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This homemade energy bar recipe is chock full of goodies and will sustain even the most exhausted trekker through the trip home.
When the day that we’ve always been afraid of comes, those who have prepared will have a greater chance of surviving. Fruits and vegetables give you the essential vitamins to keep you healthy, aside from tasting great.
This should be on the list because in addition to being delicious, meats provide the proteins to keep you strong. Most cheeses can spoil in a short period but you can go for cheese spread, canned cheddar or dehydrated cheese to enjoy your favorite food even in crisis situations. The fact that it’s a superfood should be enough to convince you to eat these chia bars. There’s nothing like the aroma and taste of coffee to perk you up in the morning, even rough times. Crackers may not be that desirable but when this is all that’s left in the aftermath, they will definitely be palatable. Fruits could be hard to come by after a disaster so it’s best to store the dried variety.
Considering the physical exertion needed in survival situations, energy bars should be in your food storage list. Even if they cannot be enjoyed by themselves, these ingredients help you cook up delicious meals. Food Storage and Survival – Make Your Own Homemade Survival Bars –Improved Recipe! After I had pressed the dough in by hand, I used a tortilla roller (mine is just a piece of 1″ dowel) to even it out and press it in more firmly.

Rolling it with a tortilla roller makes it stick better and be nice and flat all the way to the edges. To dehydrate the bars, carefully pull the bars out of the pan using the parchment paper, separate, and place on dehydrator trays.  Dehydrate at 145 degrees for 4-6 hours until thoroughly dry. The heat does help these stick together better, so baking gives a nicer result than dehydrating.
Pack them up.  When they are thoroughly dry and completely cool, pack them into a zip seal bag, FoodSaver bag, Mylar bag, or wrap in foil. Approximately 2000 calories per batch, easy to make, and now easier to eat, these bars are perfect for your emergency kits! Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article. Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites!
As we prepare for our QRP Expedition (trial-run), we need to prepare some food and healthy snacks for the trail. Prepare an aluminium baking tin, by inserting baking paper into the tin so that the entire tin is protected. Your Granola bars are only as good as the ingredients you use to make them, so use your best judgement when choosing what you put inside your body.
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Wrap them individually and make extras for tucking into BOB (Bug Out Bags) or GHB (Get Home Bags) backpacks.

It is easy to make your own with lemon or orange peels by cutting them up into small pieces and drying in a dehydrator and then grinding them up with a coffee grinder. Cookies are great survival foods because of their long shelf life, if you can leave it alone. They provide light weight, low cost calories for the trail when the body (during excursions) is itself, expending an abnormal amount of calories, carrying your gear and moving you through the back country. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. They are also a bit short in the calorie department, but are excellent in protein, over half of the B vitamins, and excellent in the minerals category.
As commercial food producers are increasingly using poor quality and genetically modified ingredients in our consumables, it’s important for us to stop buying pre-packaged crap, and take responsibility for what goes in our bodies on the trail, during expeditions, and in everyday life! There are lots of companies that sell survival food kits but just looking at the packages makes you lose your appetite. We have put together a list of delicious survival foods that provide the body’s required nutrients and make life just a bit more bearable at the same time.
These will store for a long time if they are cooked until quite dry, and are excellent for emergency packs, etc.

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