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The goal of Conservation Education is to a€?increase the level of public committment to wildlife and fisheries conservationa€?. This course is a Provincial requirement for all first time hunter’s in Alberta and as such complete certification is required with an 80% pass mark on the final exam.
This online course may be taken from any internet enabled computer and can be paused and returned to at any time.
Also available with this version of the program is a manual that will be mailed via Canada Post to you after the purchase. Working together, our organizations can have a positive impact on the future of hunting, fishing and habitat. AHEIA continues to do positive and pro-active work bringing on the next generation of Conservationists. It looks like your browser doesn’t support Javascript, or JavaScript is currently turned off. The 10 Rules of Safety are a part of Horizon North’s continued commitment to create a safe work environment for our employees.  The Rules of Safety lay the foundation to achieving zero serious incidents.
The Rules of Safety were created from our collective knowledge, key risks and expectations of our clients and are expected to be shared across Horizon North’s businesses and operations.
Stop any work or task they consider unsafe to themselves or to the safety of other workers, the public, the environment or Company property.
Energy Isolation minimizes the risks associated with any accidental or unexpected start-up of machinery or plant, movement of materials during services or any other interaction or contact with or exposure to hazardous energy. Many workers in our industry are killed or suffer serious injuries when working at heights. A fixed platform with guard or hand rails is used where practicable and verified by a competent person(s). A confined space means a restricted space which may become hazardous to a worker entering it because of an atmosphere that is or may be injurious by reason of oxygen deficiency or enrichment, flammability, explosively, or toxicity.

A restricted space means an enclosed or partially enclosed space, not designed or intended for continuous human occupancy that has a restricted, limited or impeded means of entry or exit because of its construction. A standby person(s) is in place at all times to raise the alarm – they shall not attempt a rescue.
Workers must use proper lifting and handling methods to protect themselves and others from injury and to make the job easier and, most important, safer. Driving is the major cause of accidents at HNL and has potential for serious injury and death.
Driving at or below maximum allowable speed for the road as indicated by road signs, and adjusting speed to the prevailing conditions. Horizon North strictly prohibits the possession or use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other substances that can affect an employee’s senses or responses while on the job. The Company maintains the rights to conduct searches of Company property as circumstances dictate.
Journey Management is the process of implementing and exercising controls to minimize road transport related risks and reduce exposures to people and equipment involved in work-related driving. Journey Notification and Authorization: a designated contact must be notified of the travel plan and be provided with the time of departure and ETA. Established in 1974 the Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre For Excellence is designed to provide Wildlife Conservation Education students with an opportunity to experience hands on involvement in programs that introduce them to the outdoors and outdoor skills. Maddie was a beloved Miniature Schnauzer whose unconditional love, devotion, loyalty and spirit inspired her caregivers to start a charitable foundation, Maddie's Fundfuturistic plans and designsfuturistic military devicesfuturistic backgroundsfuturistic rpg with gunsfuturistic travel rocketsfuturistic input devices for militaryfuturistic flying paper modelfree futuristic sound effectsfuturistic screensaversbooks about futuristic house designsfuturistic armor technologiesfuturistic crafts for kidsassociates futuristic townhomes withfuturistic space craft picturesfuturistic bike clothingnames for futuristic societiesfree futuristic computer sound effectsfuturistic dance costumes photos for boyspictures of futuristic housesskecths of futuristic water craft®, in her name. The lives of seventeen shelter dogs were spared when a test for canine distemper virus at Maddie's ® Lab showed the dogs had protective antibodies. And watch our new videos featuring two of the nation's most respected shelter medicine experts.
We are proud to provide education services for Conservation Education, Youth Programs and Firearms Safety.

Hunter Education is a vital contributor to wise conservation practices today, tomorrow and the future.
Congratulations to the Alberta Hunter Education Instructorsa€™ Association Volunteers and keep up the great work! Using your current browser or leaving JavaScript disabled may prevent you from accessing some features on our website. Having clear direction and instruction about occupational safety, the Rules of Safety apply job performance standards and workplace rules in a fair and consistent manner to all employees. We expect everyone who works for Horizon North and our sub-contractors, to read, learn and follow these basic rules without exception.  Non-compliance of these rules in the past has resulted in severe injury and death in our industry. These incidents are often easily preventable, and many times, they happen because of a lack of planning, training, or the use of inappropriate equipment. This is largely due to the unique risks associated with the remoteness of location and the high potential for total destruction of the facility. You must view the slide modules for the required amount of time before being permitted to move onto the next module and complete the course. An upgrade is not required, but is strongly recommended to improve your browsing experience on our website. By providing these Rules of Safety and strictly enforcing them, we will minimize the potential for serious injury in the work place.
This definitely makes fire prevention and early warning a top priority in Horizon North’s operations.

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