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One thing that the popular multiplayer survival games like DayZ or Rust are lacking is eye candy. The game takes place in 2089 in a world devastated by the Final War (a really nice way to call World War III). There are stories of enclaves here and there, where they’re lucky enough to have plenty of food stockpiled and mutants are thin on the ground or there’s lots of ammunition to throw at them. Having in mind that we’re talking about a pre-alpha trailer and images,, we can be pretty pleased with Miscreated.
The controversial decision to add gender-locked Rust female character models led to an increase in sales of 74%, according to a recent Tweet by Rust game creator Garry Newman. Top MMO news: April 14, 2016 - Rust developer responds to criticism, Blizzard suffers a DDoS attack, and Final Fantasy XIV and Rift receive updates. MMOGames' weekly look at all of the latest Beta, Alpha, and Kickstarter events and news in the MMO industry, with a new post every Friday. A weekly look at all of the latest alpha and beta events going on in the MMO industry updated with a new post every Friday. A look at all the current Alpha, Beta, Early Access, and Kickstarter events going on in the MMO universe right now! Over time, and if you’re successful, your tribe should grow and mature, to the point where you have hierarchies and power structures. The game is being developed in Unity and is expected to see a release on PC, Mac, and Linux.
Eight years ago, CCP Games merged with White Wolf Publishing and the first inkling of the World of Darkness MMO was announced.

It sounds bleak, but according to CCP Games CEO Hilmar Petursson, the game is still chugging along. Petursson also explained that the World of Darkness team is finding inspiration in sandbox survival games like DayZ and Rust. I've never been this most social of gamers, so, while I derived some enjoyment from EVE Online, I never delved into the deeper player corp.
If CCP is can achieve something like that for the World of Darkness setting; that would be an "achievement". The EVE developer remains committed to the project, but sheds a number of staff working on it. USGamer takes a brief look at where CCP's highly ambitious but deeply flawed DUST 514 stands today. Miscreated, by Entrada Interactive, tries to address this issue and deliver gaming of great quality in a niche that’s getting more and more crowded. After half a century of nuclear war combined with bioweapons, nanoweapons, and even kinetic-kill weapons, the world’s population is at just 100 million, with most of the planet being inhabited by mutated monsters resulted from the radiation. Explore the map well as some will be hard to find, and you’ll have to swim to get in some of them. Its use of the Cryengine certainly gives it a boost in the graphics department, but it remains to see if the game can really break out with such a stiff competition – including the upcoming H1Z1 from Sony. Initially it was being developed as a spare time game by Bill Lowe, but by May of this year he and fellow programmer Pal Trefall had decided to team up with Facepunch to take the project forward.
Petursson told Rock, Paper, Shotgun that World of Darkness layoffs were about finding focus in the project, not winding it down.

Both titles are reasonably popular these days and their gameplay isn't that far from the emergent experience found in CCP's EVE Online.
Petursson still says the game will be done when it's done; CCP isn't committing to anything at this point. But this particular game seems to have some really nice things to offer, and not just visually.
It’s a harsh world where individuals have been reduced to cavemen trying to survive by any means they can.
There’s no release date yet, but Facepunch is promising a playable alpha as soon as possible. Five years later in 2011, CCP laid off a number of employees working in its World of Darkness-focused Atlanta, GA office, but said development would continue with "a significantly reduced team." In December of last year, CCP took a look at the project again, cut another 15 employees in a "strategic adjustment", and pushed the game's possible release date back until 2015. The Earth abides, all this too shall pass away, and if Darwin blesses you then you or your kids will inherit what’s left. You’ll be expected to forage and hunt for food, protect yourself from wild animals through combat, and find or build somewhere to live. I'm glad CCP is taking their time with this, although it's always awful to hear about layoffs.

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