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It's just you and an overgrown hinterland seething with insects and wild animals - just the way you like it. In the morning, you boil water and whip up some hard-earned hot grub while consulting your dog-eared copy of the Army Field Manual. I've bought several crates for different gifts this holiday and I have to say this is one of the better ones.
We got this crate for my 12 year old son who is really into the outdoors and survival techniques. The crate was fun, I knew to have a hammer close by after watching some other recipients on You Tube struggle with the crate. The interchangeable tool was pretty stinkin cool - I was worried since I had done some research about this tool and saw some negative reviews - but as a backpacker, the weight and how compact it is, works for us. My husband loved everything about this crate, the only thing he pointed out is that items could have been of a better quality if you are planning on using them on a daily basis. As another year draws to a close, I find myself considering a host of issues that I routinely pause to reflect on at the end of each year.
I think there are 4 key survival concepts that every prepper should work on at all times to place you in the best possible position to survive anything that happens. If you can legally own firearms I believe that there are 5 firearms that make up a well-rounded prepper battery of arms. Shotgun a€“ If you can only have one single weapon for home defense in a collapse scenario, I recommend a shotgun.
Semi-Automatic Rifle a€“ Also known as a€?Assault riflesa€? by anyone trying to demonize guns. There are arguments for shotguns, pistols and even Semi-automatic rifles as your home defensive weapon and it really comes down to what you have, what the threat is and where you are in your home at the time in relation to the weapon. If I am in bed and someone breaks in, I wona€™t grab the shotgun or the rifle, I would go for the pistol. There are always considerations for penetration in a home since our walls are made from sheet-rock and not concrete, but this applies to any firearm. How much do you plan on shooting and how confident you will be able to purchase more ammunition when you need it? You should also consider an inventory system and we have a free ammo inventory spreadsheet available for download that you can use to set targets and track your own personal ammo storage amounts. For 12 gauge shotgun – minimum 250 rounds OO Buck and 500 rounds of varied bird shot. For pistol I would recommend min 12 mags and more if possible – and a min of 2000 rounds per gun. For AK or AR I would recommend min of 30 mags and more if possible – and min of 4000 rounds per gun. Anyone who has ever been in combat knows that you cannot have enough ammo and mags, so the above quantities are the bare minimum – as I would suggest and encourage much more, especially on the AK-AR mags and ammo. The last bar on your cell phone disappears as you drive into the foothills, all of your worries far behind in the rearview mirror. Had some buddies over for Christmas, drinking beer, deep frying turkeys, shooting prairie dogs and riding snowmobiles around the property. I was a little worried that my husband would think it was cheesy, lots of "these types of gifts" come with very low quality products inside, but not this bundle!
Since I started prepping back in 2007, my days to varying degrees are filled with a sense of expectation that wanes or increases with current events and trends. In the beginning there was for me a greater sense of urgency to get ready, but as I have learned and gathered supplies, that urgency has relaxed a good bit. There are also numerous laws and regulations that govern what you may be able to legally purchase. With these 5 firearms, you will be able to deal with situations that we routinely talk about in a breakdown in society.
Shotguns are easy to use, the ammunition is reasonably cheap and they can pull double duty as both defensive weapons and hunting firearms. A semi-automatic rifle is simply one that automatically chambers another round when you pull the trigger. I am not talking about a concealed carry firearm here as I deal with that in another article. The AR-15 will definitely reach out to several hundred yards, but you likely wona€™t be engaging anyone at that distance.
I would not buy a .22 pistol unless I was purchasing this for a younger child or for plinking (practice).
I have all of the items above but my home defense plan is different if I am in bed as opposed to out in the kitchen.

Now, that is because I have one in close proximity and I am comfortable using and firing this particular firearm. We are starting to see a return to normal on ammunition availability and cost but any upcoming legislation could change that again.
This will help with budgeting as well as give you a clear idea of what you need to purchase if you have some extra money. Ammo is everywhere and you can shoot the bad guys between the eyes or in the BLEEPS and take their shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, rations etc. Miles from civilization, not even your cornflower-blue-shirt-wearing boss Tad can encroach on your weekend. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before you trade in your sleeping bag for a log cabin, but you need to set up camp before something mistakes you for dinner. The camp is your domain - would-be predators keep their distance, and the chill leaves your bones.
There was several items in this crate that we needed and some new items we enjoyed, like the bar and jerky.
He posted on his Facebook and all the guys were asking where he got it and wanted to know the cost because they were interested in getting one! My reason for prepping was and remains to be able to protect my family from disasters whether man-made or natural in origin and it is that goal that causes me to look to the future for warning signs. I chalk that up to actually being prepared at some level and the comfort I gain from knowing if something does happen, I have a lot of bases covered already.
If you have these four bases covered, you will be so much better prepared to survive anything from a flood, hurricane or Global pandemic.
I believe that all things being equal, the best defensive weapons you can own are firearms and with that I mind I want to discuss what I recommend everyone have if you are considering a firearm as part of your preparedness strategy.
Even if you never go through any disaster, having these firearms will benefit you in terms of security and firearms generally do not lose value, only appreciate so they are an investment that pays off in multiple ways.
In terms of price, shotguns are cheaper than pistols (generally) and can be purchased a lot of times without the same background scrutiny that you get with other handguns.
This is the  nightstand gun that can also be used as your backup weapon in the event your main battle rifle (semi-automatic) is unavailable for some reason. A .22 will actually kill larger game and even humans as many will argue but I would not count on that as my main weapon for defense. It also depends on whether we are in a normal situation like now or in the middle or wide-spread riots and looting.
If I didna€™t have any weapons at all, I would still purchase a shotgun first and that would be my home defense weapon.
A shotgun is going to shoot what you are aiming at so I am not trying to say that you can just wave it in the general direction and actually hit someone, but shotgun pellets spread. When the last ammo shortage hit you were not able to easily find many of the most common calibers and what you were able to find was much more expensive.
It seems that I start each year with a reasonable belief that it is all going to tank a€?this yeara€? only to be sitting at my home at the end of the year with my family safe from any disastrous EMP, a pandemic that ravages the planet or an economic collapse that destroys our wealth and throws everyone into a second great depression. We talk about all of these survival concepts, but there is one topic that comes around frequently that generates a substantial amount of debate so I wanted to write an article that focuses on Security. Civilians cannot buy fully automatic weapons so to compare these rifles to what the police or military has is not accurate on one side.
I do not recommend only having a pistol but I think they are great to have and compliment the other firearms nicely.
Some will say you can simply purchase an AR chambered in .308 and kill two birds with one stone. If you aim at a person, the spread of the shot will more likely hit them even if your aim is a little off.
I had the benefit of having plenty of ammo stored up so I didna€™t need to purchase anymore.
It shows you much needed survival tips - not a knock off book - really happy - He is downstairs prancing with his tools on his belt :) This is my second man crate for him and he glows when he sees the box. It is the Pink Dot channel, for those who are familiar with the Blue Dot, Red Dot, Purple Dot, etc. I am not depressed or disappointed in this fact, dona€™t get me wrong but time passing does have a way of making me recheck my priorities and reevaluate my personal prepping plans.
They do have many advantages though and when we think of a semi-automatic rifle for a prepper there are two that are the most common. Had the end of the world happened, I would already have full stock of ammo for each of my weapons, but I started stocking up years ago.
You could see the gears working in his mind as he pulled and pried his way into that crate.

If you have in mind the potential for shooting someone who has entered your home you need to know exactly how this deadly tool works and become proficient in hitting what you are aiming at. When it comes down to choosing which one to go with like anything on this subject there is a lot of debate, but for me personally I believe the AR-15 is the better of the two for a variety of reasons. So the handhelds, portables, or mobiles for it are cheap at flea markets, garage sales, and online auctions. Also, 49 MHz walkie talkies and headsets can be modified for this frequency by changing the crystals.
Popular among reenactors, survivalists, and bulletproof-radio enthusiasts using old military surplus manpacks or military handheld sets on this channel (especially PRC-77). The reason they use 33.4 is probably because it is the only low power itinerant channel that old green manpacks can select with their 50 kHz or 25 kHz channel spacing dials. If military radio tone squelch (150 Hz) may be used, it is compatible with civilian radios PL 151.4 Hz. It is widely used by government and civilian SAR teams for field communications and interaction with governmental, law enforcement, or fire operations in the field. This channel is also known as SAR WFM or SAR NFM and it requires an FCC license to transmit on it. It is designated for non-commercial use, is common for HT-to-HT informal communications, and is normally clear of commercial shipping or port operations.
It is widely used and monitored by all aircraft, Air Traffic Control, defense aircraft, and towers. This was the primary crash beacon frequency for many years, up until newer 406 MHz UHF systems such as PLB, ELT or EPIRB emergency beacons became mandatory aboard aircraft in 2007. Transmissions on 121.5 MHz may bring teams of Search and Rescue authorities with direction finders looking for the transmitter. It is the most widely monitored simplex frequency in USA, but it should not be depended upon for emergency 911 type calls, because there are no organized first-responders on it. It is the most likely local ham radio FM Simplex channel to be activated in SHTF scenarios, especially when infrastructure and repeaters are down. It is an extremely short-range channel, but can be extended somewhat using GMRS radios that can also operate on this frequency or with simplex repeaters.
This channel also is compatible with less-expensive 10-meter SSB channelized radios and extra-channel or modified CB SSB radios. It is on the channel list of several organized survivalist and prepper networks, including TAPRN (The American Prepper Radio Network). It is on the channel list of several organized survivalist and prepper networks, including an active weekly net by TAPRN (The American Prepper Radio Network).
The 5 MHz channels in the 60 meter band are recognized for use in EMCOMM Emergency Communications. This channel is optimum for long range mobile patrols and base NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) HF communications dependably up to 500 miles on a regular daily basis.
It is on the channel list of several survivalist and prepper networks, including an active weekly net by TAPRN (The American Prepper Radio Network). Useful for common tactical patrols and local area communications between vehicles and bases.
In USA, the radio regulations designate this as the Emergency and Travelers' Assistance Channel in FCC rules 47CFR95.407(b). It is widely used by CBers during emergencies, but it should not be considered a 911 type channel because it is not reliably monitored by any first-responder organization. Highly useful for long range patrols and wide local area communications, espeically between vehicles and bases up to about 20 miles. Highly useful for long range patrols and wide local area communications, especially between vehicles and bases up to about 20 miles.
It is useful for long range patrols and wide local area communications, especially between vehicles and bases up to about 20 miles. This frequency is clearer due to less interference and has longer distance range than normal CB channels for SHTF groups using CB SSB radios with unlocked clarifier.
For CBs with extra channels in bands, it is channel 2 of the band just above normal CB band (usually Band E).
This frequency is clearer and has longer distance range than normal CB channels for SHTF survivalist groups using radios with extra upper high channels.

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