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Last year I showed you How to Preserve Eggs With Mineral Oil and a few of you asked if it really worked – well,A the answer is – YES!
Because I care about you so much, I’ve had eggs in my fridge for OVERA A YEAR just to see if rubbing them with mineral oilA actually helped with preserving them. Now the moment of truth – did the mineral oil really preserve the eggs longer than doing nothing at all. The year old eggs that I did nothing with floated right at the top of the cup – definitely BAD!
There was also one egg that had brown gunk oozing from it and when I cracked itA open this is what I found… YUCK! Out of the 18 eggs I rubbed mineral oil on every single egg sunk straight to the bottom, except one!
I was a little concerned when I opened up the regular eggs that had no mineral oil on themA and ONLY 2 were left! The eggs with no mineral oil looked almost like a pancake when I cooked it up, especially the bottom of it.
Here’s another picture of the regular egg with that was not preserved withA mineral oil.
If you came across a bird’s nest in the wild this dish could theoretically be made in a primitive survival situation using a flat rock.

I have poke weed growing behind my shed and enjoy the young leafy greens by heating a large skillet, adding the leaves (stripped of the center vein) along with a few tablespoons of chicken stock, cover and cook until tender. After 3 days learning survival skills at the Willow Haven Outdoor facility, I feel different inside. Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article.
Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites! I immediately racked my brain on what poor soul just ate a carton of bad eggs over a year old. SoA just in case if you were wondering if you got sick or died from eating bad eggs, you don’t.
The image of the tin  foil hat wearing survivalist eating spam right from the can pops in many of our heads when talking about this canned meat.
My babysitter is proof of that (but don’t quote me, she does have a stomach of steel)! Like you said, Creek, the hint of it being poisonous has been enough to drive me away from it, especially as an amateur forager. Why you should include it, how to make it taste even better and why it’s not bad for you either.

The labeled ingredients in the classic variety of Spam are chopped pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, sugar, and sodium nitrite as a preservative. While researching this article I found from Chris Kresser that not only are they not bad but are being studied for treatments in  immune and cardiovascular function; they are being studied as a potential treatment for hypertension, heart attacks, sickle cell and circulatory disorders. I won’t go down that rabbit hole for this post, you can read more here, but the basic idea is that this indigestible fiber feeds the beneficial gut bacteria. It has been since I was a child since I had eaten any and now there was a plethora of new flavors. I still keep a few cans in my pantry now and with a 2~5 year best by date I don’t worry about. I challenge anyone to try this and tell me they still do not like Spam.Do you have Spam in your preps?
I have to say, it was pretty good, and the kids have asked for Spam several times since, with eggs, on sandwiches and even in a salad.

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