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Suite Pretty Cure d est la huitieme serie de Pretty Cure d'Izumi Todo par Toei Animation, le theme de cette serie est la musique. Tout commence, dans le monde majeur, par un concert important : le concert de la partition legendaire. Aphrodite, reine du monde majeur, appelle une fee des chants, Hummy, pour qu'elle chante la melodie du bonheur. J'avais beaucoup aime Heartcatch precure, donc la, avec un centre, la musique, j'etais comble. Enfin j'ai quand meme regarder les 6 premiers episodes, c'est moins tentant que Heartcatch. Cure Beat n'est pas une fake puis que c'est Seiren et Ako n'est pas la petite soeur de hibiki ou kanade ? Kanade awakens and realizes that she would become a burden Melody in battle if she did not have a Belltier. At school Hibiki attempts to try to speak to Kanade after hearing from Souta that she was having nightmares. During break, Kanade came to the park to find Hummy in search of musical notes when she sees the cupcakes she made.
Worried about the depressed-looking Kanade, Hibiki asked if she was facing any problems, but Kanade just answered that she felt pathetic.

Just then, Siren spotted a musical note hiding in a Sakura petal opposite the embankment they were sitting on, and turned it into a Negatone. Without her Belltier, Rhythm fought hard against the Negatone so that she would not be a burden to Melody. Cure Rhythm's Fantastic Belltier is born, and with Fairy Tone Fary, she can perform purification attack Music Rondo. Minor Land's team starts to develop discord among themselves, with Bassdrum openly showing disdain for Siren.
One of those who Kanade sees with a Miracle Beltier in her nightmare is Shirabe Ako, despite not realizing that she's already a Cure and uses another weapon to fight with when she does appear. Mais tout tourne a la catastrophe, Mephisto, roi de monde mineur, veut changer la melodie du bonheur en melodie du malheur et sa fee des chants est Siren qui a ete trahi par Aphrodite.
However, she sees that Kanade handles her duties at school as if nothing happened, while Hibiki wonders if something bothered her. Kanade asked Hummy if there was a way to make her Belltier appear, but received a vague answer that it was Hibiki's Pretty Cure Power that became her Belltier. Kanade wondered if sports was the source of Hibiki's power, and so decided to run with her.
After receiving some power from the Fairy Tone, Kanade decided to look for Hibiki's power, and left for Hibiki's house.

Watching Hibiki eat lots of curry, Kanade forced herself to eat lots as well, hoping to get some power. Feeling that she was just a nuisance to Melody without her Belltier, Rhythm lost her courage as Pretty Cure. Kanade ni Tarinai Mono Tte nani nya??) is the 9th episode of Suite Pretty Cured, and also the 350th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.
Classmates asked Hibiki if Kanade had always been so perfect, and Hibiki replied that Kanade had always put in lots of effort. Elle aime aussi manger des choses douces, en particulier les gâteaux de famille Boutique de Kanade. Mais cependant, elle a également l'oreille absolue, et est capable d'identifier des notes de musique parfaitement.

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