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Our bushcraft courses are designed to help the beginner and also test the experienced, learn survival skills with us.
Booking one of our courses is easy, either online, post or by telephone you can secure your place with us easily.
The aim of Forest Bushcraft is to offer the highest quality of bushcraft experience and education by exploiting the vast wealth of natural resources, beautiful scenery and historic landscape of the Royal Forest of Dean.

Our instructors provide a wealth of knowledge stemming from many years of experience in teaching bushcraft skills, hunting, fishing, tracking, foraging, expeditions to various countries as well as leading outdoor pursuit’s instruction including canoeing, kayaking, climbing and cave exploration. We firmly believe that we have the right combination of skills and resources to provide the ultimate bushcraft experience. As a full time, all season company, we teach all aspects of bushcraft with a friendly and enthusiastic approach, and we feel we are in a position to offer some of the most comprehensive courses, teaching beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts alike, the skills used by our ancestors that enabled them to become one with the landscape in which they lived.

We look forward to passing on our knowledge and meeting like-minded enthusiast of these fascinating skills which allow us all to broaden our horizons, and develop a greater appreciation of the ever changing natural world.

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