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Casanova's Tip: Pack When Going To The Michigan UP In The United States, To Protect From Black Flies! Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This $89.50 stove also has an internal fan which will run nearly 24 hours on the batteries that creates a forge-like environment in the base of the stove, rapidly producing an intense heat.

This is all very pretty and sounds fun and all that but there doesn’t seem to be such a big eco friendly side here. It is supposed to be light, compact, and easy to store or carry and leaves very low trace residue, creates no garbage and can be used in very cold weather. It supposedly just uses a few (not specified) AA batteries to create a high cooking heat up to 20,000 of BTU – 1,200°F.

It will also apparently burn any dry fuel material such as wood blocks or chips, natural fibers, dry animal dung, cardboard or charcoal.

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