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The words which can be added to the root word to create a new meaning are called “suffixes” and “prefixes”, depending on which position they are added alongside the root word.
On the other hand, if a prefix is added with a word, it completely changes the form and meaning of the word that it is affixed to.
If we take “arm” as a root word, then adding suffix “ed” will change it to “armed”, which is a past tense of the word.
Suffix is an affix that can be added after a root word to provide information about the tense or number of the root word.
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If the word is added before the root word, then it is a prefix, and the word added after the root word to change its meaning is called suffix. On the contrary, if prefix “under” is added, the word becomes “underarm”, which has a completely different meaning than the root word. Both affixes acquire different meanings, depending on the root word they are attached with. Suffix is added after the root word to give grammatical information, rather than changing its inflectional meaning; it can also change its derivational meaning. For instance, if the prefix “un” is added to root word “happy”, then the word becomes “unhappy”, which completely conveys an opposite meaning.

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