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Brian is a big, unassuming guy who is always eager to help you out, answer a question, or discuss a piece of gear. I also noticed his KYDEX holster and belt pouches as well as the unique belt he was carrying his EDC (Every Day Carry) gear on and running in that class. 1.5 inch width (poorly measured by author), note how VELCRO is wrapped around top or face of belt and doesna€™t just stop at the end of the belt. The next criteria I look for in a new piece of EDC gear is how well it conceals in regard to CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) of my handgun and overall personal defense profile.
The final criterion is integration with the rest of my EDC kit; how does it work with my gun holster, magazine pouches, and tertiary gear? Delta Waterfowl Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer Homicide Drops, Gun Ownership Rises, Anti-Gunners Wrong Again Meprolight to Present the Mini-Hunter Lightweight Night Vision Weapon Sight SSSF plans support for ACUI 44th Annual Intercollegiate Clay Target Championships Armscor & Rock Island Armory at the 2012 SHOT Show Big Green Targets Introduces the All New Air Gun Target Happy New Year From Commonwealth Second Amendment NRA Womena€™s Programs Launches Womena€™s Outdoor Adventure BLACKHAWK! I was immediately impressed with his shooting ability and personable yet non-salesman like nature while interacting with other students in the class. If you dona€™t, then you probably dona€™t carry all that often or you dona€™t carry the handgun for extended amounts of time. Brian is extremely proud that this belt is made in the USA with USA made materials and deals directly with other companies to secure these materials himself. This is a measure of quality; not cutting corners to make assured the belt secures properly. The male end is easily removed for fast and simple threading through belt loops and holster loops. This was a concern based on experience with other VELCRO hook and loop belts where the VELCRO started to come off and stitching breaks down under stress or introduced to the elements.

Some belts look tactical in nature, and to a trained eye or astute observer, they can easily identify you as probably someone to take note of.
If you are looking for a lower profile every day carry belt that combines comfort, durability, and functionality, check out the VRI Tactical EDC Belt and let me know what you think. It does not necessarily have to be like the Vietnam era LCE  that I carried while in the Army (pictured right), modern gear will work just fine.
These packs are just an inconspicuous day pack like everyone carries around in the city…the main difference for survivalists is ours have survival gear in them. Other EDC kits might go with you in your car or even to your office but not be on your person at all times (like when you go to the bathroom).
He humbly mentioned how he crafted the holster in his a€?shopa€? the day before the class (apparently no big deal!) but then lit up about the belt since it was his personal design and one of a few T&E models he had prior to full production. For years, and probably even today, there are gun training circles that advocate leather as being the ONLY material a good gun belt should be made out of.
The VRI Tactical EDC Belt loops around the waistline and overlaps itself, securing back to face via VELCRO hook and loops. The longest I have worn the VRI belt is while instructing classes, which from start to finish average 14-16hrs. There are no such issues with the VRI belt, which I have worn in the wet, mud, extreme heat, and humidity. When conducting my every day activities, I rarely want to be noticed by anyone and attempt to be as low profile as possible, infrequently wearing any NRA gear, MDTS gear, or anything that can associate me with the shooting sports or firearms. The VRI Tactical EDC Belta€™s plastic FASTEX buckle makes for an easy switch over, threading through belt loops, holster loops and integration with other gear.

It is a very versatile and tough piece of equipment that will probably last you a lifetime. Well, as with leather holsters, modern technology, materials, and manufacturing has caught up, and leather is taking a back seat to nylon, canvas, and plastic composites as the new industry standard for every day carry gun belts.
Once comfortable, the 1 inch FASTEXA® belt buckle is secured and then drawn tight; this makes for a very secure and comfortable fit. Comfort is my number one priority when choosing any piece of EDC gear, and wearing a piece of kit for extended duration is the ultimate test of comfort. The VRI Tactical EDS Belt is lower profile than other gun belts I own; however, it has drawn attention once or twice while traveling when TSA agents asked me to take the belt off at security. Having used leather, nylon, and composite plastic belts, I can say that they all have their pros and cons. The VRI Tactical EDC Belt is extremely comfortable and does not loosen throughout the day, like some nylon belts do during dynamic movement sometimes associated with gun training, riding in cars for extended periods of travel (6+hrs), or during every day about town chores. It is a carry belt that I wear covered by a shirt or coat, and I have never worn it with a shirt tucked in fearing it will draw undue attention; everyone has their personal preferences.
For example, I cannot and do not wear my Wilderness belt with dress pants; that is where a good leather belt comes into play.
Likewise, I want to keep my leather belt in good shape for formal dress occasions, so I dona€™t wear that in classes or to the range.

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