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If you need camping or survival equipment, or even if you want to buy swords and weapons and standard or somewhat exotic survival gear, you should visit the Grizzly Hut website. While packing clothing might not seem as important as your family photo albums, making sure that your family is prepared does mean having spare clothes and shoes in your survival kit.
Most people think of clothing as an afterthought and that they can go to the store and buy more clothes, but that won’t always be an option. If you were in a major disaster the stores might be damaged or even sold out of what you need. There are some websites that recommend having a week’s worth of clothes set aside but one or two changes of clothes for each member and one extra pair of shoes should be enough.
Make sure to put them in your survival kit so that everything you need is in one place and you are not putting all of this together at the last minute. No matter what time of the year it is, having extra, even warm clothes is also a good idea so throw a jacket or sweatshirt in as well.In May, a soldier disappeared in Utah. His car broke down and he didn’t have any cell phone reception so he walked until he could find reception and called his friend.

He had left wearing flip flops and a t-shirt, normal clothing for summer, but in Utah it still snows in May. So he was without proper footwear and no shirt and then the temperature dropped that night. There is more to the story and he is still missing but what I wanted to point out is that a soldier who is trained to survive in the wilderness was still caught unprepared.Make sure to have pants, shoes, shirts, socks, underwear, a warm top layer, rain gear, hats, and gloves in your kit for each member.
You can choose how much of each item you have, but make sure your family is protected and prepared for anything with a properly stocked survival kit.

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