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But problems are rife with this research, Shamloul said, because none of the studies used validated measurement techniques when surveying men about their sexual function.
Men and marijuana Marijuana use is widespread, especially among men at their sexual peak in life, Shamloul said. People tend to focus on the possible upsides of marijuana more than the possible downsides, said Sharon Johnson, a professor of social work at the University of Missouri, St.
Research on sexual health and marijuana use in women is even less common than studies in men, Shamloul said. This is f****** b******* these scientist make up to scare people not to smoke weed.Ive smoke weed since 94 and i will be 28 this year cheefing everyday with no problems having a hard on before I have sex.
Diabetes: Men who suffer from diabetes are more likely than not going to face some sort of erection problems and this is a cause of major concern in countries like India which has become the diabetes capital of the world.
Stroke: There is a higher prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men who have suffered a stroke especially if they are smokers or suffer from some other diseases like diabetes, hypertension or are overweight.
Multiple Sclerosis: This condition affects the central nervous system and can cause impotency, though the cases of multiple sclerosis are relatively lower in India than in western countries especially when compared to the United States of America. Heart Ailments: A healthy heart is essential for the proper flow of blood in the body including to the pelvic area and men who suffer from any sort of heart problems are  particularly susceptible to ED. So if you are suffering from any of the above mentioned diseases then it is important that you talk with your doctor or a sexologist if you feel a lower sex drive or encounter problems with getting and maintaining an erection. As I’ve said before, ED is a medical condition in which a man cannot achieve or sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Now for the good news: like many other conditions, psychology can also play an important role in erectile dysfunction.
Many causes of ED are pretty simple to address, but others have serious implications for your health.
It should also be noted that the most affluent individuals had a significantly lower incidence of smoking compared to the more deprived people investigated in the study, and that almost five times more men smoke than do women. Hundreds of chemicals within cigarette smoke itself have been linked with cancer formation in humans.
If the PAH complexes form upon one of these genes it can lead to reduced production of these protective proteins, thus leading to runaway DNA damage and the beginnings of a cancerous cell4. In addition to the increased risk of cancer associated with smoking the habit is also known to cause atheroma (a swelling and hardening of blood vessels due to increased accumulation of fatty debris on the walls of the arteries), which leads to an increased risk of angina, heart attacks and strokes. As well as this, the increased adrenaline release and subsequent increase in heart rate and blood pressure associated with consumption of the nicotine also results in inhibited vasodilation of arteries. The same mechanisms responsible for heart disease as a result of smoking are also responsible for erectile dysfunction in males.
The drastically increased risk of cancer and heart disease among smokers often eclipses the other inconveniences associated with smoking, and erectile dysfunction is often swept aside and seldom discussed. But a new review of research on marijuana and sexual health suggests that male smokers could be courting sexual dysfunction. Some researchers found that cannabis seemed to have the effect of a love drug; in one 1982 study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 75 percent of male pot smokers said the drug enhanced their sex lives. The different questions used could skew the responses, as could the drug itself, he noted in the review. In that study, researchers found receptors for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, in penis tissue from five male patients and six rhesus monkeys. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports that 162 million people worldwide use marijuana each year.
Its very typical for certain scientist and the government to point their finger at weed and make an bad example out of it. THIS IS THE GOVERNMENTS WAY TO STOP WEED FROM BEING SO POPULAR THAT IT WILL HAVE TO BECOME "LEGALIZED"; TO TELL PEOPLE THAT SMOKING WEED WONT GIVE YOU A HARD ON!!!

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, it is estimated that half of all men experience erectile dysfunction at some point. As the cases of diabetes increase so do the cases of erectile dysfunction and unfortunately most of them who face impotency don’t even realize that their medical condition may be the cause of this.
Do not self medicate by trying out ODC medication and only take treatment prescribed by your doctor or a qualified sexologist.
Always seek the advice of your physician, nurse or other qualified health care provider before you undergo any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. We know that smoking cigarettes causes ED, and as marijuana legalization becomes more common, more and more men are asking what effects it can have on their ability to achieve and maintain an erection.
It affects a lot of men; up to 39 percent of men experience ED in their 40s, and nearly all men over 70 have some difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.
Men who suffer from ED often get performance anxiety, and this anxiety can make it even harder (pardon the pun) to achieve a sufficient erection.
A review of the scientific literature shows that it can have both effects in certain circumstances.
Marijuana doesn’t cause ED in the same way as cigarettes, but it can still contribute to the condition.
The only way to know what’s causing ED is to consult your doctor, and when you do, your health (and your sex life) will be better off because of it. The overall decline of smoking among the population of many countries is due largely to a change in advertising; since the link between cigarette smoking and various cancers has now been thoroughly researched and proven beyond any reasonable doubt, more and more people are becoming aware of the threats proposed by smoking, and a larger number of people than ever are choosing to avoid smoking. The most important of these chemicals are the policyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a class of molecules which mediate their effects by forming complexes with DNA. Nicotine interrupts the processes required for release of the vasodilator nitric oxide, the main mediator of the increased penile blood flow leading to an erection, and atheroma of the arteries supplying the penis can also lead to a dramatic loss of function. If you’ve been experiencing erectile dysfunction, quitting smoking can be an instant cure for you!! Research on the topic is contradictory and few studies are high-quality, said study researcher Rany Shamloul, a physician with appointments at the University of Ottawa and Queen's University in Canada as well as the University of Cairo.
Meanwhile, another study published in the same journal the same year found that erectile dysfunction was twice as common in marijuana users – not such good news for lit lotharios. The 39 percent of men in the original 1982 study who said marijuana extended the duration of sex may just have been experiencing the drug's altering effects on the perception of time. Her study, published in 2004 in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that marijuana users have a slightly elevated risk of inhibited orgasms and pain during sex. S*** on the real I wish ciggarett smoking was outlawed, ( but everyone nows this wont happen because the companies make too much damn money off it knowing it kills people everyday;and alot of people in this world are to hook on ciggaretts to stop). LOCK ME IN A ROOM WITH BIG LEGGED WOMAN, A FIFTH OF HENN, AND SOME GOOD DANK, AND LETS ASK "HER" OPINION!! GarlicGarlic is believed to help deal with erectile dysfunction as it contains allicin which helps improve blood flow. A small study, Dr.
Nothing contained in the Service is intended to be or is to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Marijuana use has also been associated with orgasm-related problems (both premature ejaculation and inability to achieve orgasm). There is enough evidence that marijuana can contribute to ED that I recommend against using it as a sexual aid. This is due in part to the effect of the carbon monoxide contained within cigarette smoke, which competes for the oxygen binding site on the iron atom of a haemoglobin molecule, forming a extremely strong bond with this atom, thus out-competing oxygen. While nicotine-induced erectile dysfunction can be seen to be reversed almost immediately after kicking the habit, a build up of debris in the penile arteries brought about by heavy cigarette use may take slightly longer to clear, though5.

But recent research – including the finding that the penis contains receptors for marijuana's active ingredient – suggests that young men may want to think about long-term effects before rolling a joint, Shamloul told LiveScience. Other research suggests a dose effect, in which small amounts of marijuana have little impact on sexual dysfunction, but more marijuana makes for fewer erections. According to the BBC Health, about 70 percent of impotence cases have medical causes and about 30 percent have psychological causes. Pelvic Floor ExercisesPelvic floor exercises can successfully restore erectile function in men with ED. Lawrence Newman September 18, 2014 at 5:18 pm ReplyCircumcision is the biggest cause of ED. But seriously, it’s important to note that marijuana is a drug, and just like alcohol, Tylenol, cocaine or Viagra, it can affect your body in many different ways. Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, low testosterone and obesity contribute to ED, and so do behaviors like tobacco use, and a lack of exercise. Likewise, a 2010 study published in the Journal European Urology found that marijuana may contribute to ED by inhibiting the nervous system response that causes an erection in the first place.
Absent an underlying medical condition, marijuana can help some men relax and overcome their performance anxiety, which can help them achieve an erection. S*** If weed was legalize in the United states and countries like Amsterdam 85 % of world problems would stop.
According to a BJU International study done in 2005, pelvic floor exercises can provide a long-term solution for ED. AlmondsAlmonds are considered a great aphrodisiac and people have been using it for thousands of years. They help strengthen the muscles located at the base of the penile muscle.While doing pelvic floor exercises, you must pay attention to releasing and tightening the pelvic muscles. There are hundreds of prescription medications that can contribute to ED, and being upfront and honest with us is the only way we can help you. This also promotes urinary continence.It is recommended to learn these exercises from an expert and then do them on your own. Also, almonds are rich in zinc, manganese and copper.Mix one tablespoon of powdered almond in a glass of warm milk.
Drink this daily before you go to bed.Alternatively, soak a handful of almonds in water for a few hours. Plus, they help treat involuntary loss of semen during sleep or other times.Slice one to two large white onions.
Eat them with one tablespoon of honey daily before having your dinner.Alternatively, finely chop two large onions and steep them in two cups of warm water for 10 minutes. CarrotsChinese herbalists consider carrots a good remedy for treating ED due to their aphrodisiac qualities and high beta-carotene content.Blend three medium-size carrots, three celery stalks, half of a medium-size beetroot and one to two garlic cloves in a juicer. Pomegranate JuiceDaily consumption of antioxidant-rich pomegranate can protect men against erectile dysfunction.
Plus, it helps increase the nitrite oxide level in the body which in turn increases blood circulation.

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