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Marching band is a very physical activity, rehearsals are long and tiring and there can be tense moments, blood, sweat, and tears.
In many competitive band programs they only march grades 10-12 or have auditions to pick only the best players. Deciding alternates is something we do not look forward to since we want to make all students feel included and important. During the second week of band camp uniform distribution will take place during the day before an evening rehearsal.

Payne: Cities shortchanged by systemBy Hilary Payne Cities, and indeed all municipalities, have a difficult role to play. What follows is an account, kept in the journal of the fur trading fort at Port Simpson, of the events of the war between the Tsimshian and the Haida of May 1835. In addition it is possible that students can be let out early on days with inclement weather so make sure that your students are aware of ways to contact you at all times.
Research has shown that on average over the course of a performance a marching band member gets the same cardio workout as runners do during the middle of a marathon.

If a student misses too many rehearsals during band camp they will likely be asked to find a new class or will be made an alternate for the season.

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