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The First-Aid Kit is an uncommon healing item in Silent Hill HD Collection that restores a large portion of your health. A section of the subtitles shown after you defeat the first enemy have changed quite a bit. In the final build, when you first enter Woodside Apartment, you are greeted with an over-the-head view.
The background color of the text after fishing out the wallet in the toilet changed from grey to black. Once Maria joins you keep heading towards the same direction as you were earlier until you see another set of stairs, it's a pretty long walk. Head up stairs and continue going forward until you see a Mannequin at the right side of the road. After the cutscene make your way to the other side of the room and enter through the blue door. Grab the map as soon as you enter through the door, Maps are really important since it keeps you from rechecking rooms so much. Examine the typewriter and James will find something written on a carbon paper that's stuck between the sheets. Then go into the women's locker room at the opposite side of men's locker room and examine the teddy bear that's sitting on top of the table. If you're playing on normal or easy then I believe the passcode would be written in it's numerical version.
Once you get the door open head inside and go to room "S3." Maria will sit down and James will suggest that she takes a break while he continues to look for Laura. After screaming like a little girl with the encounter you'll end up at the special treatment rooms, an area which was previously blocked from you. Head back inside the patient wing on the 3rd floor and enter room "S14," it's the last room on that floor. On the push button lock, enter the code that you found on the typewriter that was written on the carbon paper. Leave room C3 and enter room C2, your camera will shift it's angle and you'll see some stuffed bears on top of the metal bed frames.
Check on one of the tray carts after saving your game and you'll acquire the tablet of the glutonous pig.

Unlike the other cell corridor, these cells require that you investigate each gate to find which ones are open. Turn right on the corner and proceed to the third door, it will be broken down and you can enter the shower room. Head back out the way you came and back to the double doors that we ignored earlier (the one in front of the double door with a Lying figure and some rifle bullets inside).
Now head back through the jail cell (the one on the north side where you got the tablet of the oppressor). Turn left as soon as you exit the door and enter through the door right next to the one you came out of.
Inside you'll see a trap door that sticks out but James can't open it because it doesn't have a handle. After following Wiltse Rd you will emerge onto Sanders St, directly infront of the Flower Shop. Grab the health drinks and bullets in front of it andturn right towards the corner of the building to find more health drinks. Examine the door and Maria will insist on being left outside stating that she hates bowling. Equip your handgun and start shooting at them until they fall and proceed to finishing them off with a stomp. Kill both of the Nurses and head inside room "M3." There's another nurse inside, kill it as soon as you enter.
Head for the men's locker room and examine the bloody lab coat to find the examination room key.
For the turning lock, use the code that was written with blood on the special treatment room. Once there, head for room C3 and grab the shotgun bullets from the night table and some handgun bullets near the mattress.
Grab the health drinks on top of the cafeteria tables and save your game on the save point. The first has a box of handgun bullets on the bed and the second has a wax doll sitting on the bed. James's fondness for deep dark holes will get the better of him so you can just jump inside.

Grab the handgun bullets on top of it as well as the Lapis key that's inside the open drawer. Use the Lapis key for the padlock and finally use the Purple bull key that you found in the reception office room from when you just got to the hospital. The oppressor, The seductress and The glutonous pig, then use them on the engraving at the front of the gallows. Then exit the toilets and enter the room on the farthes right side of the hall near the metal gate.
Examine the cabinets at the back and grab all the bullets from the cabinet on the right and also the rifle from the middle cabinet.
Seriously with all the bottomless pits we've jumped down from I thought we'd be in Japan by now or something. Enter the last room, which is "M6" kill the nurse and take the handgun bullets on top of the fallen night stand, as well as a health drink near where the nurse was standing. Kill the Lying figure then grab the first-aid kit, the ampoule on top of the sink and a health drink on top of a stool. Kill them and grab the first-aid kit that's on the floor near the elevator at the end of the hall.
Grab a First-Aid Kit on the table to the left of the shop and head North to activate a short cut scene.
During the scene you'll find a Radio, a Wooden Plank with nails on one end, and a Straight Jacket Monster. If you need to get there from the first monster fight, head West on Vachss Road, South on Lindsey STreet, West on Katz Street, and North on Martin Street. The Motor Home will have nothing but a Save Square and a note that says "Meet me at Neely's Bar." EditHyper Spray If you met the requirements to unlock the Hyper Spray you can go to the Motor Home at the South Western corner of the map and pick it up.

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