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A few years ago, I slowly converted our family to eating food as close to the way as nature intended.
I am sharing some yummy recipes that are simple to prepare, that use common ingredients and are easy to store. Notes: Some people mix the wet and dry ingredients together in a blender bottle or jar with lid and shake.
FREE DOWNLOAD: Download this free mini-guide, Make the Switch From Store-Bought to Homemade, from The Survival Mom, for more recipes from scratch! There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. February 3, 2015 by The Survival Mom 11 Comments If you are a hard-core prepper or survivalist, you may be wondering why our first 2 Skills of the Month aren’t all about ways to stock up on food, reload ammo, or tan hides.
Sometimes preppers and survivalists wear blinders that hold their focus to a very narrow view of what it really means to be prepared to survive.
On my first big shopping trip for food storage, I bought loads of salad dressings, bottles of ketchup, and cans of things like chili and ravioli.
However, over time, those products either went bad (3 year-old salad dressings don’t do well over time!) or we used them up. Even then, as a new prepper, I realized that I needed to know how to make things like marinara sauce, ketchup, crackers, and even breakfast cereals from scratch, and also have the ingredients to do so.
Starting this week our new skill will be all about collecting recipes, instructions, and supplies to begin making more and more things from scratch.
Not only will these items be healthier, since you will know exactly what goes into them, but for preppers, you’ll have the added advantage of knowing how to make necessary foods and products your family uses, along with a shopping list so you can make those things years from now. Keep in mind that when you stock up on something like chili powder, for example, you won’t be using it just for homemade popcorn seasoning but for dozens of other recipes. Ketchup was the first on the chopping block when I began searching out homemade recipes that were healthier and, in many instances, cheaper than homemade. Whisk all these ingredients together in a medium size saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat. I highly recommend having more than one bottle to use because you will probably end up wanting to double this recipe so you don’t have to make it too often. We have made so many variations of this, including a spicy ketchup with Tony Chachere’s seasoning salt.
The second homemade recipe I wanted to share with you comes from my friend Gaye Levy who blogs at Backdoor Survival. I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years.
I like knowing I can do it myself if I have to, but still rely on the store most of the time. Another benefit to making things yourself is that you save money (not always, but a good portion). I think I saw an article or a link for this month’s skill to make homemade soup mix base and coconut butter.

When disaster strikes, having emergency food kits for every member of the family can literally be the key to survival in a disaster situation. A commercially-prepared emergency food kit like these, usually containing mostly freeze-dried meals, will run you anywhere from $30 – $50 or more.
But food kits can also be assembled at home quickly and inexpensively — usually for less than $10 per kit. The American Red Cross recommends a three-day supply of food and water for an emergency evacuation situation, or a two-week supply for an at-home emergency. The OTO Guest Author account is the profile used for posting contributed articles by authors who write for the OTO less than a few times per year. The post A Handy Pin Collection for Making the Switch from Store-Bought to Homemade by The Survival Mom appeared first on The Survival Mom.
We are striving to be the #1 source of information on prepper and surivival related information on the internet. The Survival Channel strives to bring you the best best in prepper related content including podcasts, articles, and videos. The main advantage of making your own MREs for your food preps is you can choose what food items to include (as long as these are non-perishable and can be eaten raw or cooked with just water).
It has 8 different recipes on the glass bottle, along with the fill lines for each ingredient. Pour ingredients from blender to skillet; stir in enchilada sauce, broth, chocolate and honey. Use for a dip for veggies and chips, a dressing for salads, spread for sandwiches, or a sauce for seafood or chicken.
In an early episode of Doomsday Preppers, one of the women definitely was prepared with shooting skills and stocking up on absolutely everything imaginable, but I’ll never forget her opening a closet door and seeing a literal mountain of #10 cans.
What’s the point of stocking up in a big way if, when a sudden crisis hits, you have to leave it all behind because you can’t find what you need?
I still believe it’s important to have some store-bought items as part of your food storage since they are readily available, familiar, and inexpensive when purchased on sale and with coupons.
I mean, if I can make homemade cheese crackers, why can’t I also make homemade lip balm? Individual ingredients will be far more versatile and useful to you than store-bought, ready made items. This is one of Gaye’s most popular articles, and this recipe makes plenty of this salve. She has written extensively on mixing your own household cleaners and other products, and even a homemade “Vaseline”! Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios. If you can’t buy yeast from the store how do you make bread rise?I can make bread but I still have to buy the ingredients.
Buying a pre-made kit is quick and convenient, and offers almost unimaginable variety — freeze-dried chicken Kiev, anyone?

Because you can customize a homemade kit, it can include more familiar, everyday foods, something that may come in handy during the stress of an emergency situation, especially if you’re providing meals for young children. It’s got a long shelf life, is vitamin fortified and most people have a favorite variety.
It’s not health food, but the sugar provides energy, and plain chocolate has a fairly long shelf life, so candy bars can be stored for long periods. Twice a year, take a few moments to remove expired items from each of your emergency food kits and replace them with fresh food. I was very slow in joining the Pinterest party but now find it to be incredibly useful as a search engine.
This month’s skill is a super-fun hobby, trying to find new things to make homemade with the help of Pinterest DIY pins! Are you making a survival related podcast, a survival or prepper video channel or survival blog?
If you have any features you would like to see or would like to nominate a blog you subscribe to for the network please drop me a line. But they are well packaged that they take up little space, are light weight and can last a really long time. However since the ones you can purchase are costly and may set you back a few hundred of dollars to buy enough for your family for a few weeks, why don’t you just make your own MREs? They were piled on top of each other, spilling off shelves, and there is no way that family would be able to quickly find what they needed, or even know what was on hand, especially in a sudden crisis. Although this recipe calls for honey, we have made it with as little as 1 Tablespoon of honey and, at other times, used stevia or other sweetners. The shelf life of freeze-dried food is usually several years, which will allow you to purchase it and then not have to worry about replenishing supplies on a regular basis.
Because water is heavy, you’ll want the food to be light, in case you need to carry it to a new location. Chocolate is also a comforting food for many people, something which may be important during a crisis.
Most of us have many bottles of something in the back pantry that we can pour over the chicken before we toss it in the oven or a can of sauce that we dump over warm pasta.
So a variety of store bought foods, along with more “whole foods” sit side by side in my pantry. Dried and canned foods will last a while in storage, and will travel well if the time comes.
There are other bottles available, the Charcoal Companion Marinade Bottle and Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Easy Stir-Fry Sauce Bottle. Before you gather your food, think about what you like to eat, but also remember that food during an emergency is more about providing calories and sustaining life than providing dining pleasure.

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