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In questi giorni di neve e ghiaccio, l'inizio di tutti gli outfit sono scarpe; abbiamo approfittato dei saldi Baldinini per scegliere questi stivaletti da rocker a prova di scivolone.
The one (and only—seriously) good thing about living in a dorm with roommates is the roommate contracts. UVIKO™ Rust Proof Royal Blue "Mesh Tote" Shower Caddy with Handle - Perfect for Dorm, Gym, Sports, College and even for Kids Bath Toys! Written by students for students, by a team of journalists from universities nationwide, we’re on the pulse of the college experience.
To make the chocolate spoons (this is fun to do with your kids!), melt a few blocks of chocolate in the microwave, and dip the tops of some chocolate spoons into it (we made four per gift basket).
For the hot chocolate jar, fill the small mason jar with hot chocolate mix and a handful of mini marshmallows. Christina is a crafty mommy to three little girls, a wife to one handsome hubby, and they all live in a home they built themselves in rural Alberta, Canada. I just landed on these adorable gift tin ideas and I am so excited now for upcoming holidays. For Journey Clayton, this statement rings more than true as she struggles under the weight of her mother's cocaine addiction. There’s nothing like coming home from a busy day in class to… an overflowing trashcan, dishes in the sink and a roommate fighting with her boyfriend? RAs tend to distribute these early in the year in hopes that it will keep everyone aware of what we expect from one another. Things can go from zero to a 100 real quick and an even bigger fight could ensue over stolen eggs or a broken plate.
Also… not sure if you knew or not but you have a spelling error on step # 4 of the cookie printable. She learns from a very young age that family doesn't offer as much help as she hoped they would. As seen through the eyes of a young girl coming of age, observe how Journey struggles to survive amidst the deception, violence, and murder that surround her.

But sometimes if you do it right, you can get the results you want and (as the cherry on top) get a kick out of it at the same time. For those weary of having to actually make face-to-face human contact, this method is for you.
Sometimes, the best way to train your unruly roommates to be a little cleaner is to help their slob selves out. I also share fun things on Instagram and my new YouTube channel and I'd love to connect with you there. Any chance you have a printable template for the snowflake that is on the lid of the Christmas Hot Chocolate jar? It's not until she befriends Khalid, the son of a neighborhood drug dealer, who is trying to stay above the struggle himself, that she starts to believe there might just be hope . Now that your mom isn’t around anymore to clean up the mess (don’t panic, but you’re an adult now). Roommate contracts really mean you have written proof with a signature that you can tattle when your roommate is throwing a little too much sass when you ask her to clean up after herself (every. One night, I confronted my roommate over her extremely loud sobbing (seriously—the dead could have heard her and woken up) over a phone call argument with her boyfriend. When dealing with roommates who couldn’t be bothered to wash a single dish, I swallowed my pride and washed everything in the sink—even their things. Thanks so much for stopping by!We have had far too many Snow Days here for my liking lately.
Thanks so much for putting all of these ideas online with clickable links to make the project so easy. Battling with roommates without sounding like you’re constantly nagging them is probably the most important lesson they won’t teach you in school. As tempting as it may be to tape a note to the fridge saying, “Hey, you disgusting mess, take out the trash once in a while!”–don’t. A couple of weeks ago, the temperature dropped to -44 degrees (celcius) with the windchill!

Punch a hole in the top of the instructions, and thread a piece of ribbon or twine (long enough to go around the jar) through the tag and a cookie cutter. Knowing this while we made our way through an  “adult” conversation with incredibly sarcastic undertones and thinly veiled smiles made it both one of the funniest and most awkward moments because it was so painfully obvious at that point that we couldn’t stand each other.
That more than likely won’t achieve anything except maybe cause your roommates be even messier on purpose. Noticing my random act of kindness, one of my roommates began to wash my dishes whenever she was in the kitchen, too. We’ve also had several feet of snow recently, plus some freezing rain to top it all off.
When my roommates thought it was too difficult to go down one flight of stairs to throw the garbage away, I wrote a note for them stating that we all needed to pull our weight in keeping the apartment clean to avoid being the next tragedy on TLC’s “Hoarding.” There was an appropriate amount of sass and no pointing fingers–two more points for me, HBIC. Needless to say, we’ve spend a lot of time inside doing crafts, Christmas baking and watching movies. Pulling out the roommate contract with my most diabolical smirk while pointing to the section on cleanliness that we BOTH agreed on.
As an additional safety precaution, I bought some Subway cookies (white chip macadamia… mmm) and left a plate of them next to the note. However, be wary, my fellow socially anxious roommates: doing them a favor like that can be taken the wrong way. Try doing them a favor here and there in the pursuit of apartment cleanliness, but if they don’t reciprocate the kindness then consider voicing your concerns instead. A friendly reminder that they aren’t Disney princesses–no random animals are doing their housework for them–should do the trick.

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