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I will be using this map for my server, the IP will not be publicly released just yet, but I will give credit in some shack or on the side of a tree.
My Server is a survival games server and i am looking for some maps for my server and i can please use this one?
It really sucks it has empty chests :( I wanted to play the map with my friends but the chests were empty.
Renseignez vous sur les regles, les commandes, les trucs et astuces pour avancer rapidement dans cette aventure! Explorez vos statistiques Survival Games pour vous comparer, vous ameliorer et devenir le plus fort et le plus riche du serveur! Si un joueur venait a se retrouver coince dans un trou ou autre, l’hote ou les hotes sont autorises a tp le joueur hors du trou. Avec cette map aventure, survival vous allez au devant d’une incroyable aventure en multi, bonne chance pour votre survival et que le meilleur gagne.
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If you know that phrase, you’re probably familiar with the Hunger Games series, and this map, The Survival Games, tries to recreate the premise of that. In this map, which is based on the arena from the first movie, you are pitted against 23 other players, and the game is FFA PvP. Because of that, this map is mainly multiplayer, with little to no singleplayer content, although you can still explore the island, find hidden secrets and areas, fall prey to devious traps, and enjoy the recreation! The Survival Games is meant to be played with two or more players, up to 24, and as 1 (or more) hosts.
Chests with items that will help you survive are scattered throughout the map, as are traps and puzzles, but you will find the best gear in the center. The host is allowed to add any weapons or food they may want in the center chests, after the second day has passed.
The host is allowed to spawn zombies, creepers or skeletons after the second day has passed. Should a player for some reason get stuck in a hole or something similar, the host is allowed to teleport the player out.

Vous pouvez aussi rajouter des monstres agressifs, mais cela rendra l’aventure plus difficile. There can be only one victor, but being victorious may require the help of allies, so chose who you trust with care. Before starting the games, every active participant must chose a tube around the center, then once everyone has found their place, the host must flip the switch in the host house.
Dans cette map survival, aventure vous trouverez de nombreux coffres caches, des puzzles et des pieges partout dans la map, mais les meilleurs objets se trouve au centre. It is highly recommended that you turn off mobs while playing the games, although you can spawn some additional for added difficulty.

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