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I also did some more intricate wood work such as cutting notches in small sticks for traps and preparing hearth boards for friction fire making.
Country Living, Voluntary Simplicity, Simple Living, Homesteading, survival product reviews, back to basics, alternative medicine, wild foraging. First and foremost: I'll caution you that handling and cutting this wire will leave you with all manner of sharp ends to not only poke you when you aren't paying attention, but also to fly in every direction once you cut them.
For this project, you'll find that a pair of linesman pliers is pretty indispensable for cutting and twisting wire.
When joining two pieces of wire mesh together, the traditional method is to line up your pieces and bend the cut end of the first, into and around the square of the other. Another method is to use short pieces of wire and make your connections by bending it around both pieces.
They are also very easy to break into two sections, which can make for a very compact package indeed.
They are as simple a weapon as can be imagined, and generally simplicity means reliability. Beyond the mechanics of the gun, there are the characteristics of the ammunition to discuss. Slugs are single projectile loads -- instead of a couple of hundred tiny pellets (218 per ounce in #6 size), these shoot one large bullet. In the smooth bore shotgun, the Brenneke style slug with the attached plastic wad is much superior to the hollow based Foster slug common in older American slug loads.

One feature not often mentioned about single shot shotguns is their utility as a signaling device. Heavy loads, such as firewood or a downed deer, can be more easily transported using a travois.
Spread the poles so they are 4 feet or so apart about 5 feet from the bindings at the butts.
To use, simply tie the load to the frame in a balanced fashion, attaching it to both of the crosspieces. Describing flavors is a task full of pitfalls, but people who try them liken the pawpaw to a sweet banana mixed with something a bit “fruitier”, like a mango or a peach.
How does one find these large (some over a pound!) and extravagantly flavored west Michigan treasures?
The animal foods we found were even more exciting to someone from near the middle of the continent. Sandy areas between the rocks held lovely little Butter Clams, which were easily dug out of the sand with a spade made from a piece of driftwood. The tide pools in the rocky areas held more Crabs, Urchins, Limpets, Slipper Shells, as well as the occasional shrimp. I would guess that most people in the Great Lakes region have caught a fish at some point in their lives.
In fact, Yellow perch (Perca Flavascens), Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus), and Crappie (Pomoxis annularis) are commonly ranked as some of the very best freshwater fish for the table.

Crunchy, flakey fried filets are certainly tasty, but there are many other ways to eat these fish.
All of Michigan's panfish are worth pursuing, both for the fun and for the reward of a fine meal. To quickly make one of these labor saving devices, take two straight poles about 14 feet long and 2-3 inches in diameter, and bind them together at the butts (the heavy end). Then step into the space between the apex of the two long poles and the shorter crosspiece, lift the point to chest height, and start dragging. It takes only three poles of around 14 feet to make this load bearer, and maybe 8 feet of cord. It will travel smoothly in fairly open country over spring grass, fall leaves, or winter snows. This is not a cause for mourning however, as the 20 and the 12 are very well suited indeed.

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