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The build quality itself, while not the best that we have seen compared to later quadruped avatars from Lost Furest, is appropriate for the time period in whence it came. The paws for this avatar are relatively simple, but are a point of difference between avatars.
The biggest issue with the legs, however, is the joints where the legs meet the trunk of the body. The torso shape is well made, consisting of three separate pieces which allow for variation and flexibility in body movement. The tail itself is decent; with good texturing all the way through to match the body itself, though sometimes there is a little bit of clipping between alpha layers every now and then when the tail swishes (The flexible tail, that is). The nose is simply textured and not a huge detail to the head, making way to the cleft which then forms the upper lip of the muzzle. The ears themselves are well rounded, but have slightly pointed tips with white, furry lining on the inside, and a single white leopard spot on the back of each ear. This avatar has many features; of which have been dispersed in-between the two available HUDs and a small set of text commands. As with the other Lost Ferals avatars, the animation overrider maintains a huge importance since it provides character and style to the avatar. For the most part, the body and the features are almost exactly the same as the ordinary Leopard, save for textures, prim fluff, and a different head. As such, we will be using much of the material for that review here, with exception of parts that are different between avatars, which we will point out. The actual base prims of the avatar that make up most of the body and the attachments are a straight, simple colour, the one that users bought.
Compared to, for example, the Lost Ferals Cheetah which is around the region of height, this avatar is thicker; with a wider midsection and bulkier thighs and paws. With this particular avatar, while the paw-structure remains mostly the same, the toes themselves are much larger and thicker.
On the front of the body, the legs appear as if they’re human-like arms, propping the avatar up from doing push-ups.
The sculpts that make up the torso are also well shaped and textured; shifting focus away from the legs to the body itself.

A small issue with the tail lies in its placement; this tail appears a little too low between the rear haunches, which is more akin to where the anus might be, rather than the tailbase. The inside of the muzzle has simple, torus-based prim teeth and a sculpted tongue on the interior.
The only option not controlled by HUD is the selection of on of two of the eyes’ pupil size. There is at least a few dozen animations, sounds, and gestures that bring the avatar to life.
Users will be able to take advantage of and have fun with the numerous features that are available to them.
As such, you get the impression of a compact stature which would have worked best if the avatar was larger. This problem replicates itself with the hind legs; the haunches project widely from the sides of the body, making the lower body look deformed.
The length of the body is also on par and appropriately proportioned to the head, but the legs take away from the overall look.
There is also a sculpted, non-flexible version of the tail which looks better than the flexible tail. The implementation of the snarl emote is much better than with the other Lost Ferals Leopard avatar.
While users are unable to directly modify the prims on the avatar, there are a large number of  attachment points still available, which allows users to create their own attachments or use the attachments made available by an active Lost Ferals content creation community. The animation overrider remains a strong part of Lost Ferals avatars, even from this early stage. This creates an interesting visual effect, but sometimes can cause clipping and merging of spots in places where prims meet. We note the single, thick dewclaw on both of the front paws, but exempted on the hind-paws. The teeth themselves are also sculpted smoothly, making them like more realistic fangs with a sharp bite. The lower legs attempt to mimic the digitgrade stance of felines, and does it appropriately well.
We prefer this tail to the flexible one because it appears fluffier and quite large, definitely befitting of a snow leopard.

The connection of the head to the neck is also improved from the other avatar, thanks to a more appropriate head-size. There are also a few other pre-set animation overrider themes that users can access from the HUD. The textures are good for the most part, but the biggest issues like where joints and prims meet, leading to a bundle of spots that don’t merge together well.
The rear legs sufficiently pull off the digitigrade stance with the arches in all the right places, and a set of powerful thighs.
We also make note of the fact that as this is a Snow Leopard avatar, the creators have used a great degree of prim fluff to cover the chest and belly of this avatar, which significantly covers up this problem to make the avatar look better as a whole.
This head has a fairly wide gap between the eyes, giving the muzzle substantial room to take up.
Remember though, that the AO is inside the HUD, and not wearing the HUD will cause the animations not to work. Thankfully, users can shrink the HUD into a small button, even though the HUD itself uses a corner design that is amazing at saving space.
Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (within its region) have it on tons of their coat of arms and all look at it in awe. I have to thank BBC for its documentary Planet Earth which gave me a direct insight (as they claim for the first time in history EVER) into the tactics and abilities of the Snow Leopard. Personally, I'm not too fond of cats, yeah they love me and I love them, but the selfish, feed me, rub me, me me me me meeeeee, behavior makes it a horrid pet choice for me considering the only thing the animal will give me in return is a shrug and occasionally beg me to rub its back. However, if indeed one day I have the opportunity, I will attempt to give the Snow Leopard a safe haven for its home.
Its currently on the Endangered List, and even attempting to make any of them docile or house broken seems like an injustice in itself.

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