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Challenge00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitAcceptance, fairness, unconditional love If we as humans have conviction in the values of fairness, acceptance & most important unconditional love and want to stand by these values there is no reason which can support excluding children with special needs from mainstreaming.
Replyruchinarula10(Maximum 900 words)SubmitBetter Chance At Success I work with special education students once a week during one of my high school classes.
Replyruchinarula10(Maximum 900 words)SubmitFair Educational Opportunities I am a high school special ed teacher who teaches in a self contained classroom. Replyruchinarula10(Maximum 900 words)SubmitSpecial needs students would benefit from being mainstreamed! Challengeruchinarula10(Maximum 900 words)SubmitMy cousin His name is Justin, he is autistic and has a muscular disease that prevents him from walking with his own strength.
Replycaitlynblack99laresamartin23(Maximum 900 words)SubmitTheir rights are not more important than those of the normal children. Replypalindrome110lizstarphdcaitlynblack99laresamartin42(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNot usually the best choice. Challenge00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitIn many cases it benefits students to be mainstreamed but it should not be the case for all students..
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo, special education students should not be mainstreamed As suggested in the name, these students require special attention and have special needs. Replylaresamartin10(Maximum 900 words)SubmitSpecial education students require special assistance While the idea of introducing special education students into a regular student environment may have noble intentions, it is not practical and in fact detrimental to both special and regular students. Replylizstarphd10(Maximum 900 words)SubmitSPED should not be mainstreamed I am a soon to be special education teacher, and have worked in special education rooms from an early age. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo they dont even need to go to school Sped students interrupt normal students and slow the class down. Chrome - Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal designwith sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Firefox - Firefox is a browser that is non-profit, fast flexible and secure"Different By Design". Internet Explorer 8 - IE8 makes web browsing faster, safer and easier.Before downloading IE8 throught this link, it is recommended to applyyour windows updates, IE8 will be one of them and is the recommendedinstallation procedure. Safari - Safari puts the emphasis on browsing not the browser.Innovative features make your experience on the web better than it ever was.
The Near North District School Board is committed to supporting an inclusive andaccessible environment. There are plenty of different articles online talking about whether or not special education students should be placed in a regular classroom or be separated and maybe even go to a special school. For example if the teacher wants to move on during a lesson he or she has to slow things down to try and make sure that one specific student understands it while making the rest of the students behind on their work or if that one student has a mood disorder it can cause a distraction and keep others from learning. One idea I recommend for parents to do is put their children in special education classes for a while until they improve in their comprehension and vocabulary and gain confidence.
As UVM professor, Michael Giangreco said, “Students with learning disabilities receive unequal education.” Which can be true, but that is not always the case. Putting aside all the arguments that come with this topic I think it’s a good thing that there actually are ways to help special education students and they are able to pass all their classes. Should charter schools be required to enroll students labeled special needs at the same rate as local school districts, that is, educate their “fair share”?
If you say that they disbehave, maybe its because you don't pay attention to them, and they need that so they rebel against you.
If the disruptions are not so severe that it affects the progress of the class in general.
We have no right to say that we are sensitive and respectful towards humans if we exclude them.

It helps them become better and stronger people Yes, special need children should be mainstreamed because improves academically, socially, and improve their self esteem. These students get the help they need within their special little school, but once they outgrow that need for that certain type of learning, they need to be engaged in the real life of a real high school. In some cases special education students are dealing with relatively minor and possibly even surmountable problems. He wants nothing more than to make people laugh, not at him, but rather the things that he says. Children with intellectual impairments have very different educational needs as compared to other students.
While I do believe that peer interaction is healthy, if students with learning disabilities were to be mainstreamed, there is no way they would reach their highest potential.
Kids with mild disabilities or mental ilness should still be in a mainstream class room because they can actually learn.
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Some people think they should be separated only because when they hear “special education” they automatically assume it’s someone who is brain-damaged or who uses a wheel chair and respirators.
Also sometimes there can be a teacher that doesn’t even pay any attention to them and continues with their lesson and the student might end up falling behind and not pass the class because no one is willing to help them. I think it has to do with the teachers or the schools they are in and how much they really pay attention to the students with special needs.
So whether or not they are being separated from other students I don’t think any of the arguments matter as long as they get the help they need which is most important.
Or is it reasonable for a charter school to counsel special education students to go elsewhere, if another school would be a better fit? It puts our students at a great disadvantage when trying to compete for jobs upon graduation from high school and going to college is pretty much out of the question. He doesn't want to be locked up in a room with one on one instruction, he just wants to be noticed by people that aren't always working with him.
If introduced into a regular student environment they would likely not receive the same attention and special requirements for them would likely distract from the education of other students.
That is not always the case, some just have trouble learning at the same pace as others like they might have a speech problem or maybe trouble reading which is known as Dyslexia. That’s why I think it’s better if they are in their own classes that way everything is on their own pace and they won’t feel bad for not being able to learn like others. But if they feel like it’s too fast or they begin to fall behind in their classes then they might be better off in special education class. He also said, “Even though they are in the same classroom with other students, they are isolated at the back doing separate work.” I also think it’s true because I’ve seen in happen before in some of my classes.
Then there’s also the concern that is they go to a special school or even a regular they might get mistreated by the teachers. If the child can even halfway keep up with their typical peers than why should they be denied the opportunity to try? Mainstreaming these kids once they get to the point where they need it, is the best thing you can possibly do to help them. Although our students are allowed to participate in some career education programs it is optional for them to enroll in these courses and it is only provided in a one 90 minute block of time per day.
It's obvious that he won't ever become a super intelligent being, but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel the need to be loved and accepted just like almost every other human being. The traditional classroom setting is not conducive to meting the needs of most special needs children.

Then other special education students don’t have really have bad learning disabilities that they have the ability to work at the same pace as others, while others need the extra help and need to be watched over the whole time. I also think some students might feel more comfortable being taught in separate classes just for the reason that other students might stare or say something mean about them. There are also schools who specialize on students with special needs so if they don’t like how things are being done at a regular school they can always go there. It makes me feel bad that they can’t participate in the things we do when they might want to but they can’t or are not allowed to.
And there has been cases about that but that’s when I think parents should get involved and do some research on the schools and maybe even try talking to the parents of the students who are already attending and see how they feel about the teachers and the way they teach and treat the children.
Many cases of special needs improve greatly when they are able to see good examples of behavior and communication modeled by their peers. They can't learn just the basics of what their special education teachers thinks is good for them. Typically people imagine severely mentally incapacitated students only and don't think of the kid with a mild case of dyslexia.There's too many variables to really define who should and should not be mainstreamed and to what extent. Teacher simply does not have the time it would take to teach their mainstream students and SPED students. I personally think it’s okay for special education students to be taught in regular classes with the rest of the students only if they don’t cause any distractions.
I understand that some of the special education students want to feel normal and do things others do, but it can be hard. That’s what I would do just to make sure I make the right decision on choosing the school or program I want my child to attend to get the best help.
My son grows by leaps and bounds from being in a typical class environment with help from a para.
If they have the ability to branch out and grow, I don't see why anyone would want to stop that child from doing so. With students that need extra care and are in classes with regular students it can be hard for the teacher. You can have a well-behaved child with a minor learning disability that requires special instruction in one subject and you put him in a classroom that includes kids with serious behavioral issues. They are a part of this world and most of the world wants to sweep them under the rug instead of helping them become more Independent. Then the kid who would've made it to college otherwise falls in with the wrong crowd and develops his own behavioral problems and at worst may even fall into a life of crime. It's a true disservice to put kids who just have certain troubles understanding materials in with kids with serious behavior issues. And now I'm getting evaluated on the basis of whether or not the other 17 students are learning.
Kids with serious behavioral issues that show no sign of stopping should be referred to military school to get them back into shape. High functioning and non-behavioral difficult children can most definitely be mainstreamed.
But those who require more care and attention should not be put in a position where it alters the regular flow of learning.

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