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The survival kit t-shirt supplies American Citizens a pictorial diagram of everything needed to survive this economic crisis.
UK sellers of studded leather armour, crossbows, and spiked desert cars are mystified about the economic downturn everyone else is going on about. The latest reports show that following the Brexit decision on Thursday, sales of survival gear and other items mostly seen in apocalyptic themed science fiction films has increased by over nine thousand percent. The boost in sales is in direct contrast to the recent economic gloom seen by most other sectors in the past five days.

History has proven that societies eventually collapse and when they do their citizens are almost never properly prepared.  However in recent events such as the, economical collapse of Bosnia inthe 1990’s, history has shown us that in times of crisis certain supplies become valueless and other essential supplies become increasingly valuable. Knowing how to patch, repair and sew clothing is a vital survival skill, especially during an economic collapse. Of course weapons will be used to protect you and your loved ones as well as weapons will be used to hunt and gather food.  However, what happens when a weapon breaks? What happens when weapons becomes clogged and dirty?  Weapons cleaning kits as well as reloading supplies will need to be in possession in case ammunition runs short on supply.

As well as these tools will need to be used and practiced as to ensure that personal firearms can be repaired if necessary and additional ammunition can be provided.

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