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Natural Disasters Are Increasing - - Be Smart - - Don't Wait Until The Last Minute To Become Prepared - - Order Now While Supplies Are Available!!! There are many Survival Books,and most of these books contain a great deal of similar information.
An excellent 250+ page wilderness survival book that devotes most of its attention to plants and animals.

This book is only about 60 pages long but contains well written information on maps, using a compass, and dealing with an emergency. I discovered this book in the waiting area of our pediatric dentist while my youngest was having an appointment.
It emphasizes the importance of caring for our teeth, having routine checkups and taking care of issues early, before teeth have to be pulled.Because the book was published by the American Dental Association in 1977, there's very little publication data that I could find, but I thought it was worth adding to Goodreads.

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