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Next, choose your plants {you can check out this┬áspacing chart to get a sense of what each plant needs}. I’ve had raised beds in the past couple years but just read this book last month and am so excited to put my beds to optimal use! I have made bird netting covers to go over the gardens to keep white cabbage butterfly off.
I would think the concrete blocks might actually cost more unless you can get a really awesome deal on them. I used cement board, with a little 1 x 1 piece of wood in the corner to nail them together. I do plant some things slightly fewer than what it calls for so that they get larger though. For grids, we put a nail in at one foot intervals down the top edge of our beds and ran string to mark off our squares. I have 2′ deep raised beds along the perimeter of two adjoining sides of our small yard. I am also planting only open pollinated heirloom seeds this year so any advice on varieties for the Pacific Northwest would be most welcome! We are moving back to the USA after being in Indonesia for 3 years and I am excited about starting my garden again, We are moving to Las Vegas though and not sure how things will grow there (I’m a Charleston SC girl).
I did get a comment from someone else about the corn and have been thinking about redoing that. If you have a shady spot or a place to plant the lettuce near some tall veggies it will do fine in the summer. If you are doing traditional gardening, it may not matter so much where you put the trellises because the plants are given a lot of space due to the rows. Soon, I will begin sharing a series of blog posts about our recent trip to the Czech Republic and Croatia. It can be a little bit of a hard landing to return to reality and normal life after a trip to a far-away place. Even though I cleaned and prepped the beds in anticipation of our return, about a million weeds managed to spring up with remarkable speed.
I was surprised to find a crop of some sort of mushroom sprung up in the grass when I cleaned up the beds for planting.
Bjorn is adept at building climbing structures and critter protection for our raised beds using electrical conduit, rebar, chicken wire and zip ties. The square-foot beds are a visual contrast to the mishmash of my planting methods I employ throughout the rest of the yard.

Now, all we have to do is keep things weeded, watered and pick whatever is fresh and ready to eat. The last time we saw Feist live was in 2006 or so, before The Reminder came out when she performed at the Fine Line in Minneapolis. I’m such a novice that I’d love to just be able to copy what someone else in the area is doing! As for the raised garden bed, all I did was set 4 8x4x8 boards up int he shape of a rectangle and nail the corners together.
I know it’s late for this year but next spring I would like to plant something on my deck (no restrictions there).
I am a newbie and want to know what kind of wood or nail should go in there to make the beds. Includes over 75 photographs, illustrations, instructions, and charts showing growth rate and proper plant choice. If you don’t have access to the garden on both sides it will make it hard to work with your broccoli and cilantro.
I was planning on planting the lettuce every couple of weeks, but I have to rethink that also, I remember how hot it got last summer and it did not do so well and would be growing to late in the season. We rent our home so I don’t want to invest to much money so was thinking for this year to use cinder blocks which I could take with me when we move. Hopefully Sandra will send us some pictures mid-summer, so we can see how it looks with plants growing.
I really like the layout and space she gave everything, this post really inspired me to get mine started next summer (I just have a sad little spot right now that I’m using). But when you remove the rows and grow intensively, tall plants will shade short ones, which could delay their growth.
Most of what I grow require cageing or trellising and I wonered if the trellis is always on the noth side of your garden?
I like to plant lettuce, green onions, beets, carrots, parsnips, radises…all that in a 4 x8 space. Constructing a bed from 1x8x8 cedar would run $45, and the beefier 2x8x8 lumber would be $56. I really like them so far because they are easy to set up, I can plant in the holes of the blocks, and I also use them for rotating my mobile chicken coop…allowing the chickens to help fertilize the soil. The planted herbs, marigolds, portulaca and other flowers in the holes, and they became colorful borders to my vegetable beds. I am going to plant less intensively with more crop rotation in hopes of thwarting the dreaded mildew this year!

This year my beds are a little deeper though {more soil} so I will try comparing them again. I am planting beans, corn, and squash together-the three sisters method and I am anxious to see if it works. What color does Sandra garden from (I’m Blue, so I want to make sure we have similar locations before I borrow some of her ideas, hehe!).
I’m also thinking of making two foot wide bed for tomatoes and a three foot wide for the squash. In one bed I have growing now I put the sweet corn in 2sq ft at back, zucchini took 2sq ft hanging over the edge, then Brussel sprouts, dwarf beans and carrots. They holes tended to dry out faster than the bed, but everything planted in the holes was drought tolerant, so I didn’t have to water them more often than the bed. I garden in raised beds too and I use, if not the traditional square foot method, a grid pattern for many of my plants i.e. We are also planning on adding more compost to the beds and plumbing water lines for more consistent watering than using a hose for two hours every day (whole yard). Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month.Square Foot Gardening – Giant Zucchini Alert! Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month.Square Foot Gardening – Growing Vegetables in Squares is Cool!
Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month.Can You Grow Potatoes in a Square Foot Garden? You can consider planting it next to early spring veggies (like broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, or peas).
The lettuce is going to LOVE growing next to the corn, since it will get tons of sun all day long, but be shaded in the hot afternoon. The corn will come out soon giving the brussel sprouts more room, and winter veges will go in the same garden when last of beans are harvested. I loved them, and if I ever have the opportunity to have another large garden, I will use them again.
You could still build your shape, but do it in sections that would be easier to move (3×6).
Don’t grow too many cabbages close together, plant something like parsnips, beets etc between them as their leaves over shadow each other and can cause mildew.

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