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Welcome to Roblox Survival Beginnings Wiki!The comprehensive encyclopedia for the Survival Beginnings universe. 187 articles created and 244 images uploaded since January 13, 2014.We currently have 11 active users and 5 Admins. Roblox Survival Beginnings Wiki is a community dedicated to the Web-based ROBLOX survival Game Survival: Beginnings, created and updated by Shagabash.
It is an entirely free-to-play game, with no additional virtual items or power-ups to be bought.
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The Isolated tropical island is behind the mountains of the Mainlands, and is very rich in tropical fruits like banana, orange, coconut and berries.
This encompasses the whole Mainland Mountain Range and the river that flows out of its waterfall.
Expect this to just be a bronze-age tribe area, with natural cotton and a small forest, aided by a nearby cavern that contains copper and tin.
Inside the waterfall is a secret mine, which also has a cave behind the mountains leading into it, not making it so "secret" anymore. Flint and Steel is a tool used to create fires at a 100% chance, compared its inferior version's 20%-25%. This ship is the best possible ship for a trade, but it is recommended to have a team to guard it. Carts are used to hold various materials, on rare occasions even used to trade items between tribes. Roblox Survival Beginnings Wiki aims to provide a comprehensive and accurate store of information about Survival Beginnings that is mostly editable, with the exception of certain pages to prevent vandalism.

It is used to create the most powerful set of tools in the game, and is only found in four locations. If you have any questions about the wiki or helping out, you can ask one of Survival Beginnings Wiki's administrators. There are hidden caverns within this system, mostly unexplored and should not be put on this Wiki until fully explored. The natural resources make it an excellent starting location, but it would be recommended to desert this location and move to a better area not on The Mainland. It is an important tool to have for cooks and smelters alike, since it has a 100% success chance in burning objects, which is important to cook food on and smelt ores. This boat is perfect for raids, but puts a huge target on your back because people who aren't raiders usually make a smaller boats so as to not be seen. Trading is very unlikely though, as most players would attempt to simply Forage any item of value from the Cart.
Survival Beginnings requires nothing more than an Internet connection, a Web browser, and Flash Player. This does not mean that all resources are on this island, however, even though it will be the most densely populated of all the islands. As it is difficult to fully explore due to the darkness, the actual layout and full detail of this area is not fully known, possibly deserving proper exploration. There tend to be tribal encampments within this region, as shown in the image to the right. The mountains have snow on top of them, the snow can't and possibly may never be able to be foraged. For raiders, this is an important tool to own, and if isn't available, then most raiders will often have Flint or a Cloth Torch.

If you're willing to put the time in to make this behemoth, make sure you've got either a crew to defend it or a bucket to put out fires and a good sword to kill enemies.
Carts can also be used as a vehicle of destruction, if you set it on fire and drive it into a village, it will be highly likely to burn anything nearby it. There are little natural resources directly near this mine, besides the waterfall that is on the opposite side of this mountain. There is a small water source along one side of the river, the other side having a small amount of forestation. If you find a tribe, keep in mind that they are capable of mostly bronze-tier weapons and tools, should you try diplomatic action with them.
On about the 3rd mountain from the left, there is a small, difficult to locate Mithril mine with only 4 Mithril Ore, making it inferior to The Arch. You can also use a Bomb Cart, which requires you to place several Bombs or gunpowder into the cart and drive it over to a tribe, and use any source of fire to make it explode, while it is suicidal, it is a somewhat good way of destroying encampments and castles. Colonization of this area would be difficult without some outside supplying or extensive farming of the land. This area serves as an excellent naval port for colonies, as the river acts as a protection against theft of produced ships. Creation of a boat manufactory would be convenient, provided proper food and protection could be established.

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