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Who knew a set of questions could stare at you, every letter gawking menacingly from sheets of clean white paper, daring you to fail.
But there are some tips to arm a student before they enter the battlefield, I mean exam room. The most important tip anyone can give to a student in preparation for the exams is to study.
HAVE SOME FUN – Taking an hour or two off from studying to do something fun helps take your mind off studying and re-energize you. STOP MAKING EXCUSES – Procrastinating and taking up time doing other things can be detrimental. Nursing memes crop up en masse on the web, but there aren’t many places to find epic posts consistently.
Health care has changed and unless we find ways to deal with the negative impact it can have on us– burn out will claim too many of us.
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There is nothing fun about it and preparing for them can sometimes bring out the worst in us.

By drawing up a study timetable many students are able to prioritise weaker subjects over stronger ones. Dipers are for babies, Demented is derogatory, they are terms which we really should not be using. While reading different Nclex books, I would choose a topic, read everything about it, then write about what I learned. This blog has been my inspiration and an amazing incentive during my journey in preparing for the State Board Nursing Exam.
There are no other tips for the exams, the first step in writing any exam is to prepare by studying because “fortune favours the prepared”.
Making point notes can also help but be sure not to waste time re-writing what’s already in your notebook. Getting at least six to eight hours of sleep before an exam is better than pulling an all-nighter and cramming loads of information.
Studying can take its toll on you, and after a while the words and information can just seem like a jumbled mess. Every month, they post a few of the web’s best new nursing memes for you to get a chuckle from.

Hitting ?????why because a patient is afraid and frightened and lashes out because of poor communication and unmet nursing needs. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and do not remember when I have had an uninterrupted lunch break. Taking a break and doing something else for a bit can help clear your head and freshen you up. Waking up for fajr and being punctual with salaah helps with the exams and every other hurdle in life.
Since it’s run by a nursing student, many of the memes are related to the hectic schedule and sleep deprivation of nursing students, but they poke fun at many different situations. Mufti Zubair Bayat’s advice is to read 3 Durood Sharifs before and after, 21 times Ya Nasiru, 150 times Ya Aleemu, 5 times verse 32 of Surah Baqara.

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