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Over the past few days I’ve been sharing pictures of the progress in The Great South Florida Food Forest Project. Today we’ll wrap up with a few more bits and pieces, plus take a look at the two new trees we added to the mix to replace the few that have died. Thanks to the many logs we dropped on the ground back there and used to line the paths, there are mushrooms and fungi everywhere. And, finally – here are the two new trees we added.Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! In June I’ll be visiting the food forest again and will try to bring back a new video tour like the one I did back in October of 2013. If you’re ready to start your own Florida food forest, I recommend you pick up a copy of my booklet Create Your Own Florida Food Forest and get started! Support this site – buy David’s book Create Your Own Florida Food Forest on Amazon! One of the interesting things about creating a food forest and then not visiting it for over a year is that you get to see it progress or devolve in jumps. To the left of the main food forest is the perennial salad garden I created a couple of years ago. As does the Natal plum out front:Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! If I had to guess right now, I’d say that this South Florida food forest project is already yielding about 300-400lbs of food every year, mostly thanks to the starfruit, the mangoes and the acerola cherry.
That means that without regular applications of new mulch, along with regular irrigation, some plants will struggle or die. This food forest is low on nitrogen fixers and chop-and-drop plants (you’ll find a lot more info on species and ways to ensure your food forest survives in my Create Your Own Florida Food Forest book). Other plants, like the Jabuticaba, the fig, the canistel, the papayas and the Monstera are hanging on but not thriving.
My parents (who own this food forest) asked me what I would recommend for keeping things happy and growing. Dad put a bunch of rabbit manure around the bases of all the trees this week after I left and watered them all really well. Many of the trees and plants are also draped in strands of silk, though I didn’t see any spiders, mites or caterpillars. I think the manure and extra water will get things going again – but I definitely need to start planning in more nitrogen-fixers and edible groundcovers along with a more robust vine layer.
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I haven’t been able to visit The Great South Florida Food Forest Project for over a year.
And here it is now:Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! Chocolate pudding fruit, also known as black sapote, are incredibly delicious members of the persimmon family. Tomorrow I’ll take a look at some of the failures in the south Florida food forest project – stay tuned!

This last week my mom sent up a box of them from The Great South Florida Food Forest Project. There’s a lot going on in there and the native wildflowers have taken a liking to the undergrowth. Again, here’s a view from another angle of the back food forest – how many species can you spot?Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter!
Beyond the tamarind, the jackfruit, pigeon peas, and the tropical almond I mentioned planting in my last post, we also put in a fig and a couple of surinam cherries, plus a naranjilla, some cannas, a lobster-claw heliconia (just because) and another yam. One new development in The Great South Florida Food Forest Project that Mom was particularly impressed by was the appearance of our very first cluster of bananas. I just got back from a week-long visit to South Florida… and that means it’s time for another update on the Great South Florida Food Forest Project! At My Food Storage, we know the value of a healthy, great-tasting food supply, and the importance of peace of mind.
Order today from the most trusted Food Storage Company in South Carolina, and we will ship out tomorrow.
Enter the ammount of adults and children you need to fee in the fields below to let us help you find the food storage solution that's right for your needs and your budget. Survival Cave Canned Meat is the highest quality meat out and has no added water or broth so you know you are only getting 100% meat! Jamaican cherries, blueberries, mulberries, strawberries, figs, kumquats, Simpson stoppers, beauty berries… the list just keeps going.
Dad will be cutting and planting the stems here and there so we have more for mulch in the future. A couple of years ago Dad and I weeded out the asparagus fern from around its base and planted that salad garden. It used to look really sad until we took out the asparagus fern and gave it a new lease on life. There are no sweet potatoes or other edible groundcover so the weeds have taken over, along with a weird variety of ornamental landscape plants that wandered in along with some of of loads of yard debris from the neighbors. Rachel took a bunch of pictures which I’ll be sharing with you over the next few days.
Bees, wasps, butterflies, birds and reptiles have moved in rapidly and are enjoying the slice of paradise.
What an adorable little invasive!Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! Success!Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! We can either mix the cases of meat evenly so you get a wide selection, or you can select exactly how many of each type of case you want. Write the number of cases for each type of meat you would like, adding up to 56, or simply write that you want an even assortment of cases. Due to these shortages, we are actually seeing increased demand for our beef products, which is putting a drain on our supply.

The natural juices of the meat are in the can, but nothing is added, these meats are all natural.
They are low in sodium and low in fat, which makes them healthy and great to eat every day!All meats are USDA inspected and approved, and they are all from the U.S.! We offer the best tasting food storage with the highest quality, lowest price, and a 25 year shelf life. In each case you will find 12 cans, each holding 14.5 oz of meat, or you can upgrade to 28oz cans and get almost twice as much meat for only 27 dollars more! If discussion generates more than a few emails daily your subscription will be paused automatically.
We gave them moisture and lots of organic matter… and they wriggled their way right into the ecosystem.
I’ve planted pigeon peas before, only to find out later that none of them germinated. The original layers of organic matter we laid down have mostly disappeared into the ground and been covered by a mess of weeds. Fresh starfruit is exploding with juice and has a sweet-tart tropical goodness that’s very refreshing.
The tree I hoped to put in its place was a tamarind – but then I read that tamarind trees will create a shade issue and tend to kill off things beneath them. Dad has been piling on organic matter and the difference in soil inside the food forest plot is astounding.
Not to mention the fastest food storage delivery around, shipping free to all South Carolina residents for purchases over $87. Canned meat is extremely important to add to your food storage because it will greatly compliment the freeze dried food, or any other food, that you may already have stored.
I really enjoy them with breakfast.Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! The sight of the semi-translucent fruit hanging like Chinese lanterns in the tropical sun was transcendently beautiful. 12 - 15 years is a general shelf life, but after that, they are still accepted to be good and healthy for another 30 years by many people! The canned meat will give you the extra proteins and nutrients that you will need every day to preform your daily tasks in an emergency. We’re going to have to figure out how to control those or get the trees to outpace them.Get my FREE booklet Stretch & Grow Your Compost - click here to subscribe to the newsletter! You could probably start an ornamental nursery with the cuttings from this patch of un-mown jungle.

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