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New York City's list suggests "child care supplies or other special care items." What do you think is included in this vague category? Flashlight - Hand cranked flashlights are best for this task so you don't have to worry about batteries. A prepaid Virgin Mi-Fi card that will let you buy Internet minutes a la carte over Sprint's 3G network. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. Add a small shovel like a, garden hand shovel, small screwdrivers (1 slotted, one cross tip) and a small hammer, nails and screws. If you think a outage is coming, fill large plastic containers (like used for camping) with bath water for flushing toilets or some washing. I also recommend a large battery powered camping lamp for reading when it's too dark for anything else but not late enough to sleep. Yes have an emegency kit for the home, but don't forget that emergencies happen when we travel too. I can't believe matches and a folding knife is not on the list, that is no brainer survival gear.
If you have a large freezer, keeping a very large bag of ice in it will help keep things cold longer in case of an outage. A couple of weeks worth of prescription drugs that you may be dependent on (like insulin for instance and injectors) would be a good addition. A film by Alejandro Zuluaga and Harsha Walia, based on concept by the Downtown Eastside Power of Women Group. A project of the Dominion News Cooperative Site design by Fair Trade Media, hosting by Good Life Vancouver is all about the good life in and around Vancouver and often far beyond! If you only have time and resources to see a half dozen or so films, you must choose wisely. Eric Kohn recently wrote a piece for Indiewire talking about the fact that he skipped the opening film of the Toronto International Film Festival (The Judge starring Robert Downey Jr. The big films have all the power and resources, and can often get eyeballs through sheer onslaught alone. I've been obsessing over big versus little for weeks now, and after a while it starts to seem like it's the only story there is. Big Oil, big government and big money are ranged against us poor wee humans, grinding down little kids, school teachers, raggedy hippies and old folks. In Vancouver, the struggle between big and little is taking place on almost every street corner, with small houses and neighbourhoods disappearing under massive developments that loom like aircraft carriers, bristling with glass and buttressed with marketing blather. You see it most clearly in a VIFF film like Julia Kwan'sA Everything Will Be, which examines the rapid destruction of Vancouver's Chinatown. It is a deeply elegiac film, especially for those of us who grew up in Vancouver and have watched it change, piece by piece. The best thing about a big festival is finding a film that you can feel is your own personal discovery, a humble, human masterpiece. One day in 1949, a poacher setting traps in the woods discovers Anna trying to drown herself in the river.
The slippery protean nature of animation is the perfect medium for her story, as it winds and twists and suddenly blooms with images both cute and disturbing.
After a time, the yearning for the sweet release of death takes on physical form, becoming a large-eared grinning succubus that lives in the river and beckons every time she hauls water for cows and kids. Standing in line at the grocery store, buying brown rice, chicken thighs and a pineapple, she feels the gentle prick inside that signals the beginning of a period of mental illness. While it's true that some films need to be writ large, humble, fallible, fucked-up people in all their flabby, shabby particularity will always fascinate, no matter what. When subscribing to a newsletter edition you'll also get early notice on Tyee events, news, promotions, partner messages and special initiatives. Further to the provision of the Personal Information Protection Act, personal information is kept confidential by and will not be sold, traded, released, shared or distributed to any other individuals, organizations or agencies without prior consent or notification. Measures have been enacted to ensure the integrity of personal information and to protect it from misuse, loss or alteration.
WITH Europe reeling from a series of terror attacks, the organisers of the world’s biggest folk festival are not leaving anything to chance. FROM the first ever computer to Cleopatra’s lost city, these are some of the strangest things explorers have found at the bottom of the ocean. TV NEWS presenter Taylor Terrell fell about 48 metres to her death after she was swept over the top of a waterfall.

IN THE remote islands off Canada's east coast, I was given an old rule of survival: If you get lost in the forest, follow the bear tracks and eat what the bears eat, except skunk cabbage. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, my mother was always on the ball in this area with a well-stocked emergency kit. The card costs $99 but you don't need to buy a monthly plan so if you need emergency Internet access, you could purchase it as you need it. Your doctor may write you a special additional prescription to get you an additional small suppply that you can then rotate with your regular prescription to maintain freshness of the drugs. This is a not-for-profit production that is available for free distribution under creative commons license. Me llamo Stasha Djurdjic y soy licenciada en Periodismo y Comunicación en la Universidad de Belgrado.
They leap out at you from every billboard, follow you around the Internet, and coat the entire sides of moving buses.
For starters, you can't go too wrong with anything from the Cannes Film Festival, the Dardenne Brothers, or Godard.
All that the little guy, or little film, has is the power of its story, originality, and for want of a better word, authenticity.
The ridiculously brilliant Andrew Nikiforuk, writing one of the best pieces I've read about the Ebola outbreak right here in the Tyee, summed up the current state of the world in one perfect paragraph. And still they keep coming, endless Borg-like buildings, squashing pipsqueak mom and pop establishments in their wake.
As elderly shopkeepers watch from their windows, buildings are torn down in quick succession, replaced by new condominiums or art galleries for the extremely wealthy, men who can afford to hold onto a piece of the past like it is a possession. But there's also a weird feeling of passivity that suffuses the film; no one seems very angry, nor apt to fight back.
Unfortunately, she had forgotten to stuff rocks in her pocket and had bobbed to the surface. We all have deeply personal experiences that we don't discuss, but we feel them, and when we externalize them, they become stories and most likely they become really removed from the original inner experience. The effect is disarming, and insinuates itself into your heart and your mind, rendering normal defences useless. I then set about watching the many short films she's made, most of which are so honest and raw you may spit milk out of your nose while watching them.
As much a cultural history of Latvia as a familial one, Baumane's film kicks off with her beautiful and ambitious grandmother Anna, dreaming of being the first person in her family to go to school. Of Anna's surviving children, most go on to success and solid careers, kept afloat by their mother's iron will. For the next six weeks, she is hollowed out by a razor-edged balloon of pain so intense that the only thing that promises relief is the idea of hanging herself. Off the top of my head, I recommendA Sacro GRA, an insanely long but weirdly rewarding film about a neighbourhood in Rome. All information submitted to The Tyee is only available to employees or sub-contractors who are bound by agreement with The Tyee to keep the information private.
See the creepy photos from inside Disney’s abandoned River Country theme park in Florida, USA. Your municipality may have its own suggestions but in the meantime, I thought we could exchange ideas.
The tragic story of Cnet editor James Kim is an example of how your family's survival depends on preparedness. Even some small ice bags will help in your frig if you can do it ahead of time, and try not to open the frig or freezer doors any more than necessary. The exception would be if you lived in the a very rural area where you may need to protect yourself from animals.
At first glance it can seem a bit overwhelming, even for those of us who work in the festival world and are familiar with the titles on offer, having seen, or read, or heard tell of them for a while. His essential point is summed up in the final paragraph of his article: a€?Although TIFF showcases all kinds of movies, the innumerable distributors in town have different agendas.
You know it when you see it: the sting in the tip of your nose and the glissando slide up your vertebra. Signe Baumane's deeply personal film Rocks in My Pockets uses daffy and often beautiful animation to tell the long twisting tale of mental illness and depression in her family, beginning with the story of her grandmother Anna.
Cut forward many years later to her granddaughter (Baumane herself) thinking through her own plan for self-annihilation, from coating the surface of a noose with soap to cut down on friction, to wearing an adult diaper in order to spare whomever discovers her dead body the work of cleaning up poo and pee. This may sound grim, but Baumane's filmmaking is so blunt and forthright that it dispels fear and shame and leaves only understanding and acceptance.

E-mail addresses are only used for the purposes of Tyee-related correspondence or comment moderation. I have a friend that grew up in Alaska so yes you may need one there but not most other places.Really? Do you spend hours reading film reviews and festival reports, and then choose a few select titles? If you watch a lot of films, especially those that deal with difficult matters, you need to pay attention. The bragging rights of seeing a film before anyone else aren't what they used to be in this era of VOD and Edward Teach levels of piracy.
It takes courage to look at the most damaged and difficult parts of yourself and tell the truth about them, but that is exactly what this film does. It's a lot of fun, and any fan of crazy old ladies and orange eyelashes will be utterly charmed. Or, rather, I walked twenty paces to a view of Mt Tekarra and The Whistlers, which from the bank were framed by exposed tree roots.The next morning I did what everyone did and has done for the past 100 years, and made my way to Maligne Lake to see Spirit Island, an emblem of the area's natural beauty. You see them in Banff as well, which - like Lake Louise - modelled its early tourism on an Alpine template - a fairytale Banff Springs Hotel, gondolas, skiing, and remedial springs. Many of the same items for a home e-kit will suffice, but other items are necessary for road warriors. I am pretty sure someone that is familiar with firearms and trained in firearm safety is not likely to be killed by his own gun. Or do you go full throttle, take your holidays, pack a pillow and a brown-bag lunch and disappear into the dark of the theatres for two weeks? Suffering and sadness should not be sloughed off like so much dead skin so that you can get to your next six screenings. Reese Witherspoon's new film Wild will no doubt be released in commercial theatres, so don't feel badly if you miss it at VIFF.
If you're not a prude, and who is these days (good old-fashioned prudery is hard to find), go and watch them. So begins the long and winding road towards failed hopes, remaindered dreams and the failure of love. Baumane herself finds the means to combat this ticking time bomb of genetic heritage in her own inimitable way.
Large-scale, 3D presentations like Cathedrals of Culture or Goodbye to Language 3D also deserve to be seen on the big screen.
This now-short journey once took a couple of days, and on arrival at the lake guests were greeted with high tea, an institution now revived in the refurbished Maligne Lake Chalet. There are hardcore folks who are willing to do just that, and bless their cantankerous little heads. Abandoned by their families, Anna and Indoless move deep into the forest where they produce eight children.
I think it deserved wider recognition, perhaps even as far as Banff Centre, a campus on a hill a little to the side, both in mood and location, of the main part of town. In an emergency situation in a city I think you will be more likely to need to defend your property from looters than animals in a rural setting.
Pick a human amount of films to watch and give your old self some time to wander outside occasionally. Successive waves of occupying soldiers, Russians and Germans cause endless amounts of suffering, but through it all Anna hauls water (40 buckets per day), raises rabbits for food, feeds and clothes her hungry kids, and has sex with her husband every night.
There weren't many hikers there, but the centre attracts artists from the world over, and perhaps that's why I found my best coffee there.
Eat real food, talk to your friends and family, or even the person standing behind you in the bathroom queue. The history of creativity owes a lot to caffeine.The view of the Rockies from the cafe was also, in its way, one of the most interesting I'd come across.
The centre has sponsored a modern architectural response to the mountains, and it strikes as one of the few places that was fully liberated from Alberta's log cabin inheritance.But if I'd strayed off the bear trail, it wasn't for long.
It served elk sausages, no less, which like so much in Alberta were somehow forested in flavour.

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