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The learning program can easily incorporate enjoyable spelling activities, while teaching concepts such as word contractions, compound words, and spelling rules effectively. An assortment of motivating board and card games can be used to support early childhood students with spelling concepts.
Incorporating some computer software games or online games within students' weekly spelling jobs, can also spice up spelling so that it is an enjoyable and productive daily task. This game gives players an opportunity to practise reading common verbs, and analyse how to change them to the past tense. This game has 18 pairs of commonly used homophones and 18 special cards with extra chances to win cards.
This game gives players an opportunity to practise reading common word contractions and to analyse which words have been contracted. Four boards with different frames so that students can remember which ones they have already played.
A game where students use the process ' look, say, cover, write, check' to learn how to spell words.

This game gives players an opportunity to practise reading common compound words in order to develop automatic recall. This game contains 36 different compound words on cards to match with the pictures on the boards. Spelling City: Spelling Activities For Your Own Words Enter your own words in a list, and choose from lots of online games to practise your words, as well as an option for the computer to "teach" you the words by spelling them aloud and saying each word in a sentence. Walk the Plank: Compound Words An animated game where the teacher walks the plank if all answers are correct!
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There are special instruction cards that give players the chance to have a free turn, miss a go or take a card from another player. Players read their card aloud and then say the past tense of the verb, placing it on the correct stack.

Players develop their knowledge of correct meanings and spellings of each homophone by having repeated experiences, putting the words into sentences. Word pairs are on the male lion cards, and the matching contractions are on the female lion cards.
Take turns to draw a card from the jungle cards (word pairs that can form contractions, eg. There is a check list card provided so that players can check their understanding of the meanings. There is a check list included to ensure players have used the correct meaning for each word. If the matching word contraction is on your board, make a pair, and place another snake card on your board.

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