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The Zombie PX sells knives, compasses, camping supplies and freeze-dried and can-cooked food that can last 20-plus years. The Survival Stores large survival kit isn't your commonal graden survival tin with all those relatively sub standard bits of kit in it. An ESEE AH1 Arrowhead - this not only makes a great small knife it is invaluable for hunting.
US GSA Compliant 550 Paracord - None of your Mickey Mouse nonsense this is the genuine gear straight from the USA and a real bonus for strong shelter making. An Ultimate Survival Strike Force Firesteel - UST make some the best quality gear in the World and have proved to be tough and versatile. Care Plus Hand gel - Not only is this stuff great for hygene it is highly flammable making a great firelighting aid. Waterproof Matchbox - Fill it with strike anywhere matches and you will have no trouble firelighting.
UST Starflash Signal Mirror - A heliograph is a piece of kit that is seriously under estimated. Fishing Kit - A top qaulity kit that contains all sorts of quality products from very realistic lures to weight & floats. A Smiths Pocket Pal sharpener - Light and compact it is a great addition, a blunt knife is as useful as a chocolate teapot. A Silva Watchband Compass - Always useful but not really for navigation as the general rule it is better to stay put, but useful for mapping your surrounding area. A Nextorch K1 Compact Flashlight - Small, well built and bright, everything you need from a torch.
With multiple zombie cannibal attacks happing in this country and across the world, people are starting to take the “Zombie Apocalypse” seriously. Some enterprising retailers are setting up special sections in their stores to help people stock up the supplies they need to defend themselves against hungry flesh-eating zombies.

One company in particular has taken the zombie bullets to another level and the promise that their bullets will make the dead permanent! Explosive Hornady® performance comes in every Z-Max™ bullet specifically designed to vaporize zombie varmints. Combined with AMP™ jacket technology, the Z-Max™ bullet is built to…MAKE DEAD PERMANENT! Hornady, the manufacterer of the Z-Max Zombie Bullets, even made a video about the bullets and their effectiveness. Condor Sentinel Tactical Cargo Pants$38.57For the same wear and tear you go through each day. Cody Lundin is a premier survival expert whose expertise is exemplified anywhere BUT his hit show "Dual Survival". Read about other people's personal experiences and opinions about the gear you want before making the decision of putting your life on the line with a particular item.
Designed to support two full-sized adult individuals for as long as 3 days, this kit still maintains portability and readiness. For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. This the real deal with relly useful bits of kit that you really will use in any survival situation. We will NOT simply change everything for low quality products it will simply allow us to substitute an item if it happens to be out of stock.
We consulted with military personnel and medical professionals to help construct a kit soldiers could rely on in a variety of medical situations.
This gas mask was designed to protect the wearer from nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

Some medical experts recommend not attempting to suck venom from a bite due to other potential side effects and uncertainty of effectiveness. There are many tools that you can bring, but some are just more important than others, and weight is limited.
This article features the real deal tools and gear that Cody himself recommends for a true survival situation. Everyone should understand map and compass reading basics, you never know when this skill can save your life, or help you win the next big orienteering competition!
With double the nutritional provision of the 1 Person 3 Day Kit, blankets and lightsticks for two, and even more comprehensive first aid, the 2 Person kit is the premier kit for small household survival. That being said, these are the super thin Mylar Blankets of old: they are very lightweight, thin and fold up to about the size of a deck of cards. We will always replace it with the equivilent value or better quality product and not trade it down.
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Designed to be used as an emergency survival filter or simply use it as a basic straw for filtering your tap water.This is a best filter straw on the market. I've personally filled many packs in my day trying to find the best fit with the most gear. We show you why Gerber Legendary Blades should be one of your top choices for your Survival Knife, Machete, Saw, Axe, and much more.
Most filter straws on the market are only certified to remove Giardia but the ProSip removes Giardia as well as many other bacteria and contaminants.

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