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Call of Duty titles are built on three pillars: single-player, competitive multiplayer, and something else.
This year, first-time lead developer is introducing its own brand of gameplay for that third part: Exo Survival.
For more on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, check out our impressions of the multiplayer from Gamescom. I was considering picking this up but between MCC and Destiny I won't have time for CoD. I want a survival mode where you get to play as Kevin Spacey trying to escape a manhunt out for him at the end of the campaign after he gets defeated and exposed.
To make things interesting you can have a co-op partner to help make the escape (you get to play a secondary character to Spacey's lead) and have love hate relation ship. I like what I've seen from Sledge but I need a lot more information about game play time and quality before I ever buy another CoD again.

The third leg is different from entry to entry, and has included Spec Ops, Zombies, and most recently Extinction mode. Based on the new trailer, this reminiscent of Modern Warfare 3’s take on wave-based combat. You can also read up on Sledgehammer’s take on the franchise in our June 2014 coverage hub. If your comment doesn't appear right away, please be patient as it may take a few minutes to publish or may require moderation.
Spacey will have a few powerful perks that make him pretty hardy in a fight while all others are trying to take him down (playing as specialized military task force).
I feel they could have had a robot survival mode and have the robots be like the game Binary Domain where there are humanoids and also a lot of other types of enemies. Like KZ3's operations there will be three check points and levels Spacey needs to make it to.

Betray and escapes yourself will net you extra funds and resources to help plan your revenge!! The Advance Warfare is cool but for nostalgic reasons I'd like another WW COD or even Vietnam style. Ammo is sparse but he will have access to all types of suites and machines to lay traps and make an escape . It could be my lil pony for all I care only if there is a pony with Spacey's face on it and his voice I will buy it. Think of it like evolve with Spacey as the monster only its about escaping more than killing for them.

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