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Warning:Posting the exact locations of Chromite veins on this wiki will result in a ban, read the rest of the rules here. Similar to steel, when crafted, it creates stainless mix, which must be placed on a fire to turn into Stainless Steel. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Foods can be crafted with the stove top (glass part) to instantly cook the item, saving time (not including Bread).
The cartridge for the 303 was a derivative of the rimmed Schmidt Rubin cartridge that was a few years older.
It's also the second rarest mineable ore in the game, only found in three places just like mithril, but with a much faster spawn rate.
It cannot be made into tools, unlike most other metals, and has an appearance similar to that of chromium and steel. The Brits went about loading the round in a strange way by using a compressed charge of black powder instead of smokeless which was known at the time though but still quite new.Like many other countries they adopted a round nose bullet, theirs weighing 215 grains. The resource is unknown to many players, and the positions of its veins are very well hidden, some requiring a light source.

It's normally more cost-effective to make a Bakery, which has a stove, Mill, and Well built-in, which makes this building only useful in areas like Spire Island, where there is little room.
It is also used in the creation of Bluesteel Armor, Reinforced Bluesteel Armor and Bluesteel swords, Much like mithril and gold.
That raised the velocity up to about 2050 with a corresponding energy of 2010 FT LBS.In 1910 they went to a pointed bullet weighing 174 grains which produced 2440 FPS giving 2310 FT LBS of energy. Later on, in keeping up with modern developments in ammunition, they went to nitrocellulose powder. They were widely used in Africa, India, Canada and Australia and to this day are still used for hunting large game. 303 British Rifle Action and rear SightThe early bullets had a bad reputation for not stopping fanatic natives as they were non expanding. An example is in the late 1890’s the British military took the 303s to the Punjab Providence against the Pushtun fighters. Unfortunately they found that the 303 rounds would not stop the Pushtuns unless shot several times. Later on the bullets for the MARK VII had aluminum or fiber cores which made them longer then normal and they would tumble on impact causing more serious wounds.
Old military ammo loaded with Cordite.The rifle was designed by an American, James Paris Lee.

Since the US did not buy Lee’s design he took it to Great Britain and the first rifles were known as Mark 1’s. Through out the years there were other similar changes made to all of the MARK models.There are some authorities who feel that it was the best military rifle of that period because of ease of follow up shots and the 10 round magazine. In theory that will help extract an empty casing from the chamber.There were other rifles and machine guns chambered for the 303 round.
The Lee Enfield pattern 14 was chambered and used in the world wars to supplement the Lee Medford rifles. There is no sporting rifle chambered for the 303 in the US but at one time the Winchester model 95 was so chambered.Happily if you want to shoot this gun today, there is some ammo available and components for reloading are no problem.
Some people compare it to the 30-40 Krag but it out performs the 30-40 because it can operate at higher pressures in the military guns chambered for their respective rounds.

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