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Similar to steel, when crafted, it creates stainless mix, which must be placed on a fire to turn into Stainless Steel.
Warning:Posting the exact locations of Chromite veins on this wiki will result in a ban, read the rest of the rules here.
It cannot be made into tools, unlike most other metals, and has an appearance similar to that of chromium and steel. It's also the second rarest mineable ore in the game, only found in three places just like mithril, but with a much faster spawn rate.

The resource is unknown to many players, and the positions of its veins are very well hidden, some requiring a light source. They can be crafted together or alone; making a boulder or cut stone, or a stone seat, respectively. The boulders are used with the small stone in the stone slab recipe and can also be crafted together to make a stone wall. It is also used in the creation of Bluesteel Armor, Reinforced Bluesteel Armor and Bluesteel swords, Much like mithril and gold.

There are skills that simply help you like Foraging (makes you forage faster) and Swimming (makes you swim longer). Other skills like Architecture, Masonry, Cooking, Carpentry, Smithing, Fishing, Crafting, Engineering, Chemistry and Carpentry have to do with the type of stuff you can make.

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