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Tags: Bob, Defense of Family and Self, Doomsday Prepping, Dream Team Zombie Mode, GHB and EDC, guns, pistols, Survival, Survival Prepping, Tactical, tactical and survival. A composting toilet is great for off the grid living and this model works great and is easy to use. Results of my Homemade DIY Solar Panels Research - The results of my recent research about Homemade Solar Panels will save you money and a lot of frustration. 36 DIY Weekend Projects for Preparedness and Survival: Instructions and photos - Have to try these! When your customers want to have fun outdoors but are limited on funds, turn to First Look Approval for your first choice in customer financing. Our outdoor survival gear financing program gives outdoor survival gear companies the ability to sell affordable payments, attract more customers, and grow sales.
Multiple Lenders Are Integrated Into One Platform, Allowing More Approvals For Your Business. Consumers in today's economy are much smarter with how they spend their money, making it important for businesses to adapt and offer alternative payment options.
First Look Approval's website integration options gives businesses the ability to integrate financing options into their online website.
First Look Approval is a consumer finance company that offers a real time decision engine to both brick & mortar and e-commerce merchants, giving them the ability to offer their customers instantaneous financing options. We work with a variety of lenders (major banks, peer to peer lenders and consumer credit companies) to help approve as many customers as possible.
Aside from ongoing support with daily loan applications, our friendly staff can assist you with office training, marketing materials and ideas, and can even teach you how to effectively offer financing to your customers.
Depending on the credit offer that your customer received and opted for, settlement time will vary according to the issuing banks’ practices. As soon as you are up and running, using your login and password, you will be able to access our back office portal and see your transactions in real time.

If your customer delays payment or defaults for financial reasons, the business is not held responsible as long as procedures are followed when processing the transaction.
Most of First Look Approval’s financing programs have a general FICO requirement of 600 and above. Featuring many unique benefits, our financing helps you attract more customers by giving your customers an affordable way to pay for your product. Our Process Is 100% Online, Meaning You Won't Have To Collect Pay Stubs, Bank Statements, or a Photo ID. After all, who do you think the customer's going to be mad at when they are charged excessive interest rates? This allows you to advertise and offer affordable payment plans as an additional payment option online. Several lending programs are integrated into First Look Approval’s loan platform, giving merchants and borrowers alike more options when it comes to customer financing.
If our finance program is implemented as a first look program, you will experience significantly more approvals than a traditional Big Bank option.
Should you choose the light integration option (the basic integration), First Look Approval will send you its marketing icons, buttons and banners. Our amazingly simple online financing platform is integrated with multiple lending programs, giving merchants and borrowers alike more options when it comes to financing. Members who miss easy shots at deer are fined and often spend a season getting gently reminded of their foibles. You can also upgraded it in time with insulation, AC, smoke detectors and anything else you would like. With First Look Approval’s all-electronic approval system, you’ll know within seconds whether your customer is approved for a loan! Our goal is to provide you with an approval for every situation possible so your customer can move forward with their purchase.

You won't find the kind of hand holding support we offer our clients with a similar Big Bank finance program! To learn more about the basic requirements for an approval, please contact us at 888-958-7477. We have a diverse background in customer finance and work hard to educate our clients on how to correctly implement customer financing in their business. Our customer financing provides you with the ability to offer your customers the purchasing power they need to purchase their survival gear today.
For a more comprehensive and interactive solution, you will be required to implement our API (the enhanced integration). With competitive rates and fast payment turnaround times, you're able to carry on business as usual while providing a program that will help you increase sales.
Applications can either be submitted by a member of your staff through the online merchant portal, or customers can apply from home with a variety of borrower application links. After you’ve spoken to someone from our team, you can expect to be enrolled into the program within 5 business days. Our program also features instant credit approvals, meaning you and your customer will know our credit decision within just seconds. You will need to add one POST call to submit the loan request, and implement two postback handlers to receive updates about loan requests and customer address data.
From start to finish, our process to complete loans is fast and easy for both you and your customers.

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