comic Con.23 Coolest Cosplays at San Diego Comic-Con 2015Comic-Con is one of pop culture's biggest annual events and fans always go all out when it comes to expressing their fandom! Reconstruction by way of gun toting Carpetbaggers is just as annihilating as an Alien stepping from a space ship when the weapon is pointed at you. We didn’t always have the money to buy what we wanted so we would make what we could. The Center is between 34th and 38th streets.From Staten IslandVerrazano-Narrows Bridge eastbound to the Gowanus Expressway, to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. A Total Economic Collapse is not going to be one bit different then all that useless Confederate paper money I can still remember my daddy showing me. Not the quantity I hoped for in my fantasy to put up in sparkling glass canning jars, but enough to prove successful. Armed with that success I solicited the aid of a young neighbor and cut out a 4ft by 7ft section of the deck and laid in a very simple garden.
It is too soon in the summer to tell the results but barring anything unforeseen the peppers and squash are growing by leaps & bounds.
Here's everything you need to make the most of your weekend.GETTING THEREThe 2015 New York Comic Con takes place at the Javits Center on the west side of Manhattan.
In a striking black&white photo Kanye dramatically falls down while model Joan Smalls reaches out towards him.

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