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Os traemos la nueva version de los Survival Games para que podais jugarlo con vuestros amigos en LAN o podais usarlo en servidores de Minecraft.
En todo el mapa encontraremos diversos cofres escondidos, aunque los mejores objetos los encontraremos en el centro del mapa, como viene siendo habitual. Los otros jugadores tienen que estar conectados a la misma red que la tuya, o se conectan las compus a travez de cables LAN. MineCrafteo es una web donde podras descargar mods, descargar texturas, descargar mapas, asi como descubrir las ultimas noticias y actualizaciones.
En MineCrafteo te ofrecemos publicaciones de mods, mapas y texturas en espanol, para que puedas disfrutar todavia mas del juego. The Survival Games Map by Team Vareide was one of the most popular Minecraft maps ever made, its competitive nature pushed rival players to the limit to search for resources, craft and build weapons and battle it out against each other! Up to twenty four players can spawn in the allotted tubes at the beginning of the game, one host must operate and control the fun for everyone else by pressing a button to release them!

One one player is allowed to win the Survival games, so you have to battle it out to end against your friends and companions! The Survival Games 2 map provides a large open world, a giant city with many hidden treasures and now with the new ability to spawn in zombies for an even greater challenge! POSITIVES: I personally think that this map is far superior to its first edition, with the new addition of the large open city comes lots of new possibilities!
NEGATIVES: I cannot argue with any features of this map, it is compact and well constructed! First of all, you need to download the Survival Games 2 Map for Minecraft 1.6 and extract the files of the download to your desktop for later use!
Luego depende de si usas hamachi o donde alojes tu server, le tienes que pasar la IP a los que quieran entrar.
The best items are in the chest in the center of the map, however these come at a price as there is a large risk of death!

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. El anfitrion y los demas tienen q tener el forge.Te vas a esc a abrir en Lan y luego y te aparecera la ip de tu red luego dos puntos y 4 numeros. But now that has all changed, with the sequel, ‘The Survival Games 2′, you can explore a giant city and hide and kill like never before! This map provides players with a choice, they can download the first part for a more relaxed setting, or part 2 for a city dwellers dream! If its 3 seconds before starting, you can already run, because if it starts, you are faster at the chests.2.

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