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From the formulationof research questions, to the design of thestudy and analysis of data, to reporting theresults, the author discusses basic andadvanced statistical techniques.

Each techniqueis clearly outlined, with step-by-stepprocedures for performing the analysis, adetailed guide to interpreting SPSS output,and an example of how to present theresults in a report.
Statistical techniquescovered include: Descriptive statistics Correlation Multiple regression Logistic regression Factor analysis T-tests Analysis of variance Multivariate analysis of variance Analysis of covariance Non-parametric testsIllustrated with screen grabs, examples ofoutput, and tips, the SPSS Survival Manualcan be used by researchers at any levelacross all disciplines. It is supported by awebsite with sample data and guidelines onreport writing and is fully updated for SPSSVersion 12.Julie Pallant (Australia) lectures in statistics inthe School of Mathematical Sciences at SwinburneUniversity.

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