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Although we hiked only a short distance on the East Coast Trail, what we saw and subsequently learned in researching the world class hike has convinced me to return and hike the entire length. Although it is intended to inspire, the blog is not a substitute for a quality hiking guide and map.
Always a wonderful thing to learn about the culture and the history of the places we then hike around.

The weather we enjoyed was quite civilized at the time of our visit in spite of the fact Hurricane Leslie was barreling its way north in the Atlantic Ocean towards Newfoundland's south coast. Your photo shows a very tall example but its what we call the tree line from the ocean where the trees grow flat to the ground or get sculpted like the one in the photo.
It is a place of strong contrasts with amazing scenery, unique culture and fascinating history.

I believe the good maintenance level we experienced is likely consistent for the entire 230 KM.

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