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SpongeBob and Sandy getting 'married.' SpongeBob has often considered Sandy as one of his friends. When SpongeBob first met Sandy in Tea at the Treedome, he wanted to be with her all day despite that he did not know the meaning of air. SpongeBob may seem to have a crush on Sandy and vice versa, noted by hints in a few episodes.
It's very rare for Patrick to visit Sandy without SpongeBob (and extremely rare for anyone else to), but SpongeBob visits Sandy without Patrick all the time. Sandy's not as close to Patrick as she is SpongeBob because she is annoyed with his stupidity.
Science - Sandy uses SpongeBob as a test monkey for her inventions, in Perfect Chemistry, Sandy did not call SpongeBob "lab partner" until the end. Hanging out at Goo Lagoon - In Season 1, they hang out at Goo Lagoon such as in Ripped Pants and MuscleBob BuffPants. SpongeBob felt embarrassed when he ripped his pants, but when this instantly made him a comedic star, he thought he could rip his pants to get good laughs and impress Sandy. Everyone including Sandy deserted him, but SpongeBob sang a song to make up for his mistake. SpongeBob wanted to impress Sandy by catching aliens by saying: "But won't she feel silly when I catch her a real live alien? When Flying Dutchman comes to steal SpongeBob's soul, Sandy screams "SpongeBob" and seems the most worried about him. SpongeBob bought Anchor Arms to make himself look muscular, wanting to impress Sandy and everyone else. In the Krusty Krab SpongeBob imagines a fish as Sandy (sneaking up to fight him) and winks at him, he looked flustered. They are the only ones who were involved with a plan (giving Patrick a great Valentine's Day surprise).
Sandy beats Patrick up, but before she tries to beat up SpongeBob she says "Y'all better take back what chya said!" (trying to give him another chance) to which SpongeBob responds "Nooo!" and keeps running, forcing her to attack him.
She secretly installed something into his bed, that launches him straight to her at the press of a button.
Sandy was so worried about SpongeBob's disappearance that she put everyone in town into a search party and destroyed several buildings to look for him. When he's nervious, at the beginning, he keeps looking in the direction of Sandy (and Patrick, who's sitting at the same table).

Sandy was upset that SpongeBob made fun of her species, and asked him to stop (instead of immediately getting angry and beating him up). When SpongeBob looks out the window, he imagines everyone having the MOST FUN EVER without him. When SpongeBob injures himself, Sandy calls an ambulance, despite SpongeBob only having minor injuries.
SpongeBob goes to Sandy first when Squidward gets hurt, and then guards her submarine for her. SpongeBob acts like a jerk to her when he became "King of Karate," but despite the fact that Sandy was annoyed by SpongeBob's bragging, she went to rescue him. In the morning, when Sandy visits and SpongeBob wanted to tell Sandy what he looked on his new wig, causing SpongeBob to blush. Sandy was the only one who did not make fun of SpongeBob, and when SpongeBob flew his wig, Sandy politely accompanies him.
SpongeBob has a fit when Sandy is away, and then decides to throw a welcome back party for her.
Sandy was only worried about if it hurt SpongeBob when she used them all as weapons (even though he said it tickles). Sandy has a crying fit after finding out that SpongeBob was missing, and then creates a device to find him.
Sandy had the least amount of reasoning to find SpongeBob, and yet she seemed the most worried. In a deleted scene SpongeBob says " It doesn't have to be (a play)" hinting that he does like Sandy, but she slaps him in return.
SpongeBob wanted Sandy to call him "lab partner" but ends up annoying Sandy, making SpongeBob upset. While arriving at the Chum Bucket, Sandy called Plankton "lab partner", making SpongeBob jealous and upset, leaving the Chum Bucket. In the end, Sandy finally called SpongeBob lab partner when she foiled Plankton's plan, making SpongeBob overjoyed.
Even though SpongeBob couldn't reveal the formula, he was willing to show her the 'ins and outs' of making a Krabby Patty.
SpongeBob acts impressionistic towards the Sandy Robot when he told it the temperature for grilling.
While going through the list of responsibilities, Sandy comments on how well SpongeBob is paying attention then SpongeBob returns the compliment causing Sandy to blush while thanking him. On screen, the fourth season finale of "The Walking Dead" was all coiled tension as our zombie apocalypse survivors made their way to the not-so-safe haven of Terminus.

Off screen, however, everything was laughs and fun as these behind-the-scenes shots show the cast goofing off, taking selfies and generally having the best time possible on the grimmest show possible.
And though these aren't plot specific, please note that they are spoiler heavy for certain parts of the episode, so be warned. Who needs slashfic, when we have Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Scott Wilson in real life? Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Scott Wilson hear no evil, see no evil, and, um, also hear no evil.
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Though some fans believe that SpongeBob and Sandy have something involving going on dates (& crushes).
This worked until SpongeBob pretended to drown, making Sandy (and the rest of the beach) angry because they thought he had died. Krabs found them in the park, SpongeBob chose being allowed to do karate with Sandy over his job, saying "I guess you'll just have to fire me, Mr.
One of the things he imagines is Patrick rubbing suntan lotion on a seemingly hypnotized or stuffed Sandy. He was the only one who was concerned about Sandy's safety and made several attempts to make her retreat. This is the episode that most likely hints at a possible relationship between SpongeBob and Sandy.
If the player clicks on it, SpongeBob SquarePants says, "Sandy Cheeks, looking at her makes me smile," hinting at a possible romantic connection between the two. In some episodes, SpongeBob tries to sneak up on Sandy to win, but SpongeBob's plan backfired. But despite that he was slowly drying out, he stayed at Sandy's home so he would not hurt her feelings. Krabs or Patrick had remembered the events of this supposed 'flashback', even though they were in it.

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