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As a southern Chigger magnet, the fact that smoke drives these tiny biting mites out of debris shelters is reason enough to make fire my #1 wilderness survival resource in the South. For this reason, and the chigger thing, your Next Fire kit should contain at least three different ignition sources to help you build a sustainable fire. Depending purely on primitive combustion methods like a bow or hand drill is reserved for primitive living experts or backyard bushcraft practice sessions. Failure is always an option with friction fires.
Submerge a Bic and it can be back in service within a minute or so by blowing the moisture off the tiny ferro rod striker.
It’s difficult to monitor the fuel level unless the housing is clear like the cheaper, rectangular lighters. Scraped with a sharp flint shard, broken glass, or a 90? knife spine, 1,500? F to 3,000? F sparks spontaneously combust to ignite tinder material.
This primitive method may seem outdated or useless by some but I include it in my Next Fire kit because options in fire craft make us anti-fragile. That same rock can be used on the spine of a high carbon steel knife to ignite charred material.
With the exception of the magnifying lens and flint and steel, the other devices mentioned are modern. No matter how you construct your pyre, these common denominators must be present for a fire to grow. Mistakes I’ve made and seen others make when practicing fire craft, even with open flame ignition sources, were more times than not due to poor preparation and taking short cuts. Like food, tinder varies by locale. Your job is to spend time Doing the Stuff to test different plant tinder and find the best local breakfast to feed your fire.
Plant tinder, when processed or broken down to create surface area, will accept a spark or small open flame from a match or lighter to produce fire. White fluffy stuff – cattail heads, dandelion clock, and Bull thistle gone to seed are a few flash tinder that flame up quickly and should be added to other substantial tinder material for longer burn times. American Beech leaves die and hang around on branches well into spring just before new growth appears offering months of easy-to-reach seasonal tinder material.
Pine needles – dead pine needles crushed and rolled (processed) in your hands will create nice bundles of tinder material.
Dry grasses (flash tinder) – I like to use broom sedge to form a tennis racquet shape with a handle to hold my finest tinder material.
Black Sooty Mold – I first discovered this fire extender on American Beech trees and found it will take a spark from ferro rods and produces an ember via solar ignition. Nothing is more discouraging than watching your fire consume all its tinder and not eat the next meal… kindling.
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Altoids tins are a staple in many tinker’s workshops, the sturdy little metal box is a great container for all sorts of projects.
The Art of Manliness shares a great collection of 22 hand-picked Altoid tin projects including a survival kit, a fishing box, a fireball shooter, and an electronics kit, among other great projects. Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. DID YOU KNOW?OJ Simpson was suggested for the lead role of the Terminator, but James Cameron rejected the idea on the grounds that the audience would be unable to see Simpson as a killer. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Use the form below to delete this Survivalcraft Demo Android Apps On Google Play image from our index.
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Use the form below to delete this Minecraft How To Make An Awesome Bedroom Design YouTube image from our index. Material for Bushcraft knife making can easily be found at scrap metal yards all over the place pictured here are some discarded lawn mower blades that work great for knifemaking the metal is though and durable and easy to soften so it can be worked and shaped then profiled and ground and even hollow ground then polished and heat treated. To give you an idea of what is possible the above picture shows the finished blade and where it was cut out of the lawn mower blade so hopefully this will be enough motivation for you to realize that you can actually make a unique Bushcraft knife out of scrap metal and steel. If you’re not personally familiar, they can cover your body with red, itchy welts that can drive you to the brink of insanity! The crackling oak logs in your fireplace, the blue pilot light in the furnace, even your electric hot water heater and night-light in the baby’s nursery makes fire indispensable to every home. Press a remote for endless hours of TV entertainment flowing from coal-burning power plants.

Even a young child can use a lighter (Tip: always remove the child safety device from Bic lighters in fire kits to make them easy for you and a child to use in an emergency).
I’m bypassing friction as an ignition source but will cover the basics of ancient fire craft later in this series. To help the flames rise and shine, feed it what it loves… a hearty helping of fluffy, dry, dead plant material. In the eastern woodlands, the Piedmont region of Georgia in my case, we have an abundance of plants and trees which can be processed (shredded) down to create tinder the size of hair stands. Make a quarter-size pile of lighter’d shavings with the spine of your knife to create the Breakfast of Champions for any fire! A word of caution on grasses in humid climates like Georgia… they tend to hold moisture.
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Fire is not a guarantee in the wilderness and must be practiced like a profession to make any perfection.
I will say that are two down sides to sure fire- 1) shelf life can be quite short once out of its package, and 2) people who rely on sure fire too often fail to recreate the difficult fire scenarios that need to be practiced.
Check out this collection of Altoid tin conversions including electronics, survival, and gaming projects. Hit up the link below to check them all out and if you know of a project that isn’t listed share it in the comments below.
If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). Follow the steps here and you will be able to make your own bushcraft knives in just about any shape or style and to your own liking . With only a small ember to ignite a tinder bundle, choose the most finely processed combustible natural material available.
Your fire will let you know when it is ready to eat more fuel when flames being licking up and through the pile of kindling. But I gathered some dry leaves crushed them up and took some of the fiberous bark off of a Cedar tree. Once you pick out your material and know the size and dimensions of metal you have to work with it is a good starting place and time to start drawing your blade design, draw what you want and think will work for you. If you have a knife you like the shape of trace it off onto heavy cardboard and make any changes or improvements to the design you wish. Scraped off some shavings into the tinder and struck the ferro rod several times and couldn’t get it to light.
It is amazing the ideas and designs come to you as you sketch you knife blades out on paper or cardboard so have fun with it and see what you come with.

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