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Chris is a commercial photographer specializing in product, food and architecture photography in Indianapolis Indiana. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.
I’m still running under an “austerity plan” so I’ve been focusing on gathering new survival gear items from the less expensive parts of my survival gear list. Another important item in the Arms category of my survival kit list is a wrist rocket or slingshot.
Lastly, another highly critical piece of survival kit gear from my survival gear list – a fire starter or firesteel. Plus Grandma is a beautiful lady and hopefully I can talk her into letting me take some portraits of her! Its happened to you before and you know charging anything from your cars cigarette lighter with a power inverter. Unfortunately my battery just exploded, so its a laptop that needs constant supply of power..

Plus the hard drive has all of my digital movies on it in case things get really boring and all my work magically gets done. Might as well use it for something if you not using it to pollute the environment and health of everyone around you! A knife and lighter as an example are perfect as together can be used to assist you in producing everything you would need in an urban survival situation. However there are a few negatives I discovered upon my first couple trips up there a while back.. 75% of the blogs I read are all photo related, but do I really need it this weekend for my business? DropBox is great because there is a restore feature incase you are working with a klutz who is always deleting files.. To avoid the sting of some of these negative attributes of visiting Mildred I’m preparing a survival kit.
No, its mostly a comfort item, but just in case I need to link up to my desktop in Indianapolis (Using LogMeIn) to get a client a file, I can.

Plus I got these two as a gift and I don’t feel like paying to have them on my iPad… The Language of God by Francis Collins and Professional Business Practices in Photography from ASMP. I’m in love with The Language of God because it blends Scientific thought with Religious belief, two very fascinating walks of life! Personally I grew up in a house full of science and religion, so I’ve always been on a eager to define with science what Sunday School and the Bible have taught me. I’m a professional freelance photographer, one can never have too much business knowledge!

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