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On the night of July 30th 1997 a landslide shattered the tranquility of Thredbo Village, sweeping away two ski lodges and burying 19 people beneath tonnes of concrete and mud. Stuart relives the event that changed his world forever and talks honestly about what went through his mind during his long hours alone beneath the rubble, his painful recovery, and his inspirational attitude to life and the future. This special edition includes four bonus chapters that covers Stuart’s life in the more than ten years since the original publication of Survival. Perfect for fans of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, this intriguing urban fantasy follows the story of Kat Chanter, who discovers that the world she knows is controlled by ancient creatures who feed on blood. Ten thrilling true stories of survival against all the odds, perfect for readers who prefer real life to fiction.
From shark attacks and blazing airships to exploding spacecraft and sinking submarines, these are real-life stories of people who have stared death in the face and lived to tell the tale. Each gripping story is illustrated with maps and line drawings and the Usborne Quicklinks website directs readers to carefully selected websites to find further information, photos and videos online. Jungle Survival Handbook explores the thickest rainforests and educates kids aged 8+ about the naturally hot, steamy conditions of the jungle and how to overcome the jungle challenge.
With six sections from 'Get ready' to 'Get moving', Jungle Survival Handbook teaches kids everything about being lost in a humid and never-ending expanse of forest. Inside this book: • Key ideas such as making a basic camp and how to tell if food is poisonous are covered in short paragraphs and bullet points to engage young readers.
Thirty seconds that keep replaying in my mind over and over again, the details as vivid now as the night it happened. In the days that followed, the world mourned as rescuers dragged body after body from the rubble.

Stuart Diver, whose young wife Sally died beside him in the first moments of the slide, had clung to life buried beneath a concrete slab for 65 freezing hours.
The story of how one man found the mental and physical strength to live through tragedy and survive against impossible odds.
And he reveals how the lessons he learned at Thredbo can help each of us find the inner strength to become a survivor. Living with his wife Rosanna and daughter Alessia they all enjoy the activities and people who live in this inspiring part of the world.
Vital topics are covered in our survival books for kids, such as bushcraft and packing the ultimate survival kit, along with true stories and activities. The water’s absolutely freezing—it takes my breath away as it bites into my semi-naked body.
He works on the public speaking circuit and still does a considerable amount of charity work involving himself in a variety of exiting projects. There’s a tiny gap between my mouth and the roof, a tiny air pocket; at least I can breathe.
As she cut through the choppy sea, her captain, 35-year-old Lieutenant Oliver Naquin, stood face to the wind and spray on the conning tower.
The previous 19 test dives he had carried out with his ship had all gone to plan, but the next procedure would test both the 56 men in his crew, and their vessel, to the limit. Squalus was about to carry out a practice crash-dive, an emergency procedure where a submarine under attack on the surface submerges as quickly as possible.Naquin called down to his radio operator, ordering him to report their position to the submarine’s home port of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
When he was satisfied all was well, he took one final breath of salty sea air then hit a button on the bridge which sounded the crash dive alarm.

As all outside vents and hatches were closed, a set of indicator lights changed from red to green to show that the ship was sealed against the sea.Naquin caught Doyle’s eye and smiled briskly. The ship’s ballast tanks rapidly filled with water, and Squalus swiftly sank to 15m (50ft).
It was as if the submarine had never been there.Squalus settled underwater and Naquin and Doyle congratulated themselves on a successful operation. But then a strange fluttering in Naquin’s ears made him startle, and he realized immediately that something terrible was happening to his ship.An instant later, a terrified sailor looked up from an intercom and shouted, “The engine room is flooding!” Naquin gave the order to surface immediately.
Compressed air hissed into the flooded ballast tanks and the stricken submarine began to rise.
The weight in her stern dragged her sharply down, and Squalus was swallowed by the sea.Inside was mayhem. In flickering light, tools, fittings, even torpedoes, unhinged by the steep angle of the dive, rained down on hapless sailors.
Those who had not anchored themselves in a secure perch, tumbled along the ship and into bulkheads that separated each compartment. In the flooding rear section of the submarine, soaking men struggled to escape before heavy, steel, watertight doors were slammed shut to block off the rising torrent.

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