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Over the last year, I’ve observed a significant increase in the number of those in awareness becoming desperate about their survival prospects in the coming year. If you feel this way, then I hope this article reaches you as a wonderful holiday gift to brighten your spirits and to help fill you with a new sense of hope for the future. For over a year I have been looking for a new way for those in awareness who have limited resources to find real survival solutions within their means. Although beans, bullets and bunkers are clearly important, we are looking down the barrel of a tribulation period that will last a decade or more. The five steps to survival I’m going to explain in detail in this article will start making a difference in your life today as you will begin to feel more confident about your prospects. If you are going to survive a lengthy tribulation with your humanity and sense of noble purpose intact, you need an overarching goal. Unlike overly-materialistic survival strategies, the general premise for the five steps is not consumerism.
This is because from the earliest days we each remember, society has relentlessly programmed us with the doctrine of consumerism, which is why we see our lives in terms of shortages. Therefore, before starting the five steps to survival you must go cold turkey on your Costco syndrome and begin thinking like a Pilgrim. Celebrate each step forward and give yourself permission to humbly fail out of ignorance so that you can learn from your mistakes.
Since I began writing in the genre of Earth changes and space threats in 1999, I’ve noticed a consistent pattern. Consequently, the more skills you task your mind to learn, the easier it becomes to acquire and master new skills. At the very top of your skill set list should be obtaining an amateur radio license, if you do not already have one, and to join with a local ham radio club.
Whether you start your own survival community or hope to join another, if you are a competent ham radio operator, you’ll be worth your weight in beans. That’s why this is the cheapest and fastest no-brainer way to significantly enhance your chances of survival. Of course, I’ve also many times heard the concern that if folks get a license, the government will confiscate their radios. Sure, there are preppers who like to learn about ham radio in these clubs without the commitment of a license and a call sign.
For example, last month, Jennifer and I took a three-hour ham cram class in the morning before taking our technician license exams. In recent years, the FCC has greatly liberalized the licensing process and granted technician licensees access to frequencies that were previously beyond the dreams of ham radio operators.
Smartphones can do most everything these days, and consequently, fewer men and women in their 20s and 30s are taking an interest in amateur radio. For those of us looking at using amateur radios for survival, this is an immensely important windfall because the field of amateur radio has never been more welcoming to new members.
If you want to network with other preppers, you’ll be surprised how many there are out there with licenses and call signs.
Knowledge that is invaluable for the future, like how to transmit over 2,500 miles directly, station to station, by bouncing your signal off the ionosphere. In the same vein, there are other skills that you can easily acquire to make yourself worth your weight in beans.
More often than not, these women say they do not have one and a few will even go as far as to say that they think guns are bad. One last skill example to help you become worth your weight and beans is to enroll in and become certified for rescue and medical emergencies.
The moral of this story is that you need to begin preparing for the future today, by making yourself worth your weight in beans in a future world of tribulation, with valuable survival skills that are inexpensive and easily obtained.
However some skills are not as easily obtained such as language skills, which brings us to the second skill:  location. Be situated at least 100 miles away from a major body of water, and as far away as possible from any city with 30,000 or more inhabitants.
Get as much elevation is possible, with soft earth, rolling hills and easy access to water.
Avoid radiation fallout zones from nuclear power generator sites, also avoid fracking fields, refineries and large chemical plants. Likewise, if you have a thick New York brogue, you’ll have a better chance of blending into a place like Northern Vermont than the hills of North Carolina. With this in mind, if you cannot afford to buy 100 acres for 100 people or more, then your chances of survival will be best served by searching highly survivable areas where you can blend in and network with local residents.
The ideal relocation site is one that fits the location parameters noted above and is within 500 miles (or one tank of gas from your home.) What you want to look for are small towns with populations of 10,000 or less, with plenty of farming around them. As you focus your search on these small towns, the character of the local inhabitants is absolutely essential to your hopes of survival.
While most local people will certainly be in denial about what is coming, when it does come, they will have the greatest chances of unifying as a community that can feed itself.
The most likely organizations to survive the coming tribulation with their membership largely intact will be faith-based organizations.
Established Chain of Command: All churches will have an existing chain of command and leadership structure.
Proven Disaster Logistics: In the best of times churches find it just as difficult as anyone else, if not more so, to get people and materials organized. Diversity of Skills: When you go to a house of worship to pray with others, you are there for a common spiritual goal. Of equal importance is that all of these people will be useful liaisons with networks of special interest groups. Therefore, you want to find these perfectly situated small towns that can grow more food than they need, and where you can live amongst good people who take care of their neighbors. Likewise, join as many special-interest clubs in the community as you can, and get involved with them as well. On the other hand, some will just buy a piece of land there and when the time comes they will move to the community all of a sudden. If you are dependent on pharma to survive, you need to find a natural way to end your dependency or you’ll be as dead as a door knob in the tribulation. After that, you need to understand that after the worst of the tribulation cataclysms have happened, the two largest killers will be disease and despair. For this reason, when you see all these clever preppers on television with thousands of boxes of macaroni and cheese on their shelves, what you’re really seeing are bang-for-the-buck cheapsters signing their own death certificates. If a doctor happens to know something about good nutrition, it’s because like you, he or she went to an outside source for knowledge. On the other hand, if you are to survive disease and despair, you’ll need natural holistic wellness solutions, not modern gizmos or patented pills advertised on Internet radio shows. Here is where you can get a three-for-one advantage with a little bit of initiative and save a lot of money in the process. Also, with the time remaining you need to address your outstanding dental issues while there is time. Likewise, it if your dentist is telling you you have deep pockets in your gums and early signs of gum disease, you need to clear that up right now.
Even if you only do the oil pulling once a week, it will give you a significant way to keep your dental health intact along with regular brushing and flossing. When all that shuts down, we’ll go back to the time of the Roman Empire when soldiers were paid in salt because it was so valuable. While faith is the fifth and last step on the list, it is the one thing that must always be first in your thoughts. This will be crucial to your success, because once the guacamole hits the fan, expect to be surrounded by a lot of people wailing, “Why has God abandoned me? This is because we live in a self-centric world, where people are taught to see themselves as the center of the universe. What you do not know is why you are in awareness, because it’s been a miserable place to be. Here’s a question I have always asked people over the years about Noah and the flood, “Why is it Noah refused to open the door of the ark when he heard those outside who mocked him, pleading for their lives and banging their fists on the hull?” The typical answer I get is that it is because God had shut the door to the ark, or that these people had been judged for their cynical denial, or God had ordered Noah not to open the door. Day 3 — The new captain charges Noah and his family with sedition and throws them overboard. For the record, the reason the ark was built on a mountainside is that during a crustal pole shift all major bodies of water come out of their basins. The point here is that survival is about using your awareness to become the architect, master, and commander of your own destiny. For over a decade I have heard from those in awareness that what torments them most is their isolation. Most often they do not have the resources to act on their awareness of coming cataclysmic events, and likewise lack the support of those around them. As of today, co-founder Jennifer Burns and I are pleased to announce that the Knowledge Mountain Church of Perpetual Genesis is fully operational and accepting new members. We created this online teaching church to be what you might call the ultimate awareness crowbar. Our church is also a way to build amateur radio skills through our ham radio club, and trusted international contacts to make you worth your beans to any newly formed survival community. Then imagine planning a community of 100 or more with like-minded others, some of whom will have resources to share with others in awareness that they already know and trust. Knowledge Mountain is a non-denominational teaching church for those in awareness who choose to study the principles of enlightened governance and community participation for survival in the midst of a global tribulation. Hope for the Future: While others will lament the end of this civilization, we see a clean slate for the creation of the next civilization.
Knowing That You are Not Alone: Those long in awareness, and those newly coming into awareness, are a thinly spread minority. We all have responsibilities over Christmas, and it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of simply crossing things off our list. I know, I know, simple and holidays don’t really go together these days, but it’s the simple things that you will remember most about the season: the smell of the Christmas tree, the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you unwrap a gift someone has put thought into, and the warmth of a loved one’s hug.
Yep, your mother-in-law just made another comment about how you’re running out of time to have children, so you reach for another margarita. If you are struggling to survive the holiday season, here’s what you need to do: Contact us on 0434 337 245 for a FREE 10-minute phone consultation on how we can best help you or book online now. Sign up for Go 30 Days Alcohol Free today and you will receive a FREE tip to your email every day for the next 30 days. To me, the pinnacle of preparedness is a way of thinking about pretty much everything you encounter. No matter what situation comes your way, the first step is to accept that whatever the event is, it really happened. The story that stands out in my mind the most was the one about the people in the World Trade Center on September 11. Once you’ve accepted that this incident is indeed going down, you must devise a plan. Watching movies and reading books with survival situations is like a dry run for actual events. Groups including everything from the Boy Scouts to sniper schools to government spy agencies and surveillance teams use a simple game to teach situational awareness and develop your memory. The game is based on a book by Rudyard Kipling, and it teaches you to immediately observe your surroundings and commit these observations to memory. The habit of observing and absorbing information before a situation occurs will help in the creation of your plan. Part of Barlow’s (2002) description of an adaptive alarm model suggests that a freeze response may occur in some threatening situations. So, in the context of this particular study, the freeze response could be related to an overload of stimuli because of the demands of creating your plan. You don’t have to be in the midst of a terrorist attack or on a crashing plane to apply the three steps above. You take decisive action, immediately cancelling cable, pushing back the family vacation indefinitely, sending out newly-rewritten resumes, and dialing back the grocery bill.

Car Accident: Sometimes the aftermath of an accident is more dangerous than the accident itself. Your car is halfway down a ravine, held in place by a groaning tree that could give at any moment. You roll down the window, cut a jammed seat belt with the knife from the console, and wait for the kids to get out and clear of the vehicle. As you’re browsing through the cooler checking the price of a bottle of water, you hear a crash, then shouting up near the cash register.
You grab the bug out bags, the safe full of documents, the pet carriers, and the photo albums. Studying situations in which others have survived is a valuable way to develop your prepper mindset. Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, leaving all links intact, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio. Daisy Luther is a single mom who lives in a small village in the mountains of Northern California, where she homeschools her youngest daughter and raises veggies, chickens, and a motley assortment of dogs and cats. Daisy is a prolific blogger who has been widely republished throughout alternative media. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy uses her background in alternative journalism to provide a unique perspective on health, self-reliance, personal liberty, and preparedness. A few decades ago I took a series of wilderness survival courses through Sea-Grant and our local community schools program. I will share the seven steps and try to give some examples on their usefulness both in survival situations and as a general guide to life and prepping.
Recognition is the essence of situation awareness, the antidote to normalcy bias, in the woods we call it heads up. Cover, concealment, body armor, gas mask, pandemic protection, rubber gloves, a garbage bag, any type of protection falls under shelter. Communications radios, cell phones, signal mirrors, flares, three fires on the beach, but also in a crowd or dark ally body language. People complain about the sheeple that walk around with their focus locked onto their smart phones. But realistically how long will it take to get to the point where you can let your guard down? Your 4 months in, neighborhood been doing ok, your buddy Joe ran out of supplies and his family is getting by on one meal a day and not always a full one.
It is interesting how easy it is to become complacent and to stop recognizing what’s around us at any given time.
I don’t know how many times I have said, prepping is a “life-style” not a THING to do just because it the new “fad”.
Lol, hey, that’s not fair with the old grumpy men club…any room for old grumpy women?
Step #4 Signals, Never seen it mentioned here (fairly new to the site), but has the subject of police whistle come up? It’s loud and noisy, but effective, no batteries needed (we still carry the FRS radios,also). Some may scoff at the lack of noise discipline, to which I agree (there is a time and place for everything). You will need to be able to relax from the mega stress you will be constantly under but still have someone on watch for security.
Play can mean many things– sitting in a chair picking a guitar, throwing horseshoes, Etc. We all worry about this and that and make sure we are ready for this and that but just forget to enjoy time with those that we are preparing for.
For those that have been burned by friends & therefore feel fun is out of the question, look to self for fun.
It has been a year of trial and error, with plenty of instructive failures and thankful victories.
Therefore, any survival paradigm based solely on material logic will be limited to a period of a year or two, and certainly not a decade or more.
Understanding how this happens starts with examining the underpinnings of the five steps to survival. A goal that will give you the willpower and energy you need to get up each and every morning and take the day on. The longer someone has been in awareness, the more useful survival skills they’ve acquired over the course of their lives. We both got 33 out of 35 questions correct, and we are now both licensed ham radio operators with call signs. She recently put in a couple of weeks of of study and last Saturday passed the general exam, giving her the added ability to reach out to the world on HF (also called shortwave). As a result the ham radio clubs are becoming very senior and frankly, we’ve been told attending funerals has become far too common.
Especially if you’re serious about learning amateur radio, participating locally, and networking with other hams. In our area there is even a preppers’ net (a scheduled get-together on a certain day of the week and time, on a certain radio frequency).
When it comes to amateur radio, there is no shortage of uber geeks happy to talk your ears off if you ask them a sincere question. When I get these answers here is my first question, “How many times must you be raped before you are willing to pick up a gun?” The answer is always silence. In the coming tribulation, we will all be beset by devolved humans with absolutely no interest in an enlightened conversation about the need for self-defense, and no patience for allowing you to remove the gun lock from your weapon so you can load it.
If you cannot afford a firearm, at the very least you can afford a local firearms safety and marksmanship course. Check with your local Sheriff’s office or fire department and ask them about available instruction, such as the CERT program.
One thing that amazes me is the number of Americans who only speak English, and yet they are moving to small countries in Central America.
This will be an important consideration in terms of your ability to integrate into the local community.  That is if you cannot afford to buy a large tract of land for a community of 100 people or more. Small cities that are located at critical highway junctions are going to be the most likely to see Homeland Security checkpoints. You want to see areas where good folk take care of their neighbors, and where outsiders can fully integrate into the community.
This is a huge advantage because with for-profit entities as there is always the taint of personal incentive, and with egalitarian communes, there never seems to be any consensus until it’s too late.
However in the worst of times, churches shine because they do have an inherent ability to quickly organize people and resources around disaster needs. Consequently the person in front of you may be an engineer, to the left a doctor, to the right a construction worker, and behind you hospital lab technician, for example. For example, your construction worker may belong to a shooting club with lots of ammo reloading equipment. Even if you are a newbie to the community when the guacamole hits the fan, if you’ve done your local networking properly, you will still be a member of the community. For this reason, the best way to begin exploring your own wellness plan is by reading the book, One Second After by William R.
Your most important resource in combating these two causalities will be your lower gastrointestinal tract. This is because doctors in America are taught to mainly prescribe patented medicines produced by the pharmaceutical companies that underwrite the system.
That being said, if you bust a leg or suffer a nasty gunshot wound, you need a doctor, not a massage therapist. Rather, look for tried-and-true natural solutions that have been around for 1,000 years or more, such as essential oils, acupuncture and so forth. When I was a medic in the Army back in the 1970s I was eating C Rations that had been canned in 1943, and I got along just fine on them because back in 1943 everything was organic.
That means stockpiling heritage heirloom seeds, both for growing food and for medicinal plants. While a good wellness strategy will help you fight disease, faith is the best way to fight despair, and it can even boost your immune system.
This kind of self-pity will not serve you well either, but if you are in awareness, you already know that.
Noah was the architect, master, and commander of a specially constructed vessel, charged with the sacred duty of restoring terrestrial life following a crustal pole shift event. The location of the ark put it at that point where the pole shift tsunami wave would ebb near the ark. Like solitary candles in a breezy, unsympathetic darkness they are geographically isolated, which is not to say they’re isolated from God. Consequently they’re often trapped in disappointing lives where it seems as through they keep seeing the same dismal isolation scenery, because they are spinning around in circles with one foot nailed to the floor. For a few dollars, you get a fast way to pull that nail out of your one shoe, so you can change the scenery, and your life. It’s about being in service to Creator through, studying universal spiritual truths, fellowship with like-minded others, and filling in the gaps to help you fully develop your personal relationship with creator. We invite you to join with like-minded others in awareness as we study universal spiritual truths and join together to help each other survive the coming tribulation. Spiritual freedom gives the ability to advance toward ascension, as well as the ability for our species as a whole to evolve spiritually. My excitement for the season would build up over December as school ended and the summer holidays began. It often feels like another thing on my hectic ‘To do’ list, and on top of managing my normal work load and everyday life, I also have to navigate the ebbs and flows that come with holiday festivities. Next time you feel yourself tensing up, stop and remember what you loved about the holidays as a child.
Don’t try to complicate the season with too many activities, over the top expectations, and stressful tasks.
Passive aggressive comments can arise over dinner conversation, arguments arrive over seemingly minuscule details, and issues and circumstances that occurred years ago can rear their ugly heads and make it a day we’d rather forget. Or maybe the stress of your holiday workload is getting to you, so you live it up one night in an attempt to forget about it. While the execution isn’t always easy, making these steps second nature will greatly increase your chances of survival, no matter what kind of disaster you are facing.
This is a fantastic game that you can play with your kids or your team to get them to be much better at noticing and remembering details. The faster you can move through steps one and two, and then act, the more likely you are to escape many situations.
For example, a person who is aware they would have little chance of victory in a direct combat situation against a stronger, more experienced opponent might take the action of hiding and being very still. You sell some stuff just sitting in your basement and you fill out the paperwork for unemployment insurance. You are, too, but you have your small children with you, so taking aggressive action is not an option.
You direct them to a hidey-hole, you pull your weapon, and you get between them and anyone that might come down the aisle.
You’re already down the road in 10 minutes, while other people are still trying to put together an overnight bag. Have you ever been caught up in the midst of a situation where your preparedness mindset was helpful? All I need is an email address, and a link to the newest articles will come right to your inbox.
The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). It doesn’t matter if one is dealing with a boat sinking in cold water, a bear charging, investing in food storage, stocks, gold, bullets, SHTF, no action to mitigate the threat can begin until it is recognized as a threat. I don’t have a smart phone but I noticed that I would walk around stuck inside my own head at times too focused on what I needed to pick up while in the store.
What if that moment you do is picked up and used as a vulnerability and a moment of opportunity by someone who has harbored ill intent?

Most folks have grey areas, I just know that we need to be like water and at the same time a pillar of steel. I would bet everyone here has those moments of “day-dreaming” and misses a lot of what’s going on that may have dire affects us.
If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, than stop doing it and go find something else, period.
The oldest, grouchiest people have always lived the longest and have done it without friend one. That said, I can think of nothing more disconcerting than being confronted with a loud eruption of police whistle blasts coming from several concealed and scattered defensive positions.
Plus, I have an exciting announcement for those in awareness about a whole new way to synergize your survival efforts with like-minded others to pool skills and resources and create enlightened survival communities.
The result of all this is a completely new survival paradigm I call, “the five steps to survival,” which puts a new spin on the usual considerations. You’ll cross that bridge when you come to it.” Dear reader, if that logic works for you, might I interest you in the purchase of a bridge? Likewise it is also probable they do not realize the full extent of their skill experiences and what they’ve gained. No matter where you go, there you are with a tool that is always at the ready to save your bacon.
You learned a skill that will come in handy once again, and you trained your mind to increase its capacity at the same time.
My years of research have shown me that without question, amateur radio will be the one single technology that will most influence the outcome of the tribulation.
Plus, you do not need to learn Morse code to get a ham radio license, as was the case in the past. Unlike weapons and cars that are associated with your personal information, there is no such concern with amateur radios.
So these amateur radio clubs are enthusiastic to bring new people in to the hobby, particularly younger people.
Consequently, learning new skills is amazingly easy as they are so many talented amateur radio operators eager to share their knowledge. Here I must admit, when doing relocation webinars I always ask women, particularly those who are single and living alone, if they have a self-defense weapon and know how to use it.
If you are considering moving to such a location and cannot fluently speak Spanish as a second language, there’s no time to acquire that skill to the extent necessary to blend in with the local population. On the other hand, if you’re not ready to make that sacrifice, then how long can you tread water? On the other hand, small towns with 10,000 or fewer people and with one road in and out of town are far superior. So join local faith-based organizations and clubs, volunteer your time and expertise to help others, donate to charity, become a good citizen of that community. So network with them by first finding a local church that lines up with your core belief systems, one where you can enjoy being a member and get involved in church activities. Also, self healing energy practices such as Yoga, Reiki, Qigong, and Danjeon Breathing will be helpful. Point being, canned and packaged foods loaded with salts and sugars and GMO are alien to your body and to your chances of survival. You’ll need an organic cold pressed oil, such as coconut, sesame, sunflower or olive.
That’s because salt is mined by huge underground operations with millions of dollars worth of mining equipment, thereby making it cheap.
Also, sodium bicarbonate is immensely useful for a myriad of purposes, especially for upset stomachs, brushing your teeth, etc. It’s about each of us being in service to God, no matter what it takes, and this is the kind of faith you will need to endure a terrible tribulation of a decade or more.
Nonetheless, what is most frustrating for them is that they do not know what to do with their awareness. Through our membership program and forum you will be able to connect with like-minded others, regardless of where they are located geographically.
Soon illustrious holiday decorations were hanging around town, the Christmas tree would go up, and presents were being bought. The holidays have become more about survival than enjoyment, which if we’re honest, is not what Christmas is really about. While you’re working tirelessly to pull off a wonderful holiday season for friends, family or colleagues, you’re neglecting yourself if you don’t pause and embrace the festivities too. While it’s important to work through your feelings, try not to let bitterness overtake your enjoyment of the day. For example, when fleeing or aggressive responses are likely to be ineffective, a freeze response may take place.
There has been some speculation that a form of cognitive paralysis occurs due to immense cognitive demands that occur in the context of life-threatening situations or stressors (Leach, 2005). Sheltering in place in some situations is a better course of action than proceeding out into more danger.
You have to get your kids out of the car before it plunges further down, because no one could survive that.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. Although just walking around a store is not a dangerous situation, being aware of potential situations will give you a jump on everyone else if something should arise.
I think ya need to get over that one, when everything comes unglued, there won’t be any play.
Don’t, to be honest, if all there is to living after TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI has no enjoyment to it, then count me out, I’m to friggen old to just live in a hole somewhere and just “survive”, Yes I will do everything I can do to “make it through” but guess what……. If not, wouldn’t you agree that the time has come to to see tribulation survival in a whole new way? Literally speaking, this is a new survival paradigm that feeds the soul in a very human way. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at each of the five steps, beginning with skills. Interestingly enough, many of these life experiences, regardless of how relevant to survival they may be, have gifted you with invaluable insights into future survival skills.
In a human sense, this translates to more neural networks in your brain, and best of all, no schmucks on Wall street will be the richer for it.
If you’re concerned about confiscation, simply get multiple radios and store them in different locations. Therefore, it is imperative that you either start, or are accepted into, a survival community of 100 or more people.
Especially if that town is in a remote area of the state far away from any metropolitan area. If you are presently dependent on pharma in any way, this book will light a fire under your backside to naturally end that dependency.
While you create your own wellness food stores, you’ll add incredibly useful survival skills to your repertoire as you increase your value to a future survival community.
Because this is what happens in the early stages of forced awareness, and this self pity will surround you like a medieval plague. Now you can travel with others who share your feelings, your thoughts, your dreams, your visions, and your love for humanity.
Those with the funds to buy a property and outfit it will need community members with the diverse skills to run it and make it a success, in large enough numbers to make it safe.
That being said, here are 5 steps I’ll be keeping in mind this coming week so I not only survive the holidays, but can learn to love them again. Make a decision to stop working, and sit down with a family member or colleague at a Christmas party. For example, tonic immobility may be useful when additional attacks are provoked by movement or when immobility may increase the chance of escaping, such as when a predator believes its prey to be dead and releases it.
You speak calmly to them and explain that they will be going out the back window  driver window one at a time.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. It’s important to take a break from the norm at times just to refresh your mind and spirit.
When surrounded by more than two concealed people blowing whistles alternately and in rapid disorder, it is next to impossible to pin-point their location. Realistically speaking, poisonous snakes live under rocks, but there is not a snake living under every rock, and not all snakes are poisonous.
However, what’s more important than how far we can communicate around the world, is with whom.
Only such communities will have sufficient numbers of adults to mount an adequate defense, and to have a wide enough variety of self-sufficiency skills. So make sure to focus on local networking and on being the same kind of good neighbor and good citizen you want to find around you.
Believe that each and every day, and give thanks to God for that which you have, and seemingly magical things will begin to make a difference in your life.
This is the time of the gathering, the time to start forming these groups and locating them in safe areas. Even as I grew older and knew that Santa was just another term for my parents, I still loved to imagine his coming on Christmas morning. Allow yourself to join in the banter and games that take place, and don’t be afraid to take five minutes for yourself so you can be centred. Monitor how long you spend in difficult conversations, and allow yourself to debrief afterward in the privacy of your own home.
Since most points of danger are likely to come from other people, I chose to concentrate on recognizing the dangers that others represent. Most people over 50 are on some kind of regular meds to control their health whether it be a painkiller, a blood thinner, a decongestant, heart meds, to insulin.
I agree that initially there wont be much time to play, but at some point you have to give yourself that mental break. The intruder knows they have been spotted, not only spotted, but spotted by more than one person, causing them to either retreat or declare their intentions while your group stays concealed.
When I get a text with a personal scenario I am forced into recognition of a particular situation.
In a SHTF situation you may not be waiting for rescue but you may be hunkered down for a long time and it will be imperative to find ways to keep people focused.
Then there are the skills that are easy to measure:  language, education, outdoor activities, hobbies, and special interests, for example. So you can join radio club meetings as a real ham, to network, learn, study, and be able to legally practice and develop your radio skills now, and become an expert.
Like the animals showing up two by two for Noah, amazing synchronicities will unfold in your life as well. Christmas Day was filled to the brim with good food, good times and family, and I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy festivities, but don’t use alcohol, substances or other unhealthy habits as a crutch. Their inability to accept the scope of the danger caused many of them to perish in a tragic incident that other people, who acted immediately, survived. The longer the isolation the more important it becomes to keep from falling into depression. The calculated risk for buying a firearm is orders of magnitude greater than that of becoming a licensed ham radio operator. When that happens, your days of being alone in your awareness are over, and here is the good news — it just happened.

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