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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, News & Update: Triple Camera System, Gesture Biometrics, Charging Pads & More! People Can Fly and Epic are releasing the latest 'Gears of War' title this week, but the game is launching without its most famous mode: Horde mode. Ovverrun pits two human teams controlling the COGs against the Horde, the latter with a set of characters similar to the "Gears of War 3" beast mode, while the former uses various classes introduced in the campaign to defend a set point in a map. Even IGN, which granted the game a 9.2 in its review, didn't have much nice to say about the Horde mode replacement. These Men Poured Cold Water On Homeless People,But ita€™s Not What You Think.Really Awesome!
Act 1 Impressions: The first two hours in 3D (holy giant bosoms), narrative concerns and the hell of dearth. The game opens on an oddly familiar recollection -- Marcus locked in a cell -- but soon enters a dream of the moment his father was supposedly killed. Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date! As you play through a given sub-section, you’ll see a meter at the top of the screen slowly filling up toward three levels of star rankings. Judgment‘s campaign also introduces Declassified missions, which, when accepted, activate a modifier that impacts the content of the coming section. Multiplayer outside of the campaign has been stripped down a bit in Gears of War: Judgment.
Soldier – The Soldier class comes to the battlefield packing a Lancer assault rifle and the new Booshka grenade launcher. Medic – Medics carry a Lancer assault rifle and a Sawed-off Shotgun into battle, which makes them effective at medium ranges but capable of wading to the front line if the situation demands it. Engineer – Engineers only carry one offensive weapon into battle, a Gnasher shotgun, with the other weapon slot being occupied by a blowtorch.
Wretch – The Wretch is the most mobile of the Locust forces, able to jump over any barrier and climb up to sniper roosts to root out those pesky Scouts. Grenadier – These front-line infantry Locust carry a Lancer and a Gnasher into battle.
Kantus – This Locust healer should set up shop at the fringes of the battle, just behind front-line Grenadiers and safely tucked into a cover position.
Serapede – The many-legged creepy crawly of the Locust forces metes out damage with melee-only pincer attacks. Corpser – The big daddy of the Locust forces, Corpsers are heavily armored tanks that are capable of burrowing underground and tunneling past enemy defenses. It sounds like good fun, but if you were hoping to hop into a rigorously long Horde mode session at some point, like you might have done in "Gears of War 3," you're totally out of luck. Essentially, Survival aims to make up for the absence of Horde -- OverRun and Survival both bring elements of the now-standard wave-based mode, but take it in different directions. Epic clearly wanted this title out before the next-generation started rolling through and began requiring new game engines, so they tasked People Can Fly with putting together a new campaign as quickly as they could. Gears of War 3's first act reveals some surprising twists and turns, but its core hinges upon the human desire to live another day. More than any of its predecessors, Gears of War 3 is a scramble -- for cover, and now for ammo as a resource. People Can Fly dramatically altered the flow of the action in comparison to previous Gears games, and it helps to go in with a good idea of what’s changed. Sometimes you’ll be fighting against a timer or forced to use a specific weapons loadout, for example.
The standard loadout weapons in Judgment take regular old ammo, collected by either picking up the same type of weapon, finding blue ammo boxes, or grabbing the red-glowing ammo pickups. On the co-op side, Horde and Beast are both gone, replaced with the new Survival mode, which we’ll get to.
Unlike the Boomshot, Booshka rounds detonate after a brief timer elapses; be sure to plan for that accordingly when you empty a clip in the direction of approaching Locust forces. You’ll generally want to keep Medics at the rear fringes of an engagement, ready to toss out a Stim Grenade when necessary. They carry the new scoped, semi-auto Markza rifle into battle, with a relatively useless snub pistol available for backup. The two types of Tickers from previous games are conflated into one here, meaning you can use them to both claw at fortifications and explode in a kamikaze attack.

You can rush them forward to the target point, but they don’t do an awful lot of damage and tend to die quickly. Using them is pretty straightforward: rush in, take cover, provide support for other Locust forces. The default Rager carries a Breechshot, a new weapon in Judgment that essentially amounts to an unscoped sniper rifle. A well-positioned Serapede can chew quickly through an enemy defensive emplacement without fear of taking damage, since only the tip of its tail is vulnerable.
The cooldown-managed Burrow ability is also useful for getting out of sight when the enemy brings its forces to bear on these behemoths. Survival mode is Ovverrun without humans controlling the opposing Locust characters, which sounds a lot like Horde, but falters in one major area - it only lasts ten rounds.
It's a shame to see such a reliable series staple vanish, but OverRun, and Survival to a lesser extent.
Reviewers seem to agree they at least did a serviceable job, with some even celebrating the campaign as new and fresh.
After the COGs spent two games picking apart the Locust Horde -- including sacrificing and sinking their own capital city, Jacinto, to flood the enemy's home -- the leftover humans are grasping at dreams of the past and seeking a way to stay alive. I found myself running from the action with an empty clip, rolling out of the way of fireballs, polyps, and upset "glowies." As the remaining humans scrounge for supplies, the lack of ammo shows the tides are turning from bad to worse.
A lot of what you know from past games still applies here, but the tweaked control scheme, changed rules, and new modes bring some added wrinkles to your tactical cover-based play.
The biggest component here: each chapter is broken into multiple sections, all of which amount to little more than a quick firefight or two.
Special weapons, such as Boomshots, Longshots, Diggers, Sawed-off Shotguns and the like, require special Onyx ammo.
Versus features four modes in all, three of which should be immediately familiar to fans of online shooters: Free-for-All and Team Deathmatch, which are standard for these sorts of games. Each one brings different abilities and loadouts to the mix, though there are a few common elements to be aware of. Points are spent too, so if you spend 1,500 on a Rager you might short-change yourself for the 5,000 you’ll want to spend later on a Corpser.
This is great for advancing into a prime attack position, at which point you’ll want to hit LB to activate Rage mode. Serapedes can also Rear Up, lifting the front portion of its body up and shooting acid spit at enemies and enemy defenses. Obviously, People Can Fly either didn't have time to implement a Horde mode or never intended to port it over from either of the last two "Gears of War" titles. Reality is scavenging for supplies, looking for human survivors (the Stranded), and holing up on the naval vessel Sovereign while sailing through Lambent-infested waters.
Read on for a little primer on surviving in the brave, new world that Judgment puts in front of you. These pickups look like your standard ammo boxes, except they emit a green glow rather than a blue one. The LB skill is a Scan Grenade; throw one out and it marks a sizable area for a brief period of time, revealing the location of any enemy that wanders into its area of effect as a red outline. Combine this with the cooldown-managed Dash ability to rush toward a fortification or attack a point before anyone can draw a bead and dish out the damage. They move quickly and erratically, making them tough to gun down when they focus on evasion. Unlike the campaign Ragers, Rage mode in OverRun only lasts for a brief amount of time, after which you revert to your weaker state.
While humanity's outlook is dire, Gears of War 3 delivers the brightest and most visually appealing experience in the series yet. Once you activate the symbol, text appears on screen that lays out what the mission is, at which point you can either accept or decline. Two teams vie for control of three different objectives, with team point totals climbing more quickly depending on how many of these capture locations are held.
The abilities operate on a cooldown timer which is visible in the top right corner of the screen, just below the ammo count portion of your HUD. Medics have the ability to see when a teammate is injured or downed via a directional icon that appears in the HUD, and operating effectively with this class involves keeping an eye out for those.
Scouts are also able to leap up to sniper roost locations that the other classes can’t access.

Tickers can also access small tunnels that allow them to bypass certain fortifications, so keep an eye out. Their cooldown ability is a Stunning Scream that prevents affected enemies from firing their weapons for a short period of time.
They dish out a lot of damage and soak up just as much, especially when ducked behind their shields.
Success in OverRun and Survival both pretty much require teams to mix things up; you can always tell how many of a given class is spawned already when you land on the class selection screen between spawns.
It’s generally a good idea early on to focus your Tickers in one direction, with the purpose of slowly wearing down enemy defenses on one side of the map to clear the way to the target location. The Spin Shield cooldown ability is tough to contend with as well at close quarters; it effectively insta-gibs any enemy it comes into contact with. As with the other Tier Two Locust, it’s best to send these in behind a main force, moving in only after it becomes possible to capitalize on the chaos that front-line soldiers create. The streets of Hanover, a small town on the coast near Sovereign's position, open up to wide spaces, and the cover is more difficult to come by. Be sure to plan accordingly and start looking for dropped weapons if you’re not happy with what one of these optional missions forces on you. Throw out ammo whenever there’s a lull in the action, but generally think of your Soldiers as front-line infantry forces. Engineers can also call on their special ability to toss out turrets, which are very useful for both defense and drawing away enemy aggro.
Tickers are tier one Locust, which means they cost zero points, but the downside is that they are easy to kill. With Gunkers flinging explosive fireballs across the map, charging to safety is a risk -- and that's assuming you have enough firepower to even take the beast out. Both modes require slightly different approaches, though one truth carries between them: having a team that communicates well is essential. The factions are so fundamentally different that we’ll look at each one separately and consider how to best play them for success.
Prescott's return, the Lambent Leviathan, Adam Fenix's message, zip lines, Cole's Thrashball bombing -- they're early moments in the story, which means we've seen very little of the game's full scope.
They erupt from Lambent Stalks, root-like structures that stretch from the ground and populate the world with enemies. Tiny Polyps jump out of vents and from wounds in larger Lambent -- and while they're easy to take down, their numbers make them a nuisance.
Gears of War 2 set up the Lambent as something to be feared -- even by the Locusts themselves -- and this gravity holds true through the early chapters of Gears of War 3. The variety of enemies makes the game feel fresh, where mainly large-scale set pieces differentiated Gears of War 2 from Gears of War 1.
It's a welcome surprise to happen across familiar enemies deep in the Lambent-heavy act, and adds additional fun to the early experience. The old also becomes new again, as the Locust improvise, like using foraged old weapons from past wars and to build makeshift turrets from Retro Lancers.
The stories converge when the Lambent Leviathan attacks Sovereign and passes under Hanover's bridge.
It's too early to tell how this story trick will play out in the long run, but its early execution felt underwhelming.
While Cole and Baird faced an entirely different level, I already knew where they were headed, which spoiled the surprise of the destination.
For anyone with the right hardware, this visual change looks great at parts -- most notably fireballs soaring at the screen. But hilarity ensued when Anya's chest bulged out of the screen and was soon matched by Marcus's similarly now-ample bosom. Other than that, I noticed some visuals become obscured when smoke spreads across multiple layers of depth (and not just from the already blinding smoke grenades), but overall the mode looks great and should please fans of the tech.
It may be a graphically brighter experience than the first two, but it's the bleakest Gears story yet -- at least, so far.

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